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Waratah Silverdale Natural Therapy Tracy O'Meara Smith


Imagine waking up in the morning, after a solid and deep nights sleep, feeling free from the nagging sense of worry or guilt. You know the one … the one that keeps you up in night. Imagine waking up and the stress, anxiety, and constant mind chatter ceases to exist.

Flower Essence Therapy can bring this reality and lasting change into your life

While supporting you to remove old mental and physical blocks that keep you stuck, experiencing stress and anxiety.

Flower Essences are strongly connected to our indigenous ancestry, working with flower essences is a fabulous way to feel grounded, reconnect with yourself and reconnect to mother nature.


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What is Flower Essence Therapy?


Flower Essence Therapy uses the healing qualities of Australian native wildflowers. There are many types of flower essences, and I choose to work with Australia & West Australian native flowers.

Flower Essences are used to target the nervous system and calm it down. They work on muscle memory and assist in releasing emotion or trauma stored within the body. Once these blocks are cleared, you can go about living your life free from what’s holding you back.

Medical science recognizes that our relationship with stress alters our body chemistry. Flower Essence Therapy can assist in healing this tension and encourage inner harmony.

As women, it’s in our innate way of being to connect with mother earth, and why I’ve been so drawn to learning, understanding and working with these soulful Australian native flower essences. After experiencing times of feeling disconnected within, working with these essences opened the door for a nurturing way for me to come back to the woman I am, and to feel confident and at peace, while I go about my day.


Symptoms that Flower Essence Therapy can assist with:

Mind/Body Connection
Overactive Mind
Adrenal Fatigue
Acid Reflux

How does a Flower Essence Therapy session work?


I offer two types of Flower Essence consultations, both either in my clinic or via Skype call. In both of theses sessions I go through a process with you to find out the specific and correct flower essence that you will need to work with to assist with your symptoms and issue you would like to resolve.

Flower Essences come in a 15ml tincture bottle, and generally you are prescribed to take anywhere from 3-15 drops under the tongue a number of times per day. It’s non-evasive and an easy treatment plan to maintain.

Baihui Removal of Trauma & Old Patterning (in clinic only 90 min) – $150 including Flower Essence This treatment session focuses on using the Flower Essences to work subconsciously with your mind, emotions, and body. This treatment can bring about deep awareness of your behaviour, language and any past traumas that are blocking your way to move forward in life.

Together we work to find the core issue of what is ready to be looked at, clearing any deep seeded mindsets, thought patterning and behaviours that will help provide you with a breakthrough, sense of resolution and being able to achieve what you want in your daily life.

We determine the right flower essence for you. From here the flowers are placed on the Baihui points (Crown) of the head, which are the connected to your meridians and acu-points for your entire body. This means that we can influence all of your organs, tissues and glands to help clear your muscle memory.

Once the clearing process has been completed, we create a unique flower essence tincture that’s individually yours. This is then made into an oral prescription and taken over a small period of time to integrate the clearing and create sustainable change.


How many sessions do I need?


This very much dependant on your individual circumstance and will be discussed with you during our initial consultation.

To support your healing process on an even more holistic level, we can also include Flower Essences and/or Tissue Salts within your treatment & recovery plan.


How do I book a session?


Please either call my Perth clinic directly on 0407 847 489 or you can contact me here 

Baihui Session – Removal of Trauma and Old Patterning (90min) – $150 – inc. Flower Essence Tincture
Flower Essences – $40.00

“Tracy was 100% accurate with her diagnosis of my daughter’s issues. She was able to support her healing with tissue salts and flower essences. I had been trying different things for months but Tracy was able to get to the bottom of it. Tracy also gave me a session when I was in severe pain and could barely walk. She knew what I needed to support my natural healing and I was 90% better the next day. Thank you for your awesome work Tracy! I will definitely be back to see you again”  Amber



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