April 2018 Energy Report

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April Energy Report

Welcome to April’s Energy report. This is the space where I interpret the coming energy feels for the month and introduce common healing themes. I also include the flower essence of the month, the essence that resonates with the months themes. This report is from New Moon to New Moon.

April has been a fiery month so far, and this’ll continue especially around the new moon on the 16th of April. (WA time).

Change is well and truly in the air.

It feels so good to re-release this blog report. Please settle in with a cuppa, it’s a long one.

Building Foundations

2018 is the year to build. As with anything building a strong foundation maintains a strong structure making sure things don’t fall a part. Bring attention to detail and fine tune anything you feel is important or prevalent now. If the intuitive flash arrives act on it and if in doubt, go deeper.

I’ve always had a deep fascination with the stars, the movement of the planets, and the power of our cosmos. I feel and see things and this report gives me the platform to express that. It’s my monthly Mystic release.

I’ve reignited this blog after some time away. I needed the space to reconnect. I felt I needed to watch the natural passing of the energy patterns. I also needed the time to deepen my knowledge so I could some how weave this into the healing work that I do.

It’s been a very interesting 12 months.

Astrology is an Archetypical System

I’ve since come to understand that Astrology is a definite archetypical system. Created to recognise the energy patterns triggered through the planets of the cosmos. These patterns trigger aspects of our psyche.

Knowing when certain astrological patterns arise gives the awareness and understanding of something bigger. It’s like a big blue print that guides you and course corrects.

It’s important to empower through each cycle. Certain lessons and realisations will come through each configuration. When a certain cycle repeats, new forms of the same lesson will present.

Working with and in harmony with the earthly cycles makes life that little bit sweeter. It can help you to know when to act, when to rest and retreat.

The earth is surrounded by a massive magnetic force that can’t be measured. The power of our sun, gives us life. The moon, when full, magnifies what needs to be embraced and changed. As we live on planet earth these forces can and do effect us. This also means not blaming certain things on the “astro “weather. There are definitive patterns and symbols that can empower us.

Forewarned is forearmed. #emflowerment.

This is the time to dig deeper, take responsibility for our emotions and our projections.

The word “arche” from the word archetype means the beginning or origin. Carl Jung is a famous psychologist who created and studied a range of archetypes. It was his way to group people in an underlying form and explain certain behaviours. Archetypes can be traced back to the 16th century. Other systems have been created to deepen our understanding of human behaviour. Capitalising on our strengths and weaknesses.

Carolyn Myss, is a very well know medical intuitive who uses Archetypes as a basis for her healings. From this understanding she weaves her knowledge into healing the physical energy system.

Exploring other archetypical systems (separate to astrology) has been incredibly healing and insightful. Below are my favs.

Business Caoch, Shannon Bush from Creative Possibility created the Personal Leadership archetypical system. Shannon helps women awaken to their true leadership profile in business and in life.

Tuning into my Liberator Engineer archetype, and acknowledging her need for freedom. Revolutionised my life.

Harnessing Your Healing Brilliance by Sarah K Jones, enabled me to honour and align with my true healing nature. Sarah has created a very strong and healer centred archetypical system. This is not for the faint hearted. The work is deep. If you’re a healer and work in the healing arts I highly recommend that you do this course. It’ll awaken a great sense of compassion, self acceptance and awareness in why you do the work that you do.

Tuning into the archetypical force of the Mystic awoke my deepest knowing. It gave me the recognition this archetypical force needed.

I love the creative essence. I love art. I love to write. I love the feeling of being in tune with nature.

Discovering Creative Archetype creator Natalie Kent from Sacred Business was seriously destined. Natalie’s system awakens you to your natural creative expression and essence. This means using your voice that’s unique to you, resonant with the nature of your soul and that of the earth.

There’s a plethora of archetypical energy that runs through each and every one of us. Humans are complex beings. These, including Astrology is just some of them. All offer a deeper understanding and a chance to embrace who you are.

This report is my interpretation of the cosmic energy pattern, with some flowery healing magic for added value. Please take what you need and discard the rest.

The New Moon in April

With the new moon around the corner this is the perfect time to go deep, and tune into your strengths. Acknowledge your weaknesses. And love them both.

This moon is in the archetypical sign of Aries. The sign of the individual, robust, assertive and even aggressive at times. What ever you do, give it your individual flare.

Be self accepting, warts and all. You’ll notice you’ll breathe deeper when you do. This is life affirming.

Flower Essence of the Month

Shy Blue Orchid

The flower essence that resonates so strongly with this month is the Sky Blue Orchid. The healing energy of this flower helps you to step forward and allow your true essence to be felt and validated.

The last few months have been so challenging for some. Now’s your chance to reset. Re-start the intention of all the things that you wanted to achieve from the beginning of 2018.
This is where it gets interesting

Change Is In The Air

The planets move into a new configuration starting from the 16th with the new moon.

One of the most definitive patterns that’s been well and truly alive since late March, is that of Mercury Retrograde. The planet Mercury carries the archetypical force of communication and transportation. The retrograde cycle is the natural time where you operate subconsciously and projected patterns come into focus (we become conscious of these patterns).

This is the natural cycle to release and heal. It’s not necessarily the time to move forward and expand. However, if you follow the cycle, you’ll know when to act. Stay in your own energy space and honour the inward reflection. If you’re constantly busy, then the retro trickster Mercury will make himself known.

Miscommunication, computer issues, missed appointments, and car breakdowns are included in this mix. Feelings of lethargy, overwhelm and anxiety are all signs of this trickster energy. This is the forced slow down required by you re-connect and listen. This can be challenging when life moves at a constant pace. This is why these cycles exist.

If we look to the earth for guidance we can see there are times for seeding, time to grow and times to hibernate. Many of us like to keep control. Unfortunately there’s no such thing during this cycle. Everything is in a state of flux.

This retro cycle will end at the time of the new moon. The residual energy from this alignment will hang over us until early May. Things will pick up pace. Use cruise control until then.

Healing Anxiety and Overwhelm with Flower Essences

Anxiety and overwhelm have been a common theme this month.

It’s important to ground and stay in the present moment around these times, especially around the new moon. Anxiety is a symptom of projecting to far forward into the future.

When the body is tense and rigid, feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and stress are exaggerated. Flower essences can help ease these anxious symptoms, offering a beautiful way to heal and connect. New perspectives and even flashes of inspiration occur when the body and mind connect.

Within my 1:1 clinic treatments, I use the essences by pulsing certain meridian points within the ear. It’s a definitive way to facilitate healing. This treatment brings the body into a state of calm. It’s very effective especially if you’re prone to constant mind chatter. It allows the mind to slow down, stop even, and from this place of peace, the body can heal and energise.

If you find you’re in an emotionally raw and sensitive state, flower essences work incredibly well.

Flower Essences, Tracy O'MEARA SMITH, Silverdale Natural Therapy
Wild Violet

Flower Essences can be taken orally. You can read more about it here. Flower essences help to shift old subconscious beliefs. This deepens the connection to the self. Allowing one to move forward unimpeded by past ideas or ideals that are no longer needed.

For this reason I’ve added Wild Violet as a go to essence for this month. It settles anxiety and worry and facilitates a calm emotional state.

Saturn and Pluto

There are two major planets that turn retrograde two days after this new moon.

One is Saturn the planet of karma and responsibility and the other is Pluto the planet of death and rebirth.

Saturn turning retrograde could create strong lessons around collaboration, business dealings, and responsibility. We’re all being asked to step up here. Fools rush in so make sure you do your research. This archetypical force will be with us until September.

With Saturn in Capricorn, slow and steady wins the race. There are no short cuts. This can feel frustrating. The best bet over the next few months is to enjoy the process as much as the end result.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. Deep healing and insights can come forward. Not all need be acted on. Use your discernment. Time to rationalise and be practical.

Never in precedented history have we had the opportunity to heal so deeply.

After seven years, the archetype Chiron moves out of Pisces into Aries on the 17th April.

Healing the Masculine

Chiron is the archetype that symbolises deep wounding. The kind of stuff that keeps coming around and around. The same patterns, the same situations. This is the stuff you’ve come here to heal and transform. Some are life long lessons that continue to play out until it’s worked through.

The energy mid month may feel intense as we are being asked to take on a new energetic alignment. This is an uplevel kind of energy.

With Chiron in Aries you will see lessons around anger, how we channel anger and how we use it to motivate change. Lessons around who and what we give our energy and attention to will be strong.  Use this anger, this passion to make changes around the things you treasure. There maybe lessons on how you do or don’t empower yourself.

The seven years Chiron was in Pisces saw the rise of the healing and activation of the the sacred feminine. This played out with the formulation of the #metoo movement (#NOWAustralia in Australia). Women are making sure the Archetype of the feminine is one of respect, strong, yet passive, intuitive and dynamic.

The story of the feminine has shifted and changed. Even though there is still work to do to, the energetic shift has occurred. More and more you’ll see a difference in the way the media portray women. This is also occurring in the work place and even in our own families.

With Chiron in Aries it’s about healing the sacred masculine. The role of the man will now go through a similar transformation. Acting on what you believe is so important. Activism will be strong over the next sevens years. We’re moving out of lessons around being and feeling, into intuitive action. Action being the primary motivator to create change.

Get ready it’s going to be an amazing ride.

Be aware that there may be a lot of stop start energy this year.

Like I say forewarned is forearmed.

Focus not on outcomes, yet on how you’ll get where you want to go. Look after yourself. Major pivot points could happen now. What you thought you wanted at the beginning of the year could become null in void.

It’s the month (and year) to begin building strong foundations. Foundations for love, life, work, community and the world. How do you do that?

Keep things simple. Follow what you value. Heal. Evolve. Be you. Recycle. Give with your whole heart and soul.

Until next new moon

Much flowery love



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Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence Therapy. Tracy helps people gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

Tracy works 1:1 with women, online and within her clinic – Silverdale Natural Therapy. She treats women who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal issues, and anxiety. Having two daughters of her own, she is unapologetically human. Through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman and a better place.

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