Aquarius Full Moon July 31st 2015


“The way is clear, the road is straight, my mind at one with the forces of goodwill. Dawn approaches I can hear it singing”

This week sees a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius at 6.43pm (AWST) – Perth time on Friday 31st July 2015.

shyblue orchidThe Flower essence that resonates strongly with this moon is the powerful Shy blue Orchid.

The Shy Blue Orchid carries the healing energy to ignite your inner light.

It helps one to let go of others expectations from the past (and present) and awakens the courage to get on with living your life in your own indiviual way.

Shy Blue Orchid essence supports individual expression in all ways

It’s a deep internal flower essence, perfectly in resonance with this Full moon in Aquarius.

I know there is talk about this July 31st Full moon being a sacred Blue moon, named as such because it’s the second Full moon for this month of July.

I am not sure if I feel that Blue moons are sacred.  Blue moons are not rare, they happen every year. The moon phases occur with or without the labels or expectations we place on them.

I believe that every full and new moon is sacred as it gives us the opportunity to naturally complete and begin new cycles according to natures laws and not our own and I kinda like that.

To experience two full moons at the top and tail of the month makes for very strong lunar and emotive energy. Luna force has been quite prevalent this month so no doubt we have been feeling emotions very deeply and profoundly.  The Full Moon shines light on the what needs to be made aware – so we have had double the exposure this month.

This Full Moon is in the visionary sign of Aquarius. Aquarius sees the bigger picture and is the sign of community.

It opposes the sun in Leo, which is all about living and loving through the heart. You would think then that the lunar energies of this moon would be about living through the heart with the vision of helping and serving our community – this is true to a point. HOWEVER – there are six planets currently in retrograde (going backwards) including Venus, which is the relationship, love, money and beauty planet. Uranus the planet of change, innervation and awakening – the ruler of Aquarius,  is also retrograde so the energies at the moment are forcing and supporting us for an internal journey to rework old karma, emotions and gain clarity.

What changes you can make to bring about what you want to create? and how you want to be? What is your vision for the future?

Seriously this is about what YOU want and not something that our family, friends, society, or boss wants for us. Uranus, Aquarius’s ruler is the planet of the individual so watch out, we could see some starting their own internal revolutions!

The energies of this moon support an awareness of inner change AND in the dynamics on the way we live or how we view (and the attitudes) of our everyday existence.

Simplicity is the key to any type of deep change. This is getting us ready for Jupiter’s shift into there is beauty in simplicityVirgo (Mid August)– where expansion (Jupiter) can happen if we can simplify our lives. Change starts with an idea, then an intent. Keeping things simple means keeping it real and a sure way of gaining long-term results. Whatever the change,  it ALWAYS starts within. Simple.

With the planet of relationships Venus on her backward spin – our rosy tinted glasses come off and we see some of the stuff within our relationships, work, and business, our monetary patterns that would otherwise not be so visible. Usually it’s the crap.  Veils are lifted especially through the 1st week of August – it will be harder to hide our true feelings.  The purpose of this cycle is to create disharmony in order to create harmony paving the way for stronger emotional foundations, especially within relationships.

Don’t panic as its not really the time to ACT on anything that gets your goat but to store it away in the ole memory bank for when Venus goes direct (in early Sept) and then make any forward movement. Things will feel like they are finally shifting in late August, just be mindful that there is a push pull energy right up until late October so things may not gain any traction until then.

Recognising how far we have come along our path is imperative at this time. The energies particularly over the last couple of years have been really deep and testing. It has felt like a long journey.

At the time of the last new moon, in mid July, paved the way for what was extremely deep for a lot of people – core negative emotional imprints around our ancestors, family, love and nurturing came to the surface. Liberating pain, and suffering was and is a major theme for July.

On an energetic healing level, embracing ourselves and our current journey gives our internal love bug recognition and the knowing that we are now free to create more of what we want. By celebrating and acknowledging even the smallest internal shifts and inner work gives us closure on some really deep and (maybe not so) deep realisations and a knowing that we can step forward in a more empowered and peaceful way.

Full Moons are about completions. Embrace this moon. I get the feeling that this moon feels like both – something ending and something beginning. Watch and explore and see what really matters and is of value for you on every level. With the planet Uranus in the mix anything could and probably will happen – after all it is a Blue moon – What ever that means for YOU.

What ever you do, be the silent witness whilst internally stepping intently into your own light. Don’t hold back.

Much Flowery Love


Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.