Astro Flower Essence Energy Report | New Moon March 2020

This New moon on March 24th heralds in the reset of the Astrological new year. And, well, what a cracker of a new year. No slow dancing, big bangs or whistles at this party. We can’t even be in the same room!  There’s some major Astro energy abound with some powerful flower essence healing to accompany it.

I saw a meme the other day. It said

“I feel like Mother Earth has put us in our rooms so we can think about what we’ve all done.”

Whatever the reasons are, whatever the conspiracies, none of which are helpful to us at this moment. Except I think this one.

A Time to …

Never in human history do you have the opportunity to reclaim time. To stop for a moment. To think. To contemplate. To connect. Once the shock dissipates, our central nervous systems may feel a little fried right now. This is one way to support it.

To give you some hope amongst the palava there are parts of our earth that are regenerating.

As the shutdowns continue and we bunk down for the good of all. Protecting the realm is the best strategy to have.

Amongst all this upheaval, the fear, the panic, the change, the collective energy has been electrified and heightened. We’re all feeling it. The old liberty of a quiet night at home means so much more than it ever did.

What may come to the surface for many is the frustration around the restrictions placed on them. On top of that, working from home, possibly with a house full of kids. Possible financial stress—a possible sick parent and grandparent. Then there is the virus itself.

To say there’s a little stress in the air is an understatement.

So much would be coming up for people right now. If you’re not happy in your life. In your family life, or just not satisfied with life in general, this could be a confronting time as there is nowhere to run, nor hide.

Hang in there. This is the time to reach out. I’ve added some online support and crisis care initiatives that can help if you need it. You can find them here.

We can choose how this impacts us individually. There’s stripping back and restructuring taking place. We can feed the fear, or we can let go and embrace the unknown and see where we all fit within it. It takes courage and guts. This is a growth lesson for all of us.

Selfcare is of the utmost importance right now. Boost your immunity with Vitamin C, ginger, garlic, mineral salts, and a proper diet. Lots of good water too if you can.

It’s also the time to activate your discernment and take a step back. Take a moment when you can, even with the sun and moon in Aries, the powerhouse of the zodiac. The restrictions here could very easily be channeled into explosive anger.

Again, self-care and soul nourishment is so important.

Flower Essence Healing on Offer.

Two flower essence remedies resonate so strongly with the energy of this moon.

Flower essences | Silverdale Natural therapy | mind chatter

One of them is my Amano essence. The perfect remedy for the constant mind chatter. If you’re having issues with waking at night and haunted by the to-do list. Worrying about money, your family’s safety or just about everything, this can help immensely. It helps us to let go of calm the mind so the body can relax, and you can feel a sense of peace. You can find it here

The other flowery gem that’s stepped forward for this time is the in-season Illyarrie. Illyarrie “essence to rise above past painful memories hiding in the subconscious. This is the essence to activate courage to face and deal with past shadows and pain. It is never as bad as you fear, it will not overwhelm you, and you are stronger than it.”  Vasu and Kadambii Banaro.

This seems so apt now. Now more than ever. There are aspects to Chiron this moon. Chiron is the wounded healer. It’s a deep hurt that continually gets triggered. The one that constantly arises no matter what. It’s the wound you learn to live with. This is Illaryies specialty.

There’s no doubt there’s so much secondary hidden wounding, anxiety, and stress being triggered right now. Compassion is so key.

The world has only started to digest what’s expected. This is when sitting with all the uncomfortable stuff is at it, it’s most extreme. Helpful though in finding the answers and empowerment through it.

And it’s happening on a global scale. And it’s because of this it’s intense and immense.

Our Place Within

However, if we all take our own individual place and responsibility within it. Whatever theme or aspect arises. The complication to this is it is not something we have any control over. And I think this is the point. There’s a forced changing of relationship dynamics, routines, beliefs, and an overhaul of lifestyle on offer. My hope is we take it by the balls.

And understand, some people are very ill and dying. We need to do this not because of them but for them.

This is a humanitarian journey as much as it is a personal one. If there’s one thing that has been a standout through this COVID crisis is that we are so interdependent.

We’re reliant on others to do the right thing.

Not just physically. But also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is to make sure we can make choices through response and not reaction. The frustrating part is the triggers need to be felt and then delt. A bit like a huge fart. Things may frigging stink. For a time anyway. Especially for small businesses, businesses, and the fabric of our society. It can feel heartbreaking – this too shall pass. And we will be deeper and wiser for it.

To evolve through this and take the deep dive is to rearrange the perspective and the structure we operate from. To something better. This is the birth of a new creation that some didn’t even know they even needed. This is my hope at any rate.

Never had we had the time to take stock. You may’ve wished for more time with the kids, the family, the dog. Well, now, you’ve got it.

New Moon in Aries

The moon hitting up against the wounded healer Chiron. Mixed in with a meeting between Pluto and Mars – this is volatile energy. Dynamic yes. Aries is a powerhouse. So, hold onto your hats at this time. Get amongst nature if you can.

This New Moon is the symbolic start of a new astrological cycle. I can’t help but feel this is an entirely new beginning and closure of ways so many haven’t had a chance even to contemplate.

There is a reason to celebrate with Saturn arriving in Aquarius only a couple of days before, this new moon. Saturn moves slowly so the crossroads point is now. Time to celebrate the growth and soul expansion you’ve managed over the past 2 and a half years.

The big karmic fella in play in this new area. Aquarius is about humanitarian effort, innovation, the brain, communication, and social structure. Saturn has certainly made himself known.

Crisis has a way of showing us what we love and value and magnifies the shit in your life. Things you’ve neglected and the things you need to give your energy to and the places we need to pull away from. Fear can paralyze so be watchful of these thoughts.

With so much up the air at the moment, flexibility will be one thing we will be well versed in after all is said and done.

What’s the saying

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

What can you change? And what can you leave alone? What can you let go of? You can attune your discernment to find empowerment through the moments. Living moment to moment is not such a bad thing. It’s the best option for us now.

Dig deep and envision your inner sanctuary. And even an outer one. It’s the safest place to be.  Stay calm, stay positive, and, more importantly, stay healthy.

Until next time

Much flowery love

Tracy xx

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Tracy OMeara Smith

Tracy has an incredible knack of knowing what you need within the moment. Having moved through a deep journey of her own. Tracy has come to realize that a problem shared is a problem solved. Tracy has devoted her life to her family and to her inner journey. Her role is to alleviate suffering and empowering others.

Utilizing and blending the magic of flower essence, Bowen Therapy, and ITA Energy Medicine Tracy uses her grounded down to earth approach to give you what you need when you need it. Lifting the burdens of life to feel lighter, empowered and free from whatever you are managing. So many feel isolated in the depth of their pain and experience. Not any more.

Her family adopted a koala called Luna after the devastation of the Eastern States fires and will continue to support this effort. Including creating change towards supporting this earth and the climate change movement. If you cant find Tracy in her clinic she’ll be in her garden soaking up her flowery garden vibes, hanging with her dog Jasper or busy cooking up a storm. Tracy also has a passion for Astrology – writing to the energy and elements of the earth. You can read her latest blog here.

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