August Astro and Flower Healing Energy report

July was a big month. Significant foundational shifts apparent. The depth of release life changing. There was a lot of attention to self care, or the lack there of, to reconnection and reviewing massive changes ready to take place. There is a lot of good energy, harmony and healing on offer this August and this months Astro and Flower Healing report will explain why.

What I do know for sure, (or wishful thinking) the the energy of August, will not have us walking through July’s initiation. Or the feels of standing in quicksand. The depth of the retrograde energy of July, took us to some icky and possibly deeply lethargic places. The inertia and unmotivated feelings will disappear as we move into August.

August is about to change everything. For the better.

The current Mercury retrograde cycle has been challenging. In watery Cancer, we’ve had to feel our way through. It’s been incredibly frustrating at times. Liberating in others. The call for many to slow down.

July was a pivot month for this reason.

The eclipses during the July lunations have paved a new way for us to connect back to the heart of who we are. It’s been incredibly powerful. A time when listening to the soul self gained so much strength and inner power – if you’re on a self determined journey – August will be the month all the fruits of your labour will start flowing in. This is the heart of who you are.

The Flower Healing for August 

The flower essence healing on offer is the Glorious Golden Grevillea. The flower which helps you to step and forward out of the comfort zone – to express what needs to be said. Encourages you to do what needs to be done.

This too, is a strong Leo flower – the sun being in this sign until 22 August. The archetype for heart, love, courage and creative expression.

Leo is very much about our purpose, and this month will feel so much lighter, and our confidence will return because we may feel on track with this. The Golden Grevillea may also activate a confidence you need if you’re feeling a little less than. It may help to release of any sense of inner judgment and criticism. So we can be a part of the greater vision with others and for ourselves.

We all have a part to play in the big arena of life. The Golden Grevillea essence may help us to contribute to this flow. Shine where guided. And Follow the heart. This is very much a Leo theme.

The Golden Grevillea flower essence offers the healing for opening up and out. To truly blossom into what and who you want to be.

July was liberating for some. It had us digging into some deep places within our lives to get to the root of any issue of pain, discomfort or block preventing us moving forward. The frustration came with, and it became clear what had to go or at least tweaked and released. 

Now with the warmth of the sign of Leo beaming down at us. It’s the time to take our place in life. Regardless of how vulnerable this feels.

North Nodal Theme 

With the north node here in Cancer, our future is in self-nourishment. More so than expanding forward in life at this time.

It’s important to note an important theme over the coming 18 months. To nurture the self. Making peace with the fact that it’s ok to show the softer sides of our humanity. To ourselves at the very least.

Cancer is a deep water sign and the archtype of the mother and family. It’s so important that we can learn the lessons around self nuture. To find and connect with your inner power and feel the autonomy this brings. This new moon can be the beginning of a whole new cycle in this realm.

If you’d like to help to create your very own personalized flower essence – I can create this for you. This may help you to do this. To nourish and find a deep place to be. Tailored specifically for your needs and what you need to heal, shift, and integrate. They’re very powerful. You can read about their power here. And you can contact me here.

The New Moon 1st August

The New moon on the 1st August is the official end of eclipse season until December when a new cycle begins. Positive aspects to lucky charm Jupiter are here at the new moon. An incredibly powerful and positive time ensues.

The new moon in Leo also has aspects to Venus, Uranus retrograding, and Mercury moving forward. The friction of which may create clarity in how we process our thoughts. Even sudden inspiration might strike. All happening on the same day with in a couple of hours after the new moon lunation. There may be a breakthrough around what your heart truly wants and how you want to go about things.

It can also be an excellent time to express how you feel. Declaring who and what you love. By showing how you appreciate these people and the gratitude you have for your life. This can open many inner doors to the awe of life and why we do what we do. The reason for being. A big thing to contemplate – yet at times a necessary one.

Uranus, especially in a retrograde phase, forces us to face those things we may know and struggle to accept or confront. Wake up calls may force us to let go. These usually occur at the worse possible time.

The impetuous for change can be peeled back. Peeled back to a manageable pace.

We may feel more of a sense of financial flow. With Uranus in Taurus. Money and our relationship with cash and financial abundance are themes. We’re discerning about how we spend and where our funds are channeled. This relationship is becoming prevalent and front of mind for people. A sign of the times – with this aspects expression. What we value comes under scrutiny.

Leo is a creative, expressive sign, so anything goes this moon. Making way for fun, connection, and a sense of play.

August’s theme

Patience. This is the rebirth month of the year. The latter part of the month will be about getting organized – crossing I’s and dotting t’s. However, the month as a whole feels celebratory.

A sense of foreboding or feeling stuck were indicators in July. A way of thinking or a deep healing  still needing to occur. Only you will know what this is.

What do you want to do now with all the information you’ve collated over the past weeks? How can you use this for your greater good? And what information can you use to integrate and share with others?

August gives you a reprieve to put these some of these things in place.

Mid August – There is freedom

Jupiter moves forward mid-month and the shadow of the last Mercury retro lifts here. You’ll feel the go-ahead to move forward. Daily routines and strategy are tools to help us manage our time, and create successful plans and schedules. This is also a form of self-care and energy management.

Making sure we self-nourish is incredibly vital over the coming months. Keeping us connected to the self and others. Especially moving towards to the significant transits later in the year and early 2020.

The reason 2020 has such significance is that Pluto clashes with the south node. Including Saturn in the discipline sign Capricorn. A time when governments, and certain generations are put under scrutiny. What’s revealed or manifested might deeply trigger us. If we look after ourselves, we’re more inclined to see the bigger picture. And not to take on what’s not ours. Whilst being sensitive to our needs and those of others. Activating discernment and letting go of distractions. April and July have been precursors to this. Where did you get a good kick up the bum?

The Full Moon in Aquarius 16th August

I love the sign of Aquarius the quirky humanitarian archetype of our zodiac.

The healing on offer through the full moon includes that of community. And also about how we go about our daily life. This moon could pull in and magnify our accomplishments or the lack thereof. The need to see how far you’ve come on your path to create some sense of fulfilment is necessary. Almost pivotable. We can’t strive forward if we have not appreciated the  important steps we’ve made along the way.

The month finishes with the sun moving into the Marie Kondo sign of Virgo. There will be the opportunity to declutter and streamline well into September. This is part of the redefinition plan.

September is a great time to launch and activate the new energized you. Yes energized. I know how the energy dragged us through July. It’s very much a go, play, explore and regroup kind of month.

“The more in harmony with yourself you are, the more joyful you are and the more faithful you are. Faith is not to disconnect you from reality – it connects you to reality’ Paulo Coelho.

There’s so much opportunity to have faith. And to create some inner and outer harmony.  Take the time to do so. It’s going to be the superpower to have in the coming months. 

Until next time

Much flowery love 


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Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Integrated Therapist. If she’s not working within her Perth Hills clinic, you’ll find her in the garden with her family, or in the bush soaking up the awesome flowery vibes.

Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence Therapy. Tracy helps people gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

Tracy works 1:1 with women, online and within her clinic – Silverdale Natural Therapy. She treats women who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal issues, and anxiety. Having two daughters of her own, she is unapologetically human. Through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman and a better place.