On This Flowery New Moon | January 2021

A Happy New Year for 2021.
The New Moon in Capricorn. Wednesday 13th January 1 pm (AWST) calling for us to take responsibility for ourselves. Our eyes need to be on the ultimate prize even though we may not know what this is. It might be about simply following how things feel as these can act as a beacon.

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On this Flowery Eclipse New Moon | December 2020

New moon eclipse dec 2020

It’s taken me a little while to write about this lunation. There’s so much going on over the next couple of weeks; I wasn’t sure where to start. Thank goodness for the power of the flower. For me at least they have been an awesome help through this incredible year.

This new moon gives us a chance to hone in on all things, freedom, and truth. Adventure and one-pointed focus.

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On This Flowery Full Moon | July 2020

Astrology flowery moon, Flower essence healing, natural cycles, tracy omeara smith

June was fricken intense. So much to navigate and work through. So much to discern and purge. Through this full moon eclipse in disciplined Capricorn  – the detox continues. The flowery essence healing on offer is the Green rose the perfect healing vibing power for this time. It detoxes and empowers at the same time.  You can read more below.

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On This Flowery New Moon Eclipse | June 2020

silverdale natural therapy, flower essences, astrology, flower essences

The value system in which we operate is changing. Can you tell?  Have you been feeling super sensitive, explosive, even projecting your fears and worries? Misreading information. Is your mind churning with constantly relentless with random thoughts? Are you finding you can’t focus for more than 2 mins?  Continue reading