Silverlining Blog | HEAT WAVE ALERT: 4 EASY Ways To Get Your Kids to Drink Water

Struggling to get your kids to drink water?  – Here are 4 easy tips.

Currently in Perth we are experiencing a major heat wave with temperatures reaching 40 degrees plus over the next seven consecutive days. It’s really important to support ourselves, our kids and their little bodies to make sure we all can withstand this hot marathon.

girlatcamerawithwaterAs a body therapist I always tell my clients – especially after a treatment to drink, drink, drink – the body needs water to nourish and protect the brain, regulate body temperate, and remove toxins.

Body work stimulates the body to heal itself and will direct it’s natural healing process where ever it needs to go – Water is the inner medium in which this happens.

Our body is almost 50% water and is sooo needed to heal and transport the minerals for healthy metabolism. For these reasons alone it’s so beneficial for kids to get into the habit of drinking water regularly especially during this summer heat.

By drinking and staying hydrated with help them to avoid heat stroke, headaches, and cramping due to the loss of natural mineral salts and electrolytes from sweating and perspiration. If anything it will give them the advantage when dealing with fatigue and irritability during this time.

This heat wave will be a beauty! Looking after ourselves and our little ones by staying hydrated is key.

Here are 4 easy ways to get your kids to drink more water.

kidwithhose1. Make water easily available: Make sure they have their own water bottles or their own funky cups? Make it fun – put stickers, have silly straws or put names on them to get them into the habit. Get the hose out – little ones love water games – especially when it’s hot. Kids love being independent  – Keep a water dispenser handy in your living areas so they can access it when they want or need it.

2. Be honest and educate. Explain to them that water is the best thing that they can do for their body. Limit other alternatives so they recognise that water is really important for their wellbeing. It’s not necessary to be too hard core – we all know kids will switch off if we are too heavy with restrictions – we want them to be motivated drinking water because it’s really good for them.

3. Talk about the colour of their wee. Kids LOVE poo, bum and wee jokes – lets face it. The colour of their urine will engage them and give them an indication when its time to get guzzling. If it’s bright yellow it means the body needs to more water to help it detoxify. The more you drink the clearer the urine is – This is the best indicator that the body is dehydrated (other than being really really thirsty). The body can also send off messages of hunger so sometimes it’s beneficial to drink first before eating

thumbsupwaterbaby4. Experiment with Flavouring. Sometimes kids won’t drink water because of the taste – this can go for adults too – There is nothing wrong with putting flavor into the water if it encourages them to drink it. Lemon, or home made cordial – obviously low sugar alternatives are best – balance is always the key. Sugary drinks are best avoided – If anything,  sugar will and does dehydrate the system a lot faster so it’s best to avoid these. They don’t really count as the recommended daily intake.

I know a lot of people say that they don’t or avoid drinking water because they don’t want to spend their life in the toilet – I get that but when the weather is this extreme it’s really beneficial to get on board and to help your kids get in on the action.

It’s better for their little bodies and will the give them and you the stamina to withstand these hot hot days. Stay cool.

Written by:

Tracy O’Meara Smith runs and owns Silverdale Natural Therapy in the Perth Hills. You can contact me here.

I’m a Holistic Therapist specialising in Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence Therapy.  I love empowering people in finding natural solutions for better health.  I treat kids and adults with anxiety, behavioural issues, and chronic pain. Flower Essences are fantastic in treating kids in particular please check out my website for more information.

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Silverlining | February 2016 Energy Report

February 2016 Energy Report  

weddingbusheThe Flower Essence resonating for this month is the beautiful Wedding Bush. It’s energy stimulates the union of self and others.

It’s the recommitment and commitment essence and helps us to balance our masculine and feminine energy so we feel unified in our self,  in our lives and in our life’s purpose. It’s great for those that carry a lot of self doubt and find committing to anything particularly scary.

For some January may have felt a little intense and heavy. Some of us may have been healing and releasing old emotional wounds. January is always a time to review, reevaluate and resolve to make resolutions for the coming year.

For me personally,  I tried to get things up and moving but I was distracted here,  there and everywhere. February is the now the new January in my book.

This month has a more a dynamic, focused and committed feel about it – The Wedding Bush is a perfect fit for the energy that surrounds us this month.

A few days ago my girls went back to school. I had all these wonderful plans to get some serious work done yet found myself taking some  much needed time out – I took myself off to the movies. I saw the Big Short – A movie about the ins and outs of the American financial crisis, which ultimately went global – I felt sick learning about the blatant disregard and greed within a system in which we are all a part.  1 million people lost their homes – 6 million lost their jobs. I wanted to crawl under a rock somewhere and hide, something wasn’t quite feeling right and then I was reminded by this loud inner voice – How DO YOU REALLY want to feel? YOU are responsible for the energy you bring into the world echoed through my brain –– the words had come from a workshop I had attended the previous week.

This wise business workshop run by Green Goodness Co included Life and Business coaches Amelia Harvey and Cath Sutherland. The message was loud and clear – you are responsible for how you want to feel and for the energy you bring into the world. It was duly noted that big business is in fact slowly changing (phew). As consumers become more savvy and awakened  – Corporate companies are waking up and aligning themselves with people and other companies with similar healthy and authentic values and responsible ideals, hopes and wishes. The strategic partnership is taking on a new face.

Like energy attracts like energy – we gain what we need when are open to receive it. It’s a simple law of physics. In order to attract what we want, we have to create it first by feeling, naming and claiming it. This was Conscious Business unit 101.

“Our prosperity is no longer prosperity as long as it is pinned to creating other peoples pain” – Noy Thrupkaew

feelinggoodwith hammerThe energy of February is very much like this. Be conscious of what you want to create – be all in!

We can get stressed because clients aren’t coming in and the phone isn’t ringing or the opposite we’re not meeting milestones or we’re flat out with the juggle of life, kids and work so it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. The stress elevates and this is reflected in our behaviour.

What if you could let that story go? Focus on the feeling of what attaining and maintaining these goals would feel like? Take a step back. Simplify.

We all know that feelings are fleeting – it’s the story of impermanence – however, by being mindful of the energy feeling you want to bring and sustain in the world is a lot more empowering than sitting in a mountain of stress because we are not achieving or maintaining the goals we want. It’s better for the for the mind and body, for those that surround us and it’s better in creating a world in which we want to live.

The New Moon is on the 8th February (10.38pm Perth time),  would be a great time to reflect and ignite your own individual vision for the future. What’s your vision for now? How do you want it to make you feel? Peaceful? Excited? or Dignified? Carry that focus and go for it.  It begins NOW.

This New Moon is also the start of the Chinese New Year – The year of the Fire Monkey. Fire is the element of passion and courage. The Monkey is a clever problem-solver who can find solutions to any challenge. The Fire Monkey year then is empowering you to have and be what you want, if you have the nerve to go for it!

The Full Moon on 22nd Feb (2.19am Perth time), has healthy vibes written all over it. Get those joggers on and get moving – Do anything that changes old behaviour keeping you stuck. Attention to detail in all that you do will be supported through this time. Have an eye on serving others – this might be the jackpot you’ve been seeking.

This month we will need to have focus, courage, commitment and clarity. Some or all of these may take time to mature yet the more we invest in their expansion,  we will be better prepared in responding to change and for when our dreams coming knocking on our door.

Much Feeling Flowery love


Silverdale Natural Therapy offers a range of Flower Essence Treatments. They are an amazingly accurate healing modality that work effectively and deeply for a range of issues. You can contact me here.

They are especially effective for kids with anxiety issues or young babies with colic and gastric reflux. Please call us on 0407 847 489 to book a consultation or alternatively email us at [email protected]

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Silverlining Blog | 5 Hot Tips in Treating OEDEMA Naturally


oedemaSummer time – especially in Australia can be known as OEDEMA (or Edema) Season when feet, ankles and hands can swell due to excess fluid retention.

It’s really really uncomfortable and joints can feel really tight and sore. It is common for pregnant women to suffer from Oedema. Its also affectionately known as CANKLES.

Through the heat of summer Oedema effects a lot of people and can be treated successfully through natural means. (If it does persist please get it checked out by a GP as it can  be a precursor to high blood pressure, and kidney disease.)

Here are my 5 top tips in treating Oedema naturally

1. Bowen Therapy – Bowen is an excellent form of bodywork that stimulates the lymphatic system, amongst other things and moves all the excess fluid out of the body.  You can check it out here.

2. Dandelion or Parsley Tea – These are fabulous herbal teas that rid the body of excess fluid. A pot a day should do the trick. You can get Dandelion tea at your local supermarket or health food shop.  Grab a fresh bunch of parley and put it in a tea pot and let it steep for a few minutes – in no time you have a lovely pot of fresh Parsley tea.

3. Make sure you salt intake is at 2100mg per day – Excess salt causes water retention.

dandelion tea4. Have only tepid baths – In the heat of summer especially – by having a cool bath, this helps with swelling.  If you don’t have a bath – A tepid shower is still beneficial.

5. Apple cider vinegar poultice – This is brilliant when treating Oedema and strains and sprains as it can reduce inflammation and swelling in a short amount of time. Grab a small towel – tea towel is perfect and soak it in vinegar. Wrap this around the effected area. Leave for a couple of hours or if the Oedema is really severe you can leave it on over night. – Use a plastic bag to cover the towel to curb the smell –  Apple Cider Vinegar can be quite pungent.

If you are consistent with your efforts with the above suggestions I have no doubt you will find relief. Please share to those that you know that may suffer from this condition. Be sensible – If these suggestions don’t improve your Oedema please see your doctor.

If you would like further information please call Silverdale Natural Therapy or call to make an appointment for a BowenTherapy Treatment.– my number is 0407 847 489.  You can also visit my website at Here you can sign up for my monthly newsletter where I post some really cool and helpful holistic health information

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Yours in health

Tracy O’Meara Smith

Silverdale Natural Therapy

0407 847 489

SilverLining Blog | January 2016 Energy Report

“Hills and valleys are the same when using the wings of desire and the strength of my heart to fly beyond the reach of gravity” .. Go for it in 2016!

The New Moon of January peeks on Sunday 10th at 9.30am Perth time.

silverprincessThis January I went for it, New years goals, plans and intentions. It’s been a very cathartic time. Letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

Check out these Workbooks by Leonie Dawson to get you started.

I allowed myself to get down to minute detail. This will bring me well and truly through to next month – It’s been great to review and release to be open and ready to embrace the new.

The energies of 2016 are very much about simplifying our lives and putting those things that we really really want to do/and or be on the top of the list. Procrastination now is a dirty word. Quality vs Quantity.

Work to get those ideas – the ones that constantly niggle at you and don’t let up. Do them, plan for them and remind yourself not to spread yourself too thin. Overwhelm causes scattered energy and working from this space can work against you rather than for you.

Be bold with your new actions and make sure you are congruent in word, deed and action to capitalise on the energies abound this year. Go for it this year making sure you do your research and be grounded and realistic in your aspirations. Honour the individual that you are.

The flower essence that resonates with this New Moon is the Silver Princess

This is the flower that awakens inner inspiration and also:

* Challenges oneself to overcome internal and external obstacles in order to progress.

* To never give up and say it is too much.

* To keep learning how to work something out until it is mastered.

Every internal challenge we take on to improve ourselves brings into focus how much inner strength we have. To admit defeat at any time is to stay still and continually experience frustration and a feeling of stagnancy. There are many ways to climb over a wall, and all ways might not end in success, but with perseverance a way will always be found, and beyond the wall will be your pathway.

The Silver Princess Flower Essence holds you to your purpose and brings clarity where it’s needed. It gives an indication of what’s next and allows one to enjoy the journey whilst striving for the goal. This is very much the energy for this year.  It would be fabulous if you could anchor this in for your own life this month.

2016 is said to be the year of Completion. Completing cycles of the past – I trust you know what that means for you – It’s the big year to finally change and transform.

Watch the inner thoughts – change, if needed, starts here. Find your inner peace amongst any chaos.

The New Moon has always been a time to set our intentions. Even through myth and legend it’s the time to create new starts. At this time – the vibe of the earth has us working 100% through our instincts as the energy of the sun is at its furthest point all month. This is the time to really listen to ourselves as decisions made can come from our habitual drives and this space is not always what’s best for us.

Be reliant on your inner support systems and dare to free your mind to dream the dream. Remember simplicity is best at this time.

Thoughts lodged at the New Moon will grow, so be careful what you wish for! Wishing you all a magnificent and wonderful 2016

Much Flowery Love


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Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The monthly energy report is written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – Lunar energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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SilverLining Blog | December/January 2016 Energy Report

The December Lunar Energy Report.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. -Albert Einstein

The December New Moon peaks on the 11th Dec at 6.29pm and the Full Moon falls directly on Christmas Day 7.11pm –  Perth time. Whoo!

boronia for postThis month change is in the air – focus and integrating change have been the key themes this entire year.

The flower that resonates with the energies of December, until the next New Moon in January is the beautiful and dainty but awesomely powerful Boronia.

Boronia is an essence that can settle inner worries and bring in much needed change to the mind by calming mind chatter and unwanted negative mental tendencies. These are the parts of us that keep us from focusing on the task and distract us from peaceful inner wellbeing.

It’s a calming essence and enhances focus for creative visualisation. Boronia gets us out of our heads and into creatively living without all the mental crap that can get in the way. If you are a worrier – this is the essence for you.

December is a month where there is always so much going which makes it easy for us to feel overwhelmed to get everything done before the Christmas silly season. If you can get as much as you can done before the New Moon on the 11th – use the rest of the time until the late Jan – to take stock of 2015.

No doubt so much has changed and has been realised (good or bad) – either way it’s really nice to sit and take stock of the last twelve months. Trust me you don’t want to bring the past into the future.

By giving ourselves the space to reflect allows us the time to recognise how much we have experienced, integrated and grown. Finish off projects, cross i’s and dot t’s.

With the Full Moon falling on Christmas Day is a sure sign that emotions may feel heightened – If you’re with family and THAT uncle, aunt, parent or parents get on your goat – allow for timely change. Change the way you react or respond (inwardly and outwardly) and use the opportunity to bring in a new way of being not only for you but also for them. This is the time to stop family pattering and recognise that in order to shift our generational junk it starts with us. NOW Change of belief structures is at the ready.

This is the type of change and recognition that empowers. Simple passive and positive action leads to a stronger grounded anchoring of positive influence we want and need to see in the world. It starts with us.

Being flexible will be the key themes for 2016 – and allowing transitional phases to take place – that’s in our selves and in others. Making subtle changes now will be supported well into the New Year. It’s about learning and being with what is going on in the moment.

The energies of 2014/2015 and now 2016 have all been two step forwards and one step back so we can make changes and adjustments accordingly. There have been many opportunities to slow down to encourage this to happen – 2016 will be no different – Except it will be a more mutable energy so take stock whilst you can.

For some, the last few years has been a time of strong somatic and energetic release and with that comes a transitional integration time – things can’t go back to the way they were – The world it’s self is going through the same thing where we are seeing many changes happen before our eyes.

Making positive choices and changes within the present moment is all anyone can ask of us. Be the change you want to see the in world – Gandhi. Be it in thought, or action – action far out ways the thoughts.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe blessed New Year for 2016.

Much Flowery Love


Flower Essence treatments can be booked by calling 0407 847 489

Just a foot note – For 2016 I’m moving in new direction – I hope you will come with me – I will be posting monthly flower readings and intuiting the energy of that month – so I look forward to sharing these with you in the new year. Thank you so much for all of your support – I have so appreciated it. I look forward to sharing more insights with you very soon. Look out for the next one at the January 10th New Moon

Much love Tracy.



SilverLining Blog | Gemini November Full Moon Report

The seed at rest stirs to Life uncurling itself with leaf and branch to reach the Sun and sky. I breathe in the air I take in the Light I rest on the earth.

purple enamel for facebookThe November Full Moon is in Gemini – the sign of the twins.

It peaks at 6.44am Perth time on the 26th/11/ 2015.

The Purple Enamel Orchid is the flower essence that’s in resonance with this November Full Moon.

It helps to bring about a sense of balance if we’re prone to living and working in the extreme.

It tones down an all or nothing attitude so we can pace ourselves in our work, life and love.

It’s for those of us that feel that they are not achieving enough, then flog themselves with heavy workloads in order to feel productive.

The healing essence ignites an awareness to bring about an efficient use of energy.

Resentment, illness and a sense of unbalance can come about when we don’t allow ourselves to stop and regroup. This essence helps to maintain a line of activity and achievement without the negative side effects of physical and mental deterioration.

The energy of Gemini concerns itself with all levels of communication, including mental, written, physical and verbal – it has a really fun and light energy. Yet it can become very scattered if its not grounded. Gemini loves variety and gets bored very easily – so this is a great time to change things up a bit by doing the usual things differently.

This Full Moon carries couple of aspects that have a semi active mutable tone about it which will carry through especially over the next couple of weeks. This is the time in the lunar cycle of completion and release. What are you ready to let go of this month?

The planet of seriousness and karma – Saturn, is in Sagittarius, opposing the moon – so be mindful on how you communicate or maybe change the way you communicate if the same old blocks or dynamics present. Instead of locking horns in a verbal contest – write a letter, or send flowers 😉 do anything to get the message across in a simple and constructive way. If you come up against blocks – move on find something else to do – the time is not right to go here.

As I mentioned in my last lunar report, the strong Neptune/ Saturn aspect is in play on and off over the coming year – Neptune the planet of creativity, spirit, dreams and illusion and get real, boundary enforcing karmic planet Saturn – are squaring and therefor challenging each other – so its reality time in regards to what we want to manifest in our lives, and what we will and won’t put up or align with.

This peaks on the 25th/26th November. One example of this aspect playing out can be seen in the current refugee crisis.

This is a time in history where we are seeing millions of people displaced from their homes and families.

Neptune is about the dissolving boundaries where Saturn is about enforcing them.

Neptune is about flow and union.

Saturn is about structure and boundaries.

It will be really interesting to see how this plays out.

Questions to ask ..

What are national borders any way?

In the case of compassion and freedom how can we be of service to those who need our help without compromising what we hold dear?

What boundaries do you enforce that could possibly be dissolved to create a better way of relating or working?

Do you need to have clearer boundaries?

Can you accept another personal boundaries? or do you keep pointing to their defensive wound? (If you do this, don’t – it’s not cool and can end in disaster). These boundaries are there for reason – Can you handle that? Especially in intimate relationships? Do you think that your needs can still be met?

What is real to you? Do you have faith in the unknown?

Blocks, and challenges around this may play out continuously over the next year. this energy will be operating in the back ground so we can free up energy and get clear and real around what fabulous things that need to be manifested.

This clash will help us to make some really wonderful choices and changes. Trust and let go.

If confusion reigns the best way to find your way is to get down on the ground – connect with yourself, connect with nature, do loads of bodywork, exercise, and engage in the simple things in life.

Turn off the technology just for now or limit your access – even if work or life has you in a spin take a break. If work and life has you jumping for joy take a break to reflect on your success – Own it and integrate it fully.

Take the time to do some breathing exercises – such as breathing in love and breathing out light … This may sound a bit woo woo – but believe me it helps to settle the nervous system – especially if you are sensitive to your environment and to those that surround you. Scattered energy is one of Gemini’s shadow traits so be mindful of this. Making lists or journalling can also help settle the mind.

If we can anchor down some positive energy during this moon phase and understand that it’s time to get real about which way we’re heading and what we are investing in, personally, professionally, as a society locally and globally. Then we are a lot closer to moving in a direction that not only supports ourselves but everyone as a whole.

Much Flowery love


I am currently offering 20min FREE Holistic Consultations via Skpe.  These are designed to help with any physical, emotional or energetic issues you may be holding specifically using Flower Essence and Tissue Salt Therapy. I am happy also to include a short astrology reading  – birth date, time and place of birth must be included at the time of booking.  Please click here to book your space. Spaces are limited.

From November the 29th I will be at the Kalamunda Sunday Markets. So please come by and say hi and stay for a Flower Essence or Bodywork treatment.

Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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SilverLining Blog | New Moon in Scorpio Nov 2015

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but building the new” Socrates

The November New Moon is in Scorpio November 12th 1.47am Perth time

The sign of Scorpio – a deep transformative energy where our psyche meets reality and we are called to transform – be it our thoughts, bodies, relationships, career or all of the above.

Untitled design-2The flower essence that resonates with this November New Moon is the Pink Fairy Orchid.

This is the essence that can help maintain inner harmony amongst the chaos.

This is the energy we need when we need to get stuff done with no distraction.

It also helps with mental and physical focus.

Despite what we are met with in the external world – this essence helps us to align with our inner core strength. Discernment also arises within the consciousness as a means to sift through what’s worth our attention.

This essence is great for those who are easily distracted and are easily influenced by their environment. Awesome for kids who have learning difficulties or those who are extremely sensitive to their environment. It helps those that allow other kids or people to annoy or upset them. Check in here for more information.

New moons are about beginnings and this is one such moon where some major aspects are supportive where we can allow ourselves to feel any fears, embrace them and move forward.

Our dreams or necessary changes are becoming real. There is a real need to move forward. Can you handle it? Are you ready? If not, get ready because there are some really wonderful aspects that can sling you forward as long as you are prepared to learn the necessary lessons, or gain the awareness to get it going on!

Emotional intensity will quite possibly surround this New Moon as could any fears around stepping into the unknown, which we all have, so know that you are not alone.

Then there is this voice …

What if I fail?

What if it doesn’t work? What if …

What if I am a loser forever and I mess this up AGAIN?

What if you don’t?

Dare to change the internal voice –

What if I find the right connections in life and business and everything flows naturally?

What if they/he/she actually loves me?

What if I succeed?

OMG What if I actually allow myself to feel and deserve success?

At one point in our lives we must step over the line of “fear” to walk towards what we want even it means stretching ourselves out of our comfort zone. This is the time to do it.

Scorpio carries deep psychic energy and the parts of ourselves we keep hidden. Let them awaken. Our fear monger will always be there. Fear is a necessary emotion – it keeps us safe but if it’s overwhelming your life this is then where problems occur. Get the help you need is what ever form you think will help – part of you already knows what to do.

Embrace the fear – don’t fight nor resist it – nor pretend it isn’t there.  The key is to recognise our feelings and honour them as they arise. Affirm what’s really needed.

The more you make fear an ally– the more you will see a major change dawn within you. This goes with any shadow aspect we are confronted with at this time. Scorpio is all about the shadow self – so make sure you embrace those little inner demon so and so’s and make way for the new this New Moon. What we resist persists.

Breaking free from the past are themes – Some of us have gone through some strong changes – and have shed their old skins. This takes strong discipline and courage.   Relationships or starting a new business can force us to face parts of ourselves we didn’t even know existed. Realising these parts empower us to move towards our new way of being and living – This is what this New Moon is all about – this is a true calling and true self-transformation.

Letting go of something does not necessarily mean the end – it just gives it a chance to move forward and transform it into something else.

anis ninLessons around other people’s money, legalities, tax or even inheritances could also surface.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in Scorpio – Mercury is the communication planet so- watch how your words could wound as well as heal – Scorpions have the sting in the tail so be aware. Changing the way we think can also catapult us into to new ways of operating.

Create deeper connections by sharing and listening from an empathic standpoint. There might be things you don’t want to hear but if you stay the course you may break an old behavioural pattern that’s been around for eons. Breakthroughs are more than possible.

The day after the New Moon 13th Nov, there is also a major astrological aspect that begins to play out over the next 12 months. The planet Neptune – the watery dreamy type planet – the planet of spirit, creativity, dreams and illusion – is making a challenging aspect to the karmic planet Saturn – It’s time to make real the dream – Saturn is the task master so if you an idealist you need to get some concrete plans into action.

It’s fine to want to do all these amazing things in life and in business but if you are misleading yourself and others – expect a possible reality check.

Create what you want to create but if you’re not listing to the signs or the intuitive voice, the one that keeps us anchored to reality, you might regret it. Go slow with any type of expansion – that’s financial, business or personal especially over the next 12 months as things may not appear as they seem.

This aspect will be playing on and off well into 2016 – It’s a cleansing process.

Through this time of the New Moon synchronicity will be prevalent so slow down to give yourself the opportunity to notice.

It’s time though to really recognise how far you have come this year and for you to truly connect with what you may have endured. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Embrace those fears and step forward, new skin and all.

Much flowery love


Silverdale Natural Therapy offers a range of Flower Essence Treatments. They are an amazingly accurate healing modality that work effectively and deeply for a range of issues.

They are especially effective for kids with anxiety issues or young babies with colic and gastric reflux.

From November the 29th I will be at the Kalamunda Sunday Markets. Come by to say hi or stay and have a Flower Essence or Bodywork treatment.

Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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This Full Moon is in Taurus 8.05pm Perth time

I am a rock that faces the storm, the warmth that gives life, the hand that guides the words that relieve. I have the strength to endure yet the softness to Love without end.

The Full Moon is the time of culmination, endings and when the light bulb moments appear. We may become emotional as light is shone on stuff we know but don’t want to acknowledge. We can let go of what no longer serves.

GoddessGrasstreeIt’s nurture time – nurturing the self, others and the things we love, whilst strengthening ourselves. We are finding balance within our physical world.

The essence that resonates with this Taurus Full Moon is the Goddess Grass Tree.

This is a big inner core strengthening essence.

This is great for young mums and caretakers, who find it hard to “switch off” after having a baby or caring for another and helps one to pace themselves – to allow some ME time.

We are stronger when we allow ourselves to relax and honor who we are, in all ways.

This essence brings out the Universal Mother within us. In this way we reflect the gentle principle, which has sheltered us along our way and pays respect to the life force, which nurtures everything in creation.

Self-nurture, creation and connecting with the earth is what the energy of Taurus is all about.

This is a very grounding moon as there are no major negative aspects affecting the energy. It’s embodiment time. Taurus is very much about finding balance within the physical plane – so its time connect with our bodies, to be realistic and sensible with our money, and energy. With the Sun in transformative Scorpio this increases  themes around connecting to the deepest part of ourself, passions and fear. It allows the space to embrace all the parts of who we are – the good and the bad.  By doing this you nurture ( theme of Taurus) your sense of self compassion.

Self worth and self-esteem issues may also be a factor, issues around these may surface. As could old emotional traumas awaiting to be seen and healed.

I have followed astrology religiously for many years, especially the Lunar cycles. Lunar energy helps us to tune in not only to ourselves but also to the energies of the planet – by following these energies we are able to move and flow in harmony with our environment – The Taurean energy is naturally in tune with this so make the most of opportunities as they arise.

Taurus is also the sign of creation, nature, earth, nurture and material security – there is an astrological positive aspect that may empower our sense of service, connect us to our divinity, the earth or god or goddess what ever that could be for you.

Since 2009 I have been very engrossed in learning about Aboriginal culture, especially since Flower Essence therapy is an Aboriginal healing modality. This year I was introduced to, by a friend, a group of recordings called Women’s Business, Men’s Business by Hannah Rachael Bell and spiritual teacher Shantimayi.

Top_Kimb_mapHannah lived with the Ngarubyin people (Wandjina tribe) and was guided and taught for many years, by aboriginal elder David Mowaljarlai – in the far northwest of the Western Australian Kimberley near the Mitchell Platueau.

It was here she became privy to tribal life that was completely symbiotic and in harmony with the earth. Listening to her impart her wisdom has had a significant impact on me. No words can give this justice. These teachings had a profound effect on me and I know they will on you.

You can hear the recordings here and I would encourage you to take the time to listen to them as it will help to understand the intricate and symbiotic nature of the Ngarinyin Aboriginal way of life. It’s a very powerful and at times a beautiful account.

The Ngarinyin people co-exist together. They do not make one sex more dominant than the other, yet they both respect and honour each other and accept each other’s authority and the parts they play within the tribe and in their relationship with the earth.

For me what resonated the most was the way in which the women are honoured within the tribe. This astounded me and awakened within me something very strong.

Taurus is very much a feminine sign and a creative nature sign and so tuning into our bodies and what they represent seems so timely.

feminine essenceIn Hannah’s Women’s Business series Hannah describes the essence of womanhood, the feminine principle, as the reflected light of a crystal or prism – the rainbow of light that appears through its reflection.

The feminine energy is our wisdom, our passive voice – a place within us where we are in a state of being rather than doing. It’s our intuition. It’s our connection to our bodies and as Hannah says of “being cognizant” of what happens to us physically and owning it by being aware of our own Womanhood – This image is such a beautiful symbol of something that naturally exists within all of us.

I have always thought that in order for of all of us to be here on earth – we’ve all had to come through the womb of a woman and that’s surely got to mean something and be of some sacred value.

After listening to Hannah’s recordings I finally found a place where this is so.

Within Ngarinyin aboriginal tribal culture this energy of womanhood, the feminine principal is honoured and revered. This is a simple Law of nature. It cannot be argued or ignored. The males of the Ngarinyin tribe understand this Law, as it’s nature’s Law, and is accepted that women have the natural authority because they carry the creative DNA cell. They carry the imprint for the coming generations – it’s a very aware relationship and journey of their creative force and the symbiotic relationship between sexes. One cannot exist without the other.

If we were to stop and acknowledge this creative energy – manifested as our own bodies, we would be less likely to put up with all the crap from society, the media, our culture, our families, our partners and even from each other. We would as a whole, operate in a very different way.

I don’t feel this is an idealistic way of being and this is not a feminist rant – for the contemporary woman as Hannah describes it’s the guidance on how we go about changing the values and the spiritual dimensions within our contemporary world.

Through this Full Moon trust your inner wisdom, and be open to receive what’s being offered – this could come in many forms. Conjure what needs to be conjured – it all starts as a simple idea. Let go of any resistance that you may come up against.

The Full moon energies are very supportive of this.

Get and be grounded – exercise, anything that awakens the senses and soothes the body. It’s easier to be receptive when we are grounded in our own skin.

Nurture yourself so you can to be strong in nurturing another.

Love and honour the creative force within you and trust the intuitive wisdom whilst observing what changes that are most certain to come about – physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

I think it’s going to be a very powerful Full Moon.

Much Flowery Love


Since posting this blog I have learned that Hannah Rachel Bell peacefully passed away surrounded by friends and family on the 21st Oct 2015. Whist I never knew her personally, I feel I deeply knew her in spirit. I decided to post this as an honour to her and her community.

Hannah’s teachings are one of her many legacies and her work will live on in my family, my community and I. From my heart, soul and spirit I say Thank you Thank you

Silverdale Natural Therapy offers a range of Flower Essence Treatments. They are an amazingly accurate healing modality that work effectively and deeply for a range of issues.

They are especially effective for kids with anxiety issues or young babies with colic and gastric reflux.

Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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Within me the deep rosy glow of my being speaks to me of my unassailable Soul. I walk my Life lighting my way as I go.

The October New Moon is in Libra the sign of balance, harmony and relationships.

It peaks on Tuesday 13th October 8.06am Perth time.

Geraldton Wax (pictured above) is the essence for the sanctity of the self and inner strength for this New Moon.

The energy of September’s Lunar and Solar Eclipses is still very prevalent. Many people have had some strong, life affirming and life changing shifts  – Some have awoken to an awareness that has always been silently present within them. Awakenings around people, relationships, work and life. It comes as a strong sense of knowing.

This knowing is now being encouraged to be accessed and utilised. It’s a get real and honest time.

Some may feel that we are officially out of purgatory and ready to step forward into a new way of living and being. Others are being forced to dig deep and go within to make necessary changes.

The planet Mercury (communication/transportation) is out of it’s retrograde cycle (where the energy of the planet appears to be going backwards) and Venus (relational planet) retrograde shadow ended on the same day, the 8th October. Venus, has now moved into Virgo – Actions of love for others and ourselves speak louder than words now – Health regimes may move up the pecking order.

Due to the above transits, communication and relationship snafoos may have occurred over the past three months. People may have acted as mirrors – What was/ or is being mirrored back to you? Do you have an angry boss or an emotionally unavailable partner?  Where is this dynamic present within you? What can YOU do to change things?

While the energy of these personal planets is now moving forward so can plans and relationships, re-evaluations and reinventions. It’s time to integrate as we are not so much in a state of flux.  We are free to finally put our best foot forward and get some concrete plans into action –  supported especially over the next three months.

As mentioned previous, the New Moon essence for this month is the beautiful Geraldton Wax,  the essence of inner strength.

We learn as we live, so many things. Often we learn a particular truth and then a test may come as to whether we will now live by that truth. If there is a person in our life who doesn’t want us to walk that path they will put pressure on us verbally or non-verbally by moods and actions. With inner strength such pressure has no effect, except to make clear to us what our journey should be and where the other person is coming from.

With the New Moon in Libra – Libra’s energy is about balance and how we put another’s needs before our own and this, at times is necessary – Now more than ever though, we are encouraged not to necessarily put others likes, dislikes, behaviors, beliefs or needs before our own – Balance is key, as is compromise, but not to to the detriment of our selves. Lessons around self-sacrifice may surface. Where are you not empowering yourself where you should? Where can there be an increased sense of harmony in your life?

The planet Uranus sits opposite this moon and squares the planet Pluto – I am mentioning this because these two huge outer planets have been squaring each other on and off since 2012 – Their last direct pass was March of this year (their last influence will be in late Dec 2015)– This aspect has been responsible for evolutionary change – on a mass scale – so we are definitely in for a clanger of a new moon – Something may come out of the blue good or bad. If this is true for you then this energy is playing out to bring in much needed change.

If you watch social media and the news you may notice the increase of social activism. Now more than usual – people are joining liked minded people and making noise around things they are deeply connected to and advocating for change. Watch this space to hear more about this kind of activity. This is one manifestation from the combination of these two planets – Pluto is the planet of death,  rebirth and transformation. Uranus is known as the awakening planet and will bring things out of the no where just to see how well adjusted we are – it can test every part of our character and force us to align to what we truly want for ourselves and for others.

It’s time then to now really stop and LISTEN to the self.

Listen to when it’s a time to act and a time to be. Loosen the routine – Create routines that are lax and not so rigid. Put in systems or organisational processes to make things easier,  by doing or completing things this way we are more available for when opportunities arise.

Also beware that we may notice ours or another’s emotional projections – be that good or bad – just be mindful of this and try and take the most positive course of action. Detachment would be wise. Aim for harmony.  You could see a huge shift in your perceptions of people, places or behaviors at this time, for some,  this may have already occurred.

For me things feel more real. There is a greater sense of being “alive” and deeper feeling of love and appreciation for the people, things and values I hold dear in my life. This has caused some insecure feelings to surface. Awareness around how fragile we are  is very prevalent. Life is precious. Honouring this is becoming a practise. The present moment is savoured and in reality this is all we have.

Bust out that unique strong part of you this New Moon – saviour each moment and watch everything fall into place.

Much Flowery Love


Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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Full Moon Lunar Aries Eclipse: Monday 28th 2015

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries Monday September 28th 10.50am Perth time


As I walk I hear the encouragement of a voice within saying my love for you, beautiful one, is always there.


HardenbegiaHappyWandererECU420The flower essence aligning for this Full Moon in Aries is the Happy Wanderer.

Happy Wanderer is the flower of inner strength – very Aries!

The healing aspects of this flower is to accept and acknowledge the inner beauty of individuality.

Belief in self and it’s potential opens up opportunities in experiencing greater happiness. It carries the spirit of self-assurance, the realisation of self-reliance and determination.

It’s helpful in releasing feelings of anxiety around striking out on a path less travelled, and to let go of fear of doing things alone.

This flower essence is also fabulous for kids that have separation or co-dependency issues

This Full Moon in Aries – is the sign of independence, competitiveness, a pioneer.  It’s very strong and dynamic –not one that likes being told what to do. It is a very masculine energy – a doer, and won’t take no as an answer.

With the planet Mercury in retrograde (communication, transport and contract sign moving backward for inward reflection) – this forward moving energy is best manifested in ways where we can honour our own sense of independence yet look inwardly to see how our ideas, actions, wants, needs and intuitive pangs can help others and vice versa. Time to reflect on our own inner beauty. Whooo!

We are interdependent as we are independent and with other planets putting pressure on us to look at what is and what is not working. We can look at how we are working independently and how well this is working for us – Are we simply asserting our agenda? Or are we more inclined to have our own unique take and in put on things whilst looking at the bigger picture? Learning win/win situations have been lessons for many (I can vouch for this one!).

It’s more important than ever to become really grounded during this eclipse season. Energies have been strong and relentless, helping us to see where we may have fallen short or where we need to pat ourselves on the back for all the hard work we have already accomplished.

Make the most of this luna energy – this one is a rare configuration and the finale of long astrological cycle that dates back to 1997.

As I said at the time of the New moon in mid September, eclipses are designed to take us out of our comfort zone and wake us up – if we have been wandering too far off our life path – they bring us back to where we are supposed to be – they can take things, or people away instantly and replace them just as fast.

This Full Moon eclipse occurs four days after the Spring Equinox (Wed 24th September) which was in Libra – Libra is very much about relationship and balance – so there is a culmination of independent relationship with ourselves and others and how we balance our energies inwardly and externally – there is a transformative culmination to this Full Moon – so take care and watch what presents.

Lun-atic energy is a go this moon as it’s very strong – the strongest one we have had all year. Take a leap of faith if that’s what needed – just really look before you leap – details matter.

The planet Saturn ( Planet of karma, responsibility and reality checks) changed signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 18th September – YAY! The last three years may have seen many of us taking on deep transformative and relentless journeys where our energy was fragmented and scattered, maybe even to the point where we may have felt emotionally unbalanced.

Fear of the unknown due to inner crisis, death, ill health, relationship breakdowns, job losses or even all of the above – may have forced changes and insightful living.

It’s time to heal those parts of us that may feel battle weary or finally celebrate a new perspective on life. Well done, because that was really shit for many of us and not an easy journey. However Saturn created a maturity and wisdom that would’ve not been there other wise. That time is now over and won’t be seen again for another 29 years. Sigh breathe sigh.

If there is a sense of urgency to get stuff done now that the heaviness of the last few years is lifting – take heed – the more the sense of urgency the more the reason to slow down and take the time to fully research and create a game plan.

Saturn is the karmic old man, Sagittarius is the thrill seeker, explorer and traveller. He holds our beliefs around religion, education, the law and even our hopes. We may see many changes around these areas.

With Saturn in Sag, there is a “get real” tone to this energy –– If you don’t know where you are going –– Saturn’s energy will block you until you know which way you are supposed to go.

Patience is the key here. Refine what you already know – or go back to school and start learning a new skill – it’s not a time to be slap dash nor the time to push through thinking that by just “doing something” is still being fruitful – don’t waste your time – it will prove counter productive.

My girls and I were sitting and chatting the other day – both simultaneously taking their 30 min IPad time. The world of technology can make kids zone into another world – What is that? To them I was lost, a hindrance – “Mmm yeah Mum” not even caring that I was there – silence endured most questions – so instead of strongly urging to be heard – The way that Mums do. I decided to join them and entered the world of Crossy Road (free computer game on IPad)

First I was a cow, then a chicken that shat when it walked, a unicorn that farted rainbows and then a basketball player all bouncing across the road missing moving trucks and cars – failure to move resulted by getting completely smashed by a semi trailer or carried by a moving car. My girls thought it was hilarious – As they were teaching me to play– “ Yeah Mum it’s safe to fall into the water and so I did – and died – they both laughed. Cheeky!

30mins past – I had the top score – The girls were putty in my hand – I could ask them to do anything and they did it – no question – Why had I not seen this before! One minute I was the loser hindrance – the next, a Legend herione – Taking the time to connect helped them and me. I got the chores done and some. This is the key to the new energy of Jupiter in Virgo (till August 2016) and also the new energy of Saturn in Sagittarius and will be around til Dec 2017.

If things feel stalled or you don’t feel like anything is moving the way you want – and keep getting hit my semi trailers, take the time to connect in with yourself/and or others – it will prove more than beneficial.

I always like this breathing exercise and affirmation – Breathing in – I know I am breathing in – Breathing out – I know I am breathing out – Inspiration will come – If you wait and take this small breathing down time – even five minutes of everyday – solutions do and will present themselves – just be open enough for them to appear.

Simplicity is also a theme for this moon and particularly over the next twelve months. We live such busy lives and only have so much energy for love, life and work – How much energy do you want to expend on these things? What kind of investment are you getting in return for the things that take up most of your time?

If my kids think I am cool because I can play a video game and creates a relationship ( in part ) so that it reaches them and they are open to listening to me – I’m making time to do it! It’s better ( and more fun) than butting heads with the technological impasse. Plus … I’m really a big kid – but don’t tell them that …

What are you going to make time for? What independent action can you take to change things up? Working smarter, not harder is my mantra for now – What’s yours going to be?

Much flowery love



Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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