Full Moon Alert – August 30th 2015

The Piscean Full Moon peaks on Sunday Aug 30 2.35am Perth Time.

I rise through the mud of desire, up into the water, air and sun. I arise pristine and white facing the Light resting in tranquility.

Water-lily-or-lotus-flowers-22283525-1600-1200The flower essence that resonates strongly with this Full moon – is the graceful White Nymph Water Lily.

This essence settles the troubled waters of the emotions to see the beauty and love in life beyond the confines of personal likes and dislikes.

Going with the flow – this essence opens up the mind to allow a whole new vista of beauty to be experienced and enjoyed. The essence enhances the ability to enjoy what life provides in the here and now.

It spiritually stimulates inner contentment. Fantastic for meditation.

The mind surrenders to the soul.

The theme then of this amazing Piscean Full Moon, is in recognising and acknowledging our feelings and when/if deep emotional release occurs, (which is highly likely with this Full Moon) honour it and tune in beyond the emotionality and settle into a space of connection. By doing this you are more likely to notice and acknowledge the inner gifts and the inner guidance that comes with it. There is no need to act, say or do anything – just be with what arises – no judgment or aversion, simply be.

This is a very healing time and also a time to stay grounded – a reminder to keep things simple and evoke only the best for yourself and others. Intuition is heightened this Full Moon – Dreams could also be really vivid so take note.

There are currently 5 other planets as well as Venus in retrograde,  supporting the inward journey. Be mindful that relationships are mirrors that bring awareness to what needs to change within you not them … yep … I know bummer. This encourages empowerment and builds stronger relational foundations.

Changes, if required,  are best implemented after the end of Oct – making way for the Mercury Retrograde (more on this later in the month – plus solar and lunar eclipses) Waiting would be wise,  as there will be less mental and emotional confusion. Clarity will be more available and it will be easier to examine what has transpired over these powerful transits that’ve occurred over the last 6 weeks.

Jupiter and the Full Moon are having a slight love affair – the energy is inspiring and supportive of things that serve THE dream AND the greater good.

I was reading a post on Facebook about the wish for a major lotto win. Instead of wishing this dream away, they decided to pretend that the win was already deposited in their bank accounts … living their dream life as if it had already happened…

This wish inspired an idea for their business. Teaming with another local business, here in the Perth Hills, they are both generating awareness around intentional business and service to all by offering free yoga to people every Friday.

This is sooo the physical manifestation of the energy of Jupiter now in Virgo. Simple service for a greater good outcome.

Imagine if all businesses offered something similar in the spirit of healing and serving humanity. What kind of world would this create? More joy, happiness, and a greater connected community. It’s the ultimate prize and cosmically supported – especially now! Get with it people!

This is also how Pam Grout – the author of E Squared – describes how consciousness trumps matter.  You shape your life with your mind and spirited intention. – It’s so worth a read and is a way to move forward if you are aspiring to live a more profound and abundant life. Give it a try and see what happens. On a side note .. I so hope they win lotto!

This Full Moon is a very special one, acknowledge it with grace and love. There is a new sense of being in the air. It’s time to give ourselves permission,  the fuel, and the space to move forward from the deepest parts of ourselves.

Much flowery love

Tracy xx


Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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NEW MOON Friday August 14th in Leo 10.53pm Perth Time

freshwater mangroveThis is possibly one of the most inspiring and positive new moons we have had for a while.

Fresh starts around living from the heart are supported. It’s time for that leap of faith in anything and everything that you do.

Five planets are in fire signs. Jupiter has just moved from Leo into Virgo and the moon and the sun are in the heart sign of Leo. Discrimination is also a theme – this may have already reared its head and is a big one for the coming year.

The flower essence that resonates with this moon is the Freshwater Mangrove.

The Freshwater Mangrove essence helps shift our beliefs and opens the heart to all possibilities.

This flowering tree grows alongside fresh water creeks, billabongs and swamps in the Northern Territory. The healing quality of the Essence is to liberate and heal mental prejudice, allowing the heart to open without bias.

This Essence has the ability to allow us to fully experience and be open on both a mental and heart level to new perceptual shifts and all the changes occurring at this time. Freshwater Mangrove is for those that have already made up their mind about something without it ever being experienced. Often the seeds of this prejudice have been sown for a long time. In many cases it is generational. Many preconceptions are built because of cultural or societal belief that something cannot be done.

For me this generational shift came after my father died four years ago – the grief alerted me to the fact that the same old relational patterns kept occurring and I was done.  I was tired of feeling ignored, and under valued and refused to pass this patterning on to my daughters.  I participated in a psychotherapy group which facilitated a family constellation – it became obvious that certain traits, karma and thinking had been passed down from generation to generation.  Four generations of karma along the feminine line of not been seen, heard, nor valued. My mother sacrificed a lot for us, and she was not seen, nor heard by the people who loved her most within her own home – this had been passed down by her mother – This generational patterning is within all of us.

The Dali Lama once said that it will be women that will enlighten the earth.  After doing all this amazing inner work – I now understand what he meant by this.  It’s up to us to take responsibility and not put off all the things that we want to do.  I would always put off the joy and the fun in my life (especially when my girls were babies) just so I could fold the washing or wash the bathroom – WTF?? These were not conscious choices – it was an auto pilot response because ” That’s what we do isn’t it?” Where did this mentality come from? … ” I don’t have time to follow the dream” or  – “I have to live like this – the kids need me” … These may be all true – but why put off the joy? It takes a small amount of time to feed a dream, to feed the soul. All it takes is an intention.

It’s not only women that do this – we ALL do it.  I have asked several friends and acquaintances –  What do you love to do? – What did you dream of doing when you were a little kid? – Some just look at me with blank faces and then realise how far they have deviated from their hearts desire – it doesn’t need to be like this – not any more.

These days I’m a very different woman. I faced many of my psychic shadows – many of which were not even mine. The work has been relentless and messy but oh so worth it. Now I attract opportunities and love that resonate with my heart and feed me from the inside out.  I am seen because I CHOSE TO finally LISTEN to ME and clear a path to MY inner self – that generational pattern is now defunct. I am now showing my daughters that they are worthy to live their life dreams and not to put off the joy in their lives. “Follow your inside voice is our mantra” – this way of living will never lead you astray!

Living through the heart means living your passions, be and do what makes your heart sing, anything that makes you feel good about yourself and others and this is what this moon is all about. Love and be loved. People can easily discard this philosophy – I used to be one of them – I’m not really sure why – I think it was a generational habit of not feeling worthy of love and I just didn’t know what I wanted.

Deep down if we really examine it – living completely through the heart means having to be vulnerable. This is where that discrimination bit comes in. Knowing who and when we can be vulnerable. Vulnerability can be scary and when we find something of meaning it sits close to our hearts. Who wants to look like a complete dick? I mean come on? Who wants to risk getting hurt? Sometimes it’s necessary. By connecting with our truth and with what and who we love can get us out of this auto pilot mentality and into some soulful creative energy – who knows where it will lead. Are ready now to take the risk?

Bene Brown is a psychologist that has done some amazing work around being vulnerable – you can watch her ted talk here – it’s so seriously worth a look.

I’m still working on my sense of vulnerability – I’ve always struggled with it – I can find it so easy in my clinic – not so easy sometimes in my personal life – I am soo much better at it these days, I’ve grown immensely and I think it’s something that I had to evolve into. The deeper you go in your journey, the more you risk allowing your real self to be seen. Success happens naturally when we act from the heart and hold onto and act on our values. The more we do it the easier it becomes.

There is so much changing in August. It’s a good month to just take one day at a time. Jupiter’s shift from Leo to Virgo (Aug 11th) will be subtle at first. It’s about living simply, and creating ways to work smarter and not harder. Health and behavioural patterning or habits may come under review – Virgo is about the details, processes, and practical application.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, (don’t get caught up in that Virgoan trait). Jupiter is about expansion. Include the details in all of your plans – you will have celestial support – acting willy nilly will only lead to complications later.

This Leo New Moon is the opportunity for us to set intentions to really put ourselves out there is all ways – Love, Live and Heartily express in a big roaring way …

“Its is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better… The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly…who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.”   Theodore Roosevelt

Set this New Moon’s intentions for heartfelt greatness – I dare you!

Much flowery love

Tracy xx


Aquarius Full Moon July 31st 2015


“The way is clear, the road is straight, my mind at one with the forces of goodwill. Dawn approaches I can hear it singing”

This week sees a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius at 6.43pm (AWST) – Perth time on Friday 31st July 2015.

shyblue orchidThe Flower essence that resonates strongly with this moon is the powerful Shy blue Orchid.

The Shy Blue Orchid carries the healing energy to ignite your inner light.

It helps one to let go of others expectations from the past (and present) and awakens the courage to get on with living your life in your own indiviual way.

Shy Blue Orchid essence supports individual expression in all ways

It’s a deep internal flower essence, perfectly in resonance with this Full moon in Aquarius.

I know there is talk about this July 31st Full moon being a sacred Blue moon, named as such because it’s the second Full moon for this month of July.

I am not sure if I feel that Blue moons are sacred.  Blue moons are not rare, they happen every year. The moon phases occur with or without the labels or expectations we place on them.

I believe that every full and new moon is sacred as it gives us the opportunity to naturally complete and begin new cycles according to natures laws and not our own and I kinda like that.

To experience two full moons at the top and tail of the month makes for very strong lunar and emotive energy. Luna force has been quite prevalent this month so no doubt we have been feeling emotions very deeply and profoundly.  The Full Moon shines light on the what needs to be made aware – so we have had double the exposure this month.

This Full Moon is in the visionary sign of Aquarius. Aquarius sees the bigger picture and is the sign of community.

It opposes the sun in Leo, which is all about living and loving through the heart. You would think then that the lunar energies of this moon would be about living through the heart with the vision of helping and serving our community – this is true to a point. HOWEVER – there are six planets currently in retrograde (going backwards) including Venus, which is the relationship, love, money and beauty planet. Uranus the planet of change, innervation and awakening – the ruler of Aquarius,  is also retrograde so the energies at the moment are forcing and supporting us for an internal journey to rework old karma, emotions and gain clarity.

What changes you can make to bring about what you want to create? and how you want to be? What is your vision for the future?

Seriously this is about what YOU want and not something that our family, friends, society, or boss wants for us. Uranus, Aquarius’s ruler is the planet of the individual so watch out, we could see some starting their own internal revolutions!

The energies of this moon support an awareness of inner change AND in the dynamics on the way we live or how we view (and the attitudes) of our everyday existence.

Simplicity is the key to any type of deep change. This is getting us ready for Jupiter’s shift into there is beauty in simplicityVirgo (Mid August)– where expansion (Jupiter) can happen if we can simplify our lives. Change starts with an idea, then an intent. Keeping things simple means keeping it real and a sure way of gaining long-term results. Whatever the change,  it ALWAYS starts within. Simple.

With the planet of relationships Venus on her backward spin – our rosy tinted glasses come off and we see some of the stuff within our relationships, work, and business, our monetary patterns that would otherwise not be so visible. Usually it’s the crap.  Veils are lifted especially through the 1st week of August – it will be harder to hide our true feelings.  The purpose of this cycle is to create disharmony in order to create harmony paving the way for stronger emotional foundations, especially within relationships.

Don’t panic as its not really the time to ACT on anything that gets your goat but to store it away in the ole memory bank for when Venus goes direct (in early Sept) and then make any forward movement. Things will feel like they are finally shifting in late August, just be mindful that there is a push pull energy right up until late October so things may not gain any traction until then.

Recognising how far we have come along our path is imperative at this time. The energies particularly over the last couple of years have been really deep and testing. It has felt like a long journey.

At the time of the last new moon, in mid July, paved the way for what was extremely deep for a lot of people – core negative emotional imprints around our ancestors, family, love and nurturing came to the surface. Liberating pain, and suffering was and is a major theme for July.

On an energetic healing level, embracing ourselves and our current journey gives our internal love bug recognition and the knowing that we are now free to create more of what we want. By celebrating and acknowledging even the smallest internal shifts and inner work gives us closure on some really deep and (maybe not so) deep realisations and a knowing that we can step forward in a more empowered and peaceful way.

Full Moons are about completions. Embrace this moon. I get the feeling that this moon feels like both – something ending and something beginning. Watch and explore and see what really matters and is of value for you on every level. With the planet Uranus in the mix anything could and probably will happen – after all it is a Blue moon – What ever that means for YOU.

What ever you do, be the silent witness whilst internally stepping intently into your own light. Don’t hold back.

Much Flowery Love


Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

New Moon July 16th 2015



Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. Steve Jobs

There are some very deep aspects with this New Moon in Cancer – most of which point to our sense of self care and nurture. The flower essence that resonates with this Cancerian – emotional, feminine and watery moon is the beautiful Bush Fuchsia.

bush fushia 5The healing properties of Bush Fuchsia help one to tune into their intuition. It also helps to express feelings with conviction. It encourages the balance of the logical and rational aspects with the intuitive and creative aspects thus integrating the masculine (doing energy) with the feminine (passive energy).

This essence is extremely synchronistic with this New moon as Mercury – the planet of communication is in the same sign as the moon – Cancer. Expression from an honest and vulnerable place is encouraged as the energy is here to support this.

Cancer is the sign of nurturing, home and family, the sign of the mother and creation – the feminine principal and so because of this there is a propensity to feel a lot of emotion. Embrace what ever arises and honour it with compassion – it is presenting for a reason – it just may need to come into awareness or be released to activate deep personal change for the better.

There are actually many planetary aspects affecting this moon, the one to watch though, is Pluto – the planet of transformation as he sits right opposite and thus creating an opposition. What ever arises will be doubly felt and have double the impact.

Feeling overwhelmed by what arises could easily occur as there are five planets visiting the emotional sign of Cancer. Be gentle as old deep repressed emotion could surface. Emotional release around the lack of self-nurture, and self esteem. Any apparent lack in appreciation by who or what we care for – especially within families. Do you have a receptive balance in your relationships of give and take? Do you give too much and not save anything to nurture yourself? Do you feel alive in your life or have things gone a little stale?

Other questions you could ask yourself- How do you look after yourself? Are you getting what you need to truly thrive? What kind of environment do you need to truly blossom to reach your full potential – its never too late to make changes – sometimes the smallest ones are the most fulfilling.

My youngest daughter had the opportunity to sing with her school choir at St Georges Cathedral in Perth last weekend – I am not a religious person as such but I do believe in God/the universal source in the spiritual sense and this was so incredible. I have lived in Perth on and off my whole life for forty five years and this was the first time I have had the opportunity to visit St Georges. This church is beautiful – the craftsmanship, the old stained glass windows, jarrah pews and it even had that slight echo when someone walked along the wooden floor. It has a feeling of grandeur, yet strangely intimate. On this day a full orchestra was present. The resonance was amazing, I was in a house of praise and I felt it – the gospel choir and the orchestra filled my being and I was in awe of the depth my daughter sang her little heart out – I walked away feeling proud as punch. Deeper than that, some part me felt healed by the power of the music and the passion in which it was played. This was the environment I felt a complete opening of my soul. Some part of me just simply blossomed. Since then I have begun singing lessons and my youngest daughter is teaching me how to play the piano. There is beauty and power in the simple things that can nurture us. This is what this new moon energy has to say and express.

Krishnamurti – an Indian philosopher (you can read about him here) – once said that it’s our beliefs that keep man separate from each other – they are predominately divisive in nature. He made the commentary that if we, as a society could tune in more with our creative/intuitive self – be it our inner artist, singer, musician, cook, gardener, or actor we would not feel so separate from ourselves and from each other. By utilising this part of the self – we are more inclined to live and make decisions from a nurtured and inspired part.  We are also more available to ourselves and to others and have the understanding that we are connected and apart of something a lot bigger and more in tune with nature.

This new moon asks us to tune in more to this sense of creative, self nurturing force and to think about what parts of ourselves need nurturing or awakening to feel connected to ourselves and to our community.

People may feel they need to communicate on an emotional level and express how they really feel – good or bad. You may want to watch out and duck for cover or cosy up with someone you love and tell them how much you love them – the latter one is always more appreciated.

My girls have been on school holidays for the past week – I found another creative passion – (pics below) colouring in and my girls and I  have enjoyed this creative fun together – I seriously love it! It has proven to be the best meditative practice and soothing to the soul. This is the creative soul affirming the self. PicMonkey Collage

The New Moon peaks at 9.24am Perth time – make sure you have your pens ready to write your intentions after the aspect becomes exact. Colour in if you must!! Follow those instinctual feelings – these are the things nurturing dreams are made of.

Happy New Moon and please don’t forget to like and share this post to those you love and nurture.

Much Flowery Love





SilverLining Blog Full Moon Alert July 2015



Today I know but little tomorrow I will know more.  Each step will bring me closer to understanding what lies beneath so many veils and layers, which keys fit in which doors.

The Moon in Capricorn – sturdy responsible and serious Capricorn and the sun is in Cancer – the astrological home of the mother archetype (intuition, wisdom, feelings of home).

This is the first of two Full moons in July.  Whenever there are two full moons in the same month – the second occurrence is called a Blue Moon – so the saying. “Yeah that’ll happen once in a blue moon” … I wonder what this could represent for you? I digress.  That’s next month. Now this moon taking plaacacia-2ce on July 2nd 2015 at 10.19am (Perth, Western Australia time)

The West Australian Flower Essence resonating strongly with this moon is the Wattle (Acacia) –  The healing properties awaken a strong awareness for facing up to the realities and responsibilities of our lives (Capricorn Energy). Even better the beautiful Acacia is in flower EVERYWHERE – reminding us that we cannot run away from our responsibilities what ever they maybe, be it environmental, spiritual, emotional, business, family, community, national and global responsibilities. Tune into the bigger picture and be objective.

This is a refreshing energy as we have moved away from the scattered mental energies of Gemini/Mars and the Mercury Retrograde.  If you made a wrong turn take it on the chin and move forward to what it is you truly want.  There is a grounded energy here – go with how you feel. Don’t project – OWN IT.

Healing affirmation: Today I know but little tomorrow I will know more.  Each step will bring me closer to understanding what lies beneath so many veils and layers, which keys fit in which doors.

The essence of the Wattle helps calm an unsettled mind and wakes us up if we have become naive and irresponsible in our personal responsibilities – Capricorn energy is extremely responsible.

Is it simply a case of facing choices we have made or not made that could have supported or sabotaged us following our life path?

Not settling or tolerating for anything less than what we want is the message for this Capricorn moon. Take on the responsibility in any which way.  If you have slackened off or become complacent – follow the inner wisdom and do not detract from it.

The energies for this moon are strong.  This one is about living through the heart and manifesting the expression of what we so deeply want to make happen. Empowerment is the word that comes to mind.

These Lunar moon energies can awaken our creative self (Cancer Sun Energy).  It could snap, crackle and pop with such enlightened inspiration and deep insight – The type of inspirational energy that comes through so fast – like a hurricane that you may not be able to write down things quick enough.  Embrace it … DON’T hold back.

Mars is still hanging around La Luna, as is Pluto. Embrace your inner power and inner transformation could be the outcome – whether you want it or not.

The Cancer sun energy softens the harsh serious tones of the Capricorn moon – yet there is still an intensity here – it’s really about head down bum up and get cracking on your own individual creative and intuitive flow (Cancer Energy).  For some, in order to access this, internal changes may need to be made. Once incorporated the inner voice celebrates – “Oh my god, seriously, WHY didn’t I do this sooner!”  Leaps of faith are encouraged through the energy of this moon.  Internal pressure maybe high in order to get really clear on what you want and do some major disciplined goal setting (Capricorn Moon energy).

Survival instincts may also be strong – however with the sun in Cancer this should take the edge off things and hopefully the intuitive voice is stronger – it is so much better to operate in a creative intuitive flow than survival mode so utilize self-care at all times to optimize this.

Have you felt tired? There may be a lagging of physical energy in the air? Irritable maybe?  Hanging out for the school holidays? Take it easy and heed the inner warnings. The energies at present can – if we haven’t had a chance to slow down – keep us in our own head and disconnected – Negative thought patterning can hold on like a vice and are challenging to let go – Breathe.  Breathe in for a count of four and Breathe out for a count of four and do this until you feel a change in your demeanor. I have seen a rise in the amount of clients coming to us to be treated for anxiety.  The mental energies have been strong of late so please make sure you are looking after yourself.

When we are feeling highly anxious we may want to make like a hermit and lay low.  From personal experience it is better to go hangout at the library or local coffee shop and just be amongst the crowd than sit home alone and be withdrawn from the things or people we need most.  Connection to self AND to others is paramount at this time. Career, life path and personal responsibility are also the themes.

If you are in overwhelm remember the trees and the bees are there for you! Hug a tree, get amongst nature.

This full moon may bring things to ahead. Are you due a wake up call? Look out! Look for the wisdom and understanding in your life – this allows for much more freedom and opens us up to amazing synchronization of positive consequences.

This is a moon about empowerment – don’t play the victim – play your responsible part.

Much Flowery Love

Tracy x

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Just a foot note – the healing affirmation and healing properties of each flower essence are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here.  The moon report is original prose and written by me for others to tune into the cosmic and natural environment around us – at the moment of time the aspects align – Luna energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

New Moon Gemini June 16th 2015

This new moon presents itself at 6.51am Perth time.

How have you felt between the last two weeks since the powerful and deepening energies of the Full Moon together with the Mercury Retrograde?

Masks were lifted. I know for some a lot was revealed, released and with a new awareness and perspective created.  Clearing out the inner body to manifest a new way of being. Letting go can be challenging to do.

Blessings come within the hardest of lessons and the love moments we can feel are at its purest when our sense of being has been turned upside down and inside out especially when we reach stages of relief. We seem to cherish these moments and ourselves more profoundly.
I saw the Dali Lama this week whilst he was visiting Perth.  It was an honour to be in his presence with another 8000 people.  He spoke of the connection between the body and the mind and the cultivation of inner peace. He mentioned that one cannot look for inner peace outside of ourselves, we cannot just go and purchase it for $7 at the supermarket – (Bummer ) It is the mind and the heart that create this inner peace.  Compassionate mind and a compassionate heart – it really resonated something in me – an inspired me to deepen my inner practise. These realisations and awakenings are congruent with this New Moon.

This new moon has the propensity to send and carry some well-deserved requests and loving vibes into the ether with a sense of gratitude for the lessons learnt and the freedom now to deeply create from a soul level.  Make sure you write down your new moon intention with this in mind.

Communication from this level are what dreams are made of – feel strong, worthy and powerful this new moon – ask for what you want and then claim it with action and affirmation.  This energy has been following us for the last six weeks – with Mercury now direct (shadow period ends on the 20th June) we are slowly being given the green light to instigate new visions operating from new perspectives and if we are lucky, even a shift in our consciousness.  It’s so true the saying “everything happens in divine timing “ – as that time is now in this moment as you read this if you want it to be … What will you ask for? How will you ask – will you write it, sing it, dance it – this is fundamental this new moon – what is your true way to speak? Will you choose to be quiet enough to listen to see what needs to be expressed? Or do you already know?

Intuition and what is so deeply valued is the guide.

If there is still a sense of confusion on anything, stop, connect, write, talk and communicate what and who holds dear.  This is the key for this new moon.  It is a fresh start on how we communicate with our self and/or others.  Words can heal as much as they hurt.  Be mindful of this as with this new moon there is a dynamic energy (Mars) playing alongside that can have us shoot from the hip and lose our shite!
There are two flowers that resonate with this new moon – which is quite apt since it’s in the sign of the twins, Gemini. Dampiera and Catspaw

Damperia helps us to let go of problems of stress, inflexibility (mental and physically) and to adapt to changing circumstances. There is a sense that we all are getting a push to change on one level or another. This is the essence of letting go and allowing new life to flow in (Gemini Moon with Mars energy).

Catspaw helps us to speak our truth. It gives one the permission to show our true colours and express from a deeper place within. What do you need the courage to say?

From my heart I speak, the meaning is not hidden. I say my peace, I give of my mind.  Whatever comes my way from this can only be the bliss of Truth.

May this be the affirmation for this new moon. Let go and, communicate whatever needs to be said or creatively expressed. Do it with the trust to just be yourself in whatever way is truthfully and soulfully fulfilling and yours to own.


“In the centre of the circle I sit and contemplate. I set my bearing and with power move forward in a straight line wrapped in the glow of my inner being”

Vasudeva and Kadambbii Barnao

This is a great time to rethink about any new beginnings, dreams or visions you want to create for your future – this Full Moon’s energy supports this. As we are currently in a Mercury Retrograde, the emphasis is also on seeing things from another perspective or revaluating these plans by becoming aware of your inner dialogue. Does the way you talk to yourself support you?

The Full Moon always brings something to light so we can change our perspective. If necessary we can change course, or even change behaviour patterns in order to create more inner and/or outer harmony. Awareness around how and what we think about in our private moments may be apparent. What do you actually think about all day? Where are you putting your mental energy?

There are many planets in play with this Full Moon which can create scattered thinking or alternatively a lot of information/communication could be coming in – so much so that we can’t make head nor tail about what to give our attention to. The lunation of the moon is usually felt a three days before and a three days after so this one is already activated. The earth elemental energy is weak, planets are either in water, air or fire signs, bringing a very fast and dynamic energy to the fore.

Make time to get grounded and centred otherwise you may feel like you are in la la land or you could easily become overwhelmed if the mind is in overdrive – this could also prove to be exhausting. Slow down …. Breathe. Emotional outbursts are possible as are long overdue conversations with your nearest and dearest where long term healing could prevail – bbbuuuttt if in doubt don’t go there as with Mercury Retrograde and an overactive Moon – miscommunication could be rife. Trust your intuition that all will be well and it will be.

The Pink Trumpet Flower resonates so strongly with this Full Moon. The healing aspects of the Pink Trumpet Flower brings the mind to a strong focus on an internal point, where one can hear and connect to the higher mind and vision (Sagittarius energy).  It is from this point the mind can maintain focus on the moment and finish things until it is completed.   A new mental directness can be achieved and one can direct the mental energy towards goals, and creative visions. Where ever our mental energy goes things manifest and this is what we all want especially when it comes to creating dreams, visions and goals that benefit and nurture us on all levels.

If you have lost focus or have none, redirect your thinking to get back on track. Be compassionate with yourself if your unsupportive thoughts have gotten the better of you.  Create a simple mental intention such as “I would like more love in my life” or “I would like more time and space to do the things that make me happy”. Whatever intention you set, make sure that you also connect with it emotionally.  Feel it actually happening for you. See it. This Full Moon supports this. The more you focus on what you want rather than what you do not want, the closer you are to making it a reality.  AWESOME!

The Full Moon peaks at 12.20am Perth time on the 3rd June 2015.

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The energy of this New Moon promotes an awareness of what we value in ourselves and others.  It’s a time to get grounded and attend to our physical needs through self-nurture, diet, exercise and sensual pleasure.  How DO YOU nurture? and WHAT nurtures YOU?
Focus in on your resources and how you use them – be it time, money, energy and whether you are creating things that are really valuable to you that give you stability and freedom (inwardly and outwardly). By looking at this we can really strengthen our sense of self-worth.
Are you valuing yourself?

The flower essence that resonates with the Taurus New Moon and the weeks leading up to the Full Moon in June – is our native Leafless Orchid. This flower essence helps us to focus on what is really important to us and brings forth a deep wisdom so that we operate and give from an authentic space and not out of obligation.  It is fabulous for anxiety – especially in children. It is an extremely restorative essence and can be used by those suffering burn out.  It gives us the courage to really look at our “stuff” without judgement of self and of others.  It helps us not to give away our energy too frivolously and recognize the value of what we give to others.
Leafless Orchid is the essence resonating with the Taurus New Moon and is available for $15.00. Use the essence and the affirmation plan with our New Moon Guide to help you set your goals, feel valued and unlock your potential. Email or Message me to make your order – our email address is:  [email protected]

It is always incredibly empowering to set intentions at the new moon.  The art of asking from an energy bigger than ourselves is incredibly powerful and intimate.  You can simply write 10 of your cherished dreams or things that you wish to see manifest over the coming month. Make sure they are realistic and achievable. You can burn them or leave them in a diary for future reference – the more effort you put in – the more you are bound to get back.

I always use sparkly pens and write them in my new moon diary with pictures to get a real visual picture of what I want to achieve and then following up with action so the energy of intention is then reinvested. For me, this is a fabulous ritual that brings me back to myself every month and it feels wonderfully nurturing and liberating.  It is a great tool to create and give energy to things that we do want and diverts our attention (and energy) away from what we don’t. If you need to make some really deep and radical decisions, set the intention to make choices and intentions FOR your well being and not against others and that way you know where your truth really lies.
There is a fabulous five hour window in which we can set our new moon intentions for the coming month before Mercury goes retrograde (please refer to my earlier post). Set your new moon intentions after 12.16pm (Perth time) to make the most of the new moon energy. Over the coming weeks we get the opportunity to really look at and review what is important to us and what and who we need in our lives.  This is fantastic!  We can really slow down and ponder (not act just yet – if you can wait until Mercury goes direct),  knowing we have wonderful earthly energy supporting us in our internal reflection. It also makes way for fabulous goal setting for the June 17th New Moon – as Mercury will be moving direct (goes direct June 11th) and intentions set for BOTH moons will have even more support to take shape :0). Awesome!
Good Luck – I would love to hear how you go.  I will post astrological insights on the next Full moon June 3rd 2015.
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