The energy of this New Moon promotes an awareness of what we value in ourselves and others.  It’s a time to get grounded and attend to our physical needs through self-nurture, diet, exercise and sensual pleasure.  How DO YOU nurture? and WHAT nurtures YOU?
Focus in on your resources and how you use them – be it time, money, energy and whether you are creating things that are really valuable to you that give you stability and freedom (inwardly and outwardly). By looking at this we can really strengthen our sense of self-worth.
Are you valuing yourself?

The flower essence that resonates with the Taurus New Moon and the weeks leading up to the Full Moon in June – is our native Leafless Orchid. This flower essence helps us to focus on what is really important to us and brings forth a deep wisdom so that we operate and give from an authentic space and not out of obligation.  It is fabulous for anxiety – especially in children. It is an extremely restorative essence and can be used by those suffering burn out.  It gives us the courage to really look at our “stuff” without judgement of self and of others.  It helps us not to give away our energy too frivolously and recognize the value of what we give to others.
Leafless Orchid is the essence resonating with the Taurus New Moon and is available for $15.00. Use the essence and the affirmation plan with our New Moon Guide to help you set your goals, feel valued and unlock your potential. Email or Message me to make your order – our email address is:  [email protected]

It is always incredibly empowering to set intentions at the new moon.  The art of asking from an energy bigger than ourselves is incredibly powerful and intimate.  You can simply write 10 of your cherished dreams or things that you wish to see manifest over the coming month. Make sure they are realistic and achievable. You can burn them or leave them in a diary for future reference – the more effort you put in – the more you are bound to get back.

I always use sparkly pens and write them in my new moon diary with pictures to get a real visual picture of what I want to achieve and then following up with action so the energy of intention is then reinvested. For me, this is a fabulous ritual that brings me back to myself every month and it feels wonderfully nurturing and liberating.  It is a great tool to create and give energy to things that we do want and diverts our attention (and energy) away from what we don’t. If you need to make some really deep and radical decisions, set the intention to make choices and intentions FOR your well being and not against others and that way you know where your truth really lies.
There is a fabulous five hour window in which we can set our new moon intentions for the coming month before Mercury goes retrograde (please refer to my earlier post). Set your new moon intentions after 12.16pm (Perth time) to make the most of the new moon energy. Over the coming weeks we get the opportunity to really look at and review what is important to us and what and who we need in our lives.  This is fantastic!  We can really slow down and ponder (not act just yet – if you can wait until Mercury goes direct),  knowing we have wonderful earthly energy supporting us in our internal reflection. It also makes way for fabulous goal setting for the June 17th New Moon – as Mercury will be moving direct (goes direct June 11th) and intentions set for BOTH moons will have even more support to take shape :0). Awesome!
Good Luck – I would love to hear how you go.  I will post astrological insights on the next Full moon June 3rd 2015.
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