August Energy and Full Moon Report

August Energy and Full Moon Report 2016

Full Moon August 18th 5.26pm Perth Time.

2016 thus far has been a hard road for some so if this is true for you take a breather if you can.

fullmoonaugust18There’s also talk that this August Full Moon being an eclipse.

This kinda game changer energy happens during an eclipse, as it’s a natural course correct for when we may have strayed too far from our original path.

This is kinda thing is definitely awakening in September. I think we can see this moon as a possible prelude of what’s to come.

There is a very expansive feel to this Full Moon. Anything that aligns with an element of the greater good will bring people together. You can build or even rebuild stronger bonds with people. There’s even a strong humanitarian energy awakening at the latter part of this month. Have fun and bring out the rebellious part of your nature.

There is a strong drive to break old patterns and on a deep level. Be individual and don’t take on another’s dogma nor teaching. Be more discriminative in where you place your power and who you’re giving your power to. Experiment and don’t be afraid to try new things.

The Flower Essence that resonates with this Full Moon of August is Parakeelya. This essence restores the sense of self-dignity and inner strength, resisting the urge to withdraw, but to be actively part of society and able to assert one’s right as an individual. It’s an essence for the hypersensitive.

parakeelyaeeeeeeThis is also for those that feel completely unappreciated and/or taken for granted. It will ignite and improve energy levels and awakens a confidence in self-determination. One learns to say No on this essence. This essence can be used to increase physical and emotional energy levels. If you’re interested, you can order some here.

The energy of for the rest of the month is about finding that deep and unwavering appreciation for your own individual essence and what makes that shine. If you have to make a choice on anything – Choose you.

Just this past weekend, I participated in a day retreat. It was within this meditation retreat that I began to detach from what I believed and became retrospective.

For a short time this created a strong inner conflict and I found myself at a loss as old belief patterns were being challenged. It brought up questions on what was my truth? my fears? and where I wasn’t being honest within myself. What was I really aligned to?

So I let go.

What revealed itself was a very strong sense of my own beliefs and what was true for me. I found an inner harmony, something I’ve been searching for, for a very long time. This inner shift allowed me more freedom to be creative and to listen and embrace my own inner voice, my own teachings. This has been an amazingly liberating and self-empowering experience.

A lot’s changing for many people on this level. It’s a time where very old baggage, and ego beliefs, are being expelled from our inner system and forced out of us like that last little bit of toothpaste from the toothpaste tube.

The first two weeks of August (or even this whole year) may have felt like this for you. One Step forward, Five steps back.

“These days our inner world needs to be involved in all that we do and demands equality with the external reality so we can create a balance on how we manage our lives.” Sonja Francis

Explore these areas and find the balance to integrate any new Aha moments.

What does it look like to view and hear your body? Hear your heart? There’s so much intelligence here and a knowing of what and where we’re going next. Slow down. Everyone on this planet is learning some form of this. Being adaptable will prove to be an asset.

Our thoughts radiate like a beacon and can create a vibration that is and/or isn’t in line with what we truly want. When there’s an imbalance, for example – obsessive thinking, this can happen. Negative mind loops can prevent us from creating an inner space that is conducive with what’s supportive to our inner peace and wellbeing. This can make us feel drained and exhausted.

Ask, where does my focus go? Do I just focus more on what’s in my external reality? What are my boundaries with people? The world? Work? The internet? and The media? What do you do to manage your mental wellbeing? What do you do to manage stress?

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, friendships or even in your job and the mind chatter is less than supportive, explore what happens when you just let the resentment, the anger and the crap go. Emotionally, mentally and physically. What is actually there? Can you see the other as they truly are? Don’t let negative emotions blind your reality or what’s in front of you. You might be missing the point entirely. This month we’re gearing up for some new energy to enter. Let go of expectations. Clear the decks and get ready to fly.

Taking care and putting yourself first are themes. By doing this you’re less likely to project or create a negative mindset or act out from the shadow/negative part of our nature. Self-care is paramount at this time.

If you always put yourself last or martyr yourself, ask why? and to what benefit?

There’s no honour in creating dynamics where you feel last in line. A few years ago, I had to play executioner with a lot of things. It was possibly the hardest and saddest time of my life. Certain events had played themselves out. Life was never the same. I realised I was so tired of attracting and being constantly triggered around not feeling seen, heard, and misunderstood. I had to let go and be in my own space for a time and detach totally to everyone and everything in order to reset my inner compass and inner dynamic. Some things did return – A lot didn’t.

When I reflect, for some, the timing was really crap, I’d let a lot of people down. I was empty and had nothing left. In these moments though I had a choice on who and what to choose – so I chose myself.

Change can happen if we give ourselves the time and space to do it. This pivot point is necessary for all of us. By respecting ourselves and the process we’re able to embrace a lot of our imperfections and just let go. Let go of the past and all that shite that is seriously no longer needed and weighing you down.

“Different aspects of the past do come around as we become aware of new options. That’s why we need to review the past to renew the present if we want different outcomes and we need to use our intuition to access new potentials and possibilities.” Jennifer Hoffman

We’re just about to head into an eclipse season in September, combined with a Mercury Retrograde (planet of communication energy shifts backwards) and we’ll see a lot shift and move so it’s a great time to go within, and invest in rest. Your inner liberator will thank you for it.

Communicate in a simple and direct way over the next six or so weeks. Double-check travel plans. Slow down if you’re feeling blocked. If you need to make major decisions make sure you’re open to having things change, starting Aug 30th – Sept 22, things do and will be in a state of flux.

Where ever you are on your journey make sure it has your unique tattoo on it. Question what’s not working nor feeling quite right. Express your wisdom and don’t be afraid if it doesn’t resonate with anyone. It only takes one person to recognise and value what you have to offer. This can lift anyone into a new state of appreciation not only for themselves but possibly for the entire cosmos!

Much Flowery Love


1Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Health Practitioner. If she’s not working within her Perth Hills clinic, you’ll find her in the garden with her family, or in the bush soaking up the awesome flowery vibes. Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence therapy to help people gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

Tracy works 1:1 with women who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal issues and anxiety. Having two daughters of her own, she is unapologetically human, and through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better place. #peacenotpieces

Tracy writes this monthly energy blog and her weekly blog Silverlining – You can sign up here to receive her monthly newsletter which includes her amazing insights and other  useful information.

Silverlining Blog | July Monthly and Full Moon Energy Report

July Energy Report 2016

fulloomcapricornAfter the intensity of June, July has an emotional edge as we let go of what’s no longer is needed once and for all.

July is a transformative month and by releasing old stuff we can instantly create a whole new life reality. This is happening more and more for many.

New Moon 4th July 2016 

Starting with the New Moon on the 4th July (7pm Perth, Aust time). Something could come to an end and a whole new beginning awaits us. The energy is centred around the home, family, the mother, creative projects, lifestyle, nutrition and how we nurture ourselves and others.

At the last full moon in June – the energy was around awakening and healing within our masculine nature – that’s the doing, assertive nature. This moon’s theme is about the feminine and feminine wounds – The receptive side of our nature. It can be about how our needs as children, may or may not have been met.

Flower Essence of the Month

The Flower Essence for this month is the Purple Eremophila

This essence helps us to be objective when dealing with relation, relating or relationship issues as these dynamics go through big changes. It helps in stabilising emotions as these changes take place.

This essence brings in a sense of calm and lifts the pain from the heart through having to make adjustments. It awakens a sense of awareness into something bigger,  reducing any feelings of panic and fear through any sense of loss and change.

purpleemphA great essence if you’ve been forced to change careers or your job security is under threat.

It helps one to see the implications of any actions or reactions and takes into account the details that create certain situations.

July can prove to be a really deep, and rich time, forcing us to connect to what is and accepting where we’re at in our lives. Reality time.

If there are issues, journal and sit with these, eventually you’ll be able to figure out if anything significant is blocking or expanding your way.

What I’ve found to be liberating, is when I’m going through a deep transformative time I’ve created a small support group for when “stuff” comes to the surface – I’ve struggled with this a lot through the years as I’m a very deep, introverted, empathic and private person. It’s helped me to integrate and understand what’s within my emotional mix.

It’s a healthy strategy, as I’m able to honour who I am and still be open to what is. If I don’t do this then my mind and well-being suffer and that’s not good for anyone. How do you nurture the deepest parts of yourself? Do you allow them to see the light of day?

Trust and create ways that are right for you to be in the world. The world needs more people who are able to truly nurture themselves.

Nurturing is more than just finding balance if there is such a thing,  it’s about creating behaviours that actively support us through our thoughts, actions and beliefs. Are you nurturing yourself in this way?

The Full Moon

The Full Moon on the 20th July (6.58am Perth Time) carries the energy around communication, how we communicate, and how we relate to others. It can also expose how we structure our lives. It would be a great time to review goals or change things if any plans need tweaking. We can receive strong insights and experience some unforeseen developments.

This this is the time to recognize self-care patterns and how these balance out with the practical realities of life. What’s the current priority? Are you putting yourself before others?

I’ve had a lot going on of late and have felt a lot of decisions have had to be made.  At one point I didn’t feel like I was making any headway so just offered everything up to the universe and let go of control and through the force of surrender,  answers appeared organically and easily.  I think we forget that surrender can be an option and a choice that’s on offer when a lot of things need closure or in need of single focus and attention.

This is the time to be really gentle with ourselves, especially if deep realizations of your life are in play. Surrender to what is and notice how this can create more space and peace in your life – sometimes we don’t have all the answers and sometimes that’s the way it’s meant to be.

This Full Moon will help us to get into a receptive flow. Relational dynamics are shifting and have been for a while and this happens as our own awareness expands and we begin to become aware and awaken and even align to other potentials and possibilities.

Get the creative juices flowing to create solutions and make adjustments where necessary. Make them unique to you and be aware that unexpected challenges could arise. It might a good time to buy a lotto ticket. A win could be on the cards.

Since April, if you’ve felt tired, unmotivated, been bingeing on Netflix, hibernating to restore energy levels, dealt with unexpected illness, struggled to find a mental and emotional clarity, angry, frustrated, blocked in getting projects off the ground, life’s felt like you’ve been walking through mud, relationship dynamics have changed or even ended.

Please have heart, things are about to lighten up and begin moving forward in a more rewarding, realistic and focused way. We get our mojo back.

Find a happy place, nurture it, love it and communicate this to your nearest and dearest. The people in your world and the world in general really need to hear it.

Much flowery love


My name is Tracy O’Meara Smith, I’m a Holistic practitioner who is passionate about Flower Essences, Bowen and Mineral Therapy.  I run a small holistic clinic within the hills east of Perth and effectively treat people with a range of issues. Some of which include chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and hormonal imbalances.

I offer online tissue salt and flower essences therapy sessions online for families. This program is designed to help with children who cannot sleep and suffer from night terrors, anxiety and behavioural issues and Mums who are constantly tired, fatigued and at their wits end.  If this sounds like you – please don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can fill in the contact form on my website.

To be added to my monthly newsletter,  filled with awesome and insightful holistic health information.  I’ve created a wonderful Eproduct that gives you ideas, and discounts on services and other inspirational information to help create healthy  holistic options for you, your family and/or community. Please add your name and email details here

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Just a foot note – the healing affirmations are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The monthly energy report is written by me for others to be aware and tune into the cosmic and natural environment that surrounds us – Lunar energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

Silverlining | June Monthly Energy Report

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

New Moon 5th June 10.59am

Full Moon 20th June 7.02pm

This month brings in a huge amount of change and movement.

Around the New Moon 5th June, stay focused and create a plan.  Change could be forced upon us. It’s really important to stay grounded and anchored through this moon and throughout entire the month. When we feel anchored we’re less likely to dart from one thing to another. This could happen if we feel overwhelmed or just have a lot going on.  Breathe, reconnect.

A personal life reset could also occur. After the New Moon you could find yourself in a new space with the past well and truly behind you.

The Flower Essence for this Month

scentedsundew1The Flower Essence resonating with the energies of June is the Scented Sundew.

This flower essence stimulates grounded focused attention and helps us to find our way. The small details matter and we are able to connect to the present. If you vague out and daydream or get carried away with external environments then this is the essence for you.

From personal experience, this essence is one of the best. It’ll help you find the clarity you need and order a scattered mind, especially if you have a lot of project work and a lot of tasks to get through.

Be gentle and sensitive to others. Some may feel raw and edgy.

Make sure you have several tools at your disposal to channel negative emotion, mind states or scattered energy. If you have a propensity for this you may find yourself tired and drained, with not a lot being accomplished. Sometimes, though it’s ok to have a crap day – surrender, go within and find your own answers.

When focused a lot can be achieved.

Themes of the month

1. Communication and Our Inner narrative

Communication is a theme for June and looking at our  inner communication, the words, and concepts that go on around and around in our heads all day every day. Is your mind constantly on the go? Does it duck and weave and chat just about “stuff” all day? Are you easily distracted?

If so, STOP. Just stop.

This mental behavior can keep us in a negative or even toxic relationship with our self and others. By doing this we’re not available to the moment. It’s like keeping an argument you’ve had with your partner, friend or colleague continuously playing out in your mind. You’re still in it, but the argument is well and truly over. This is a mental concept and not even a real one. Funny huh? The majority of us live in this space.

The energies of this month have the propensity to keep us here if we are not grounded or anchored.

Questions to ask would be: Are you expecting people to live by your truth and your expectations? Can I be versatile? Are you self accepting? Can you accept others warts and all?

If you’re craving change the best place to start is your own inner narrative and personal story. What are you not happy with? Or what are you happy with and want more of? What’s your story?

Last week I attended a fantastic talk by Globalactive. I saw futurist Sohail Inayatullah give a talk on Holistic Psychology and about the state of our planet and our future.

Sohail mentioned that within this time in history, man has the propensity to, through science and genetics, change the nature of our planet. I know for one I’m not sure that messing with Mother Nature is in our best interests nor if this is a world I want to live in. Do you? We can change this if we change our story and create a society that respects and aligns with the planet rather than changing and manipulating it. That’s gonna be my story anyway.

2. Time and Energy

Vassu Banaro – “Our time is not renewable. It’s vital that we understand this.”

Our time on this planet is limited so it’s also imperative we use it in such a way that we can create the life and legacies that we want and not what we don’t want. Time is the new currency

By moving towards a new story will lend to the old falling away. Time is of the essence. If you’re not spending your time wisely then ask yourself why?

Where’s your energy is going? Check it out and if it’s less than supportive, give it the flick.

Full Moon 20th June 

The Full moon on June 20th will be expansive in nature. Be careful if you’re prone to speaking first and thinking later.

Strong changes around belief structures, philosophy, travel, spirituality, and freedom could be themes.

This is a very strong Full Moon which is very close to the Winter solstice  – which is normally a symbolic time to honor the feminine side of our nature.  This is very interesting as the energies of this moon lean towards healing masculine energies which is the doing nature, how we act on what we want, feel and see and how we go about getting what we want. Internal balance of both sides of our nature and energy are needed during this time. Follow and act on your intuition. This could be a time of extremes.

This monthly theme played out just the other day. Awareness and releasing always come at times when we least expect it.  There is always an opportunity to deepen and surrender – letting go of what no longer serves.

My daughter and I have been working on a school project together and lately, things have been somewhat combative – Kid school projects  can either be the making or the breaking of us as parents.   Especially if you have a child with cognitive and auditory sensory issues, who struggle to retain information.  Certain sequential steps are needed so that  learning outcomes can be taught in a specific way that is conducive to the way the child learns and understands.

If you’re a parent who has a child with these issues you’ll understand how grueling and intense this can be. To constantly repeat yourself.  To have to explain in minor detail. EVERY little single fact.  If you’ve seen the character the Sloth in the movie, Zootopia, then it’s that x 2.

It’s a trying process and one that has forced me recently to take stock and look at my behavior and beliefs.  I was forced to detach and take a huge step back.

Daughter no 1 and I are logger heads about her project about James Stirling and what the Hardy family (the first settlers) had in their pantry. After a brief period of time, we decide to take a 5 min break as ordered by hubby.  My daughter left the room.

I held my head in my hands and said ” This is doing my frigging head in” Hubby immediately responded,  “But it’s you who’s being so combative – what’s wrong?” It was then I just blurted it out.  ” I think a part of me resents her – Why can’t she be like some normal kid so I don’t have to deal with all this bloody learning delay shit – I’m sick and tired of constantly carrying this worry and fear for her”.  There I said it,  and as shameful as it sounds it felt bloody great – I felt the burning sensation lifted from my chest and my heart felt free.

I got up from my chair and stormed out of the room and went into my bathroom and looked into the mirror and all I could see was my father staring back at me.  I was a ghast –  As a teenager and even up until a few years ago,  I never felt my Father could accept me for who I was,  flaws and all (there were many), and my hippy beliefs (which I now call holistic).

I couldn’t help being who I was and I always felt his judgment and disappointment of never living up to his ideal or his standards.  Yet, here I was, feeling a similar way about my daughter.

In that moment.  In that raw epiphany type moment – I owned it all. The resentment. The shame. The disappointment and as I embraced this shadow part of myself – I understood my father and all that came with – including his fears. I carried those same fears. I embraced me – I embraced my daughter, warts and all.  With this acceptance came relief and with the relief came a depth of gratitude.   No doubt this lesson may come up again and again. The awareness and depth of understanding will arise when it does.  This is the key.

When my daughter reentered the room I looked into her eyes and I saw a bright, kind, independent and amazingly aware soul. How could I resent her for being who she was?  How can I expect anything more from her?  Why would I even want to?  I opened my arms and as she fell into them, we hugged and as the tears fell from my cheeks I knew in that moment I had released something quite significant.  It was a very precious and profound moment.  We had both been seen.

It’s this type of realization, resolution, and insight that can come to us if we let it. Healing around father, and masculine wounds. Strong intuitive flashes could be prevalent bringing in some much need relief especially if you’ve felt like your life is going nowhere or you if you’ve been feeling rather flat.

On the other hand, it can be a great time to be social and reflect on the activity of the month. Deep inner stirrings can be ignited.  A time to walk your talk. Some of us may be stretched out of our comfort zone.  Sit with this and allow the feelings to flow through you.

Know that your time and energy are precious.  Where’s your time and energy heading? Hopefully, it’s towards a better future for you, me and the generations to come.

Much Flowery love


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Flower Essences with the combination of bodywork can help shift some old and stagnant energy. They are extremely effective for kids who are sensitive, suffer from anxiety, colic, behavioral issues, food intolerances, night terrors and insomnia. Check it out here to find out more.

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Silverlining | May Monthly Energy Report 2016

May Energy Blog 2016

“I am at one. My mind holds my body in a loving embrace, my Soul wraps the Light around. There is radiance in my being so vitally complete”

Integration is the word for the month of May.

New Moon 7th May 3.29am

Full Moon 22nd May 5.14am

After the wake up call some of us received in April, May’s going to feel like a holiday. This is the month to figure out what truly matters.

May is a month that can work in one of two ways hence there’re two flowers that resonate with the energies of this month.

wasmoke bush1. WA Smokebush. If you’re struggling to connect, stop and slow down. This is THE mind and body connection essence.

The WA Smokebush aids in facilitating reconnection.  It’s the essence needed to regain control of all aspects of one’s being. To re-integrate, the subtle and more physical levels. So if you are struggling to slow down and resisting connection, this the one.

2. Pin Cushion Hakea is the essence in opening up to new concepts and ideas. It takes the fear out of the unknown and untried. It helps in activating exploration of new thought patterns.

It’s our mind that keeps us from achieving what we need. If it’s time for you to stretch and you’re resisting, this is the essence that can help with moving past and integrating new forms of beliefs and thinking.

Both are integrative essences.

Hakea-laurina-Pincushion-HakeaFlower Essence therapy is one of the many self integrative therapies to embrace right now. It’s all about awareness of subconscious fears and patterning. Flower Essence Therapy clears these blocks. It’s deep, accurate and effective inner work.

Integrating new consciousness ideals and beliefs are necessary in completing this process. By doing this you’ll create a strong and solid foundation in all that you do.

If the same old issues keep raising their head or the same relationship dynamic have come around, go deeper and see the part you play in it.

If you’re being forward focused with a continual eye on the end game and forcing your way through, you could risk missing a vital  piece to your puzzle. This piece could be the key for everything. Be aware and chillax if it all gets too much – there’s more to come.

The most frustrating part at this is time is that the forward moving energy is there – you can feel it and that’s what’s making things so frustrating, the bigger picture is staring you in the face. If you are running a business and it’s quiet or you’re pushing and working really hard and getting nowhere? Welcome to May.

This will be temporary so breathe easy. Five planets in our cosmos are working their magic in a way that’s forcing us inward. No need to pull your hair out. By connecting inwardly and recognising this and creating steps or rethinking strategies is the formula for success.

Get grounded and earthy.  Dig in the garden, dance and come back to yourself and operate on a more practical level.

The New Moon on the 7th is has a strong healing vibe to it – With all this retrograde action having us look at our past this will be gentle and a new restart on what you love and value.  Set your intentions with what you value the most.  Keep these close – discard the rest. How can you bring more beauty, love, peace and appreciation into your life? Are you grateful for what you already have?

Redo, readjust, reconnect, rewrite, reconsider and rethink plans and ideas for the future. Most importantly trust your gut if you have to make important or strong decisions. What you value will come forward and what you need to be spending your most precious time on will most definitely become clear.

If your not feeling particularly appreciated, then look at how you appreciate yourself. By changing within you can change the out comes of your life.  Some things will become more valuable than others. Intuition will guide you here. Momentum will build if you stay the course.

It’s also imperative this month that we hold our own individual beliefs and ideals. It’s not a time to follow the crowd or get amongst any group mentality. Individuality is king. Connect to what’s true for you and not what’s expected from others.

For some May, may feel that their year is just beginning.

If you are already taking time to reflect, breakthroughs and deeper connection to the self is more than possible. Moving through old karma is easier and the sense that we are supported by something so much bigger than ourselves becomes more and more obvious. Leaps in consciousness are more prevalent now. Take the leap and feel the difference this kind of connection can make.

Volatility could be in the air around the time of the Full Moon on 22nd May. Keep boundaries strong through this time. If you’re up against passive aggressive behaviour – ignore it – at least for now.   Don’t buy into anything that’s less than positive. People could be really opinionated, narrow-minded and assume and presume without finding out the true facts.  So much is in a state of flux right now so find you’re own truth at this time.

Frustrated just stop, feel, and acknowledge.  Tune with your inner world. The direction you seek can be found here. Some things are coming to fruition and others are coming to a sense of closure.  Take time out to see what this could be for you.

May is a special month. This is the time we can make some amazing inward roads that’s fulfiling and healing for the psyche AND for the soul. Insights will be huge. Go for it.

Much Flowery Love


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Just a foot note – the healing affirmations are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The monthly energy report is written by me for others to be aware and tune into the cosmic and natural environment that surrounds us – Lunar energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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SilverLining | April Monthly Energy Report

The April Monthly Energy Report 2016

Slow Down, Calm Down, Don’t Worry, Don’t Hurry, Trust the Process – Alexandra Stoddard

The New moon is at 7.36pm 7th April. The Full moon is at 1.23pm 22nd April

usethisblackeyeAfter the intensity of last month – there’s still some very strong and dynamic energies in play – especially during the New Moon on the 7th.

Mid Month,  see’s the beginning of a series of planets retrograding – meaning  their energy will be powerful as their gravitational pull moves backwards and we’ll be more inclined to sit with our inner world rather than branch out into the external world.

A good time for self exploration. Not a good time to put peddle to the metal but about taking an inward look at where, what, who and why in pretty much everything that we do.

It’s the cosmic slow down season.

The Flower Essence resonating strongly with this month is the Black Eyed Susan.

With intense clashing energies this April. The essence of the Black Eyed Susan helps us to slow down. It’s especially helpful for  people who are always on the go and use busyness as an excuse to disconnect from themselves, life and esepcially those around them. It settles the nervous system so that one can still be “busy” and connected. They can settle in the moment.

At the time of the new moon, find your voice and take a leap of faith. There’s some extremely positive and unique energy in play, but by next week the energy will change and it won’t feel so liberating.

This month and even well into May it’s about being rather than doing.

April is about responding through choice rather through reactive behaviors. The monthly energy doesn’t support confrontational arguments nor the need to change and confront undermining behaviors in work and personal relationships.

This is the time to reawaken and fine-tune your powers of observation and find the balance to be engaged.

During April, be discerning of where you’re placing your energy. Notice how you channel emotion – positive and negative. Self-care routines would prove the saving grace for some people as we can feel easily triggered. Where possible take time out in nature. Regroup when ever you can.

The shedding of old identities has been paramount over the last few years, our perceptions of ourselves and the world is predominately shifting.  There’s a big push around the quality of our life and what we want. This is not the month to overextend ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Life may feel like a time warp for a while. The more you push the more frustrated you will feel.

Recognition of how far you’ve come will prove powerful and very healing at this time. It’ll give you a new point of reference so you don’t continue to look back at the past.

A lot of people have been tuning in and naturally moving forward in the most courageous of ways. The past will well and truly be the past and we’ll step forward as if we’re learning to walk all over again.

The Full moon on 22nd April can be best described by Sarah Varcus

The Full Moon on 22nd provides wise illumination of our deepest feelings and invites honest appraisal of our emotional and psychological well-being. If we have been struggling for some time with emotional pain there is no shame in seeking help and asking for support. Being human is tough. Life can be hard and these days are incredibly intense. For those who have been soldiering-on battle worn and weary, this Moon encourages a softening in attitude towards oneself; a willingness to admit needs previously denied and vulnerabilities kept hidden from view. We are all in this together and not so different from each other. The need to show a certain coping and tough face to the world keeps many in a prison of loneliness, unable to connect authentically for fear of the mask slipping to reveal a scared, flawed and vulnerable human being. This Moon assures us it’s okay to be any or all of those things. We are who we are, and embracing that truth can be the most healing and restorative gift we can offer ourselves and each other under the penetrating radiance of this Moon.”

I’ve always held that brave face. There’s nothing wrong with that.  It has it’s place.  It’s part of the lesson of being open and allowing ourselves to become vulnerable. It’s a natural timing thing – You’ve got to be ready and you’ve got to be willing.

This has also been an ongoing lesson for many people. Life is indeed a journey, it’s not a cliché but a fact. The more we see life from this perspective the more open we can be in mind, heart and spirit. It’s the spirit of who we are that’ll give us the stamina and inner power to work towards what we want and need over the coming months.

Over the last few days I’ve been interviewing a range of women for a new online program I’m creating. Women from all over the world have been open to answering some really deep and revealing questions. More than half have answered in the same way and all have the same fears. We have some incredibly strong women amongst us and yet all are afraid of being judged, not being good enough and letting everyone down. If we all have the same stuff why is it so hard for us to be open about it with each other? Being brave and true will go further this month. Even if it just starts with an internal acknowledgement.

My advice. When in doubt. Don’t. Hit a wall. Stop and Surrender. There will be power in it.

Have a great month

Much Flowery Love


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Flower Essence Therapy is a form of vibrational medicine it is a powerful form on natural therapy and clears physical, emotional and spiritual blocks on a sub conscious level.

If you are willing to do the work – Flower Essences with the combination of bodywork can help shift some old and stagnant energy. Please get in contact if this resonates for you. They are also amazingly effective for kids who are sensitive, suffer from anxiety, colic, behavioural issues, food intolerances, night terrors and insomnia. Check it out here to find out more.

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SilverLining | Autumn Equinox March 20th 2016

autumnequinox 3Today March 20th is the Autumn Equinox

It marks the beginning of this new season and where the hours of light and darkness are at equal measure.

It’s the natural earthy time to rebalance what is and what’s not working, honouring new truths and recognising how far we have come on our journey.

Not necessarily a time to move forward and start new things; a time to go within and connect. This will bring much needed relief as the energies of late have been really deep, intense and fast moving. This could also be due to the fact that we are in eclipse season and this can always rattle some of us.

Reflection and balance are themes. The Autumn Equinox is the time for the cosmic chillax and take space from what ever is transpiring.

There is also a full moon eclipse on Wednesday 23rd March. Making it an even a better time to slow down as emotions could be elevated and issues (if any) could be highlighted – with this eclipse certain things could feel magnified so take stock and put all self care plans into action – especially if you are feeling wired.

In tune with the flow of the equinox and the Full moon is the Purple Flag Flower. This is the  essence of relief and release. It breaks defensive patterning and gives amazing physical relief.

I use this specific essepurpleflagnce for people who suffer from chronic pain; it relaxes the mind and body despite the injury and pain, allowing the body to open and gives access for healing to occur.

Time to chill and be open to what is.

Happy Autumn Equinox!

Much Flowery love



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Flower Essence Therapy is vibrational in nature and clears physical, emotional and spiritual blocks on a sub conscious level– They are amazingly effective for kids who are sensitive, suffer from anxiety, colic, behavioural issues, food intolerances, night terrors and insomnia. Check it out here.

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SilverLining | March 2016 Monthly Energy Reading

I rise through the mud of desire, up into the water, air and sun. I arise pristine and white facing the Light resting in tranquillity.

newmoon78This is a big month of change with two eclipses on the march in March.

March 9th TOTAL Solar Lunar Eclipse at 9.38am Perth time.

March 23nd Full Moon eclipse 8pm Perth time.

The Autumn equinox is also in March, a few days before the full moon eclipse on the 23rd. The Equinox is when day and night are at equal measure.

There is a lot of energy on the move at this particular time of year as we are changing from one season to another and it’s the beginning of the eclipse season. Eclipses always bring with them accelerated energy prompting change for growth and expansion. This is when the Earth blocks the energy of the sun, casting it’s shadow over the moon.

This New Moon eclipse also brings a deep sense of healing and the opportunity of letting go of the past in a really profound way so a new consciousness can be experienced. This in itself is liberating.

It’s about doing things with considered and focused action and being aware of what we are doing and saying.

It’s true that we’re all on our own indivual journey, yet there is a common energy thread that connect us, with this new moon eclipse, this will be more prevalent. This new moon is a very special one. Connecting to the self and body through breath or bodywork will also help take advantage of this energy available at this time.

This is a great time to recognise that trusting and following your intuition is paramount – Make sure you’re being realistic and don’t get stuck in old dogma, especially with all this really strong energy around.

Be prepared for change and maintain a certain personal flow through your day to day. Be focused, and anchored. Have important things that need to be accomplished scheduled, as there’s a very strong mutable energy in the air you could get distracted easily. Watch for synchronicity and repeated patterns as life can show you which way to go.

Express yourself in any way possible. If it’s an emotional time for you, best express it and milk it for all its worth. These are powerful times to find and hear your voice.

There are two Flower Essences that resonate with this month’s energy; the first is the beautiful Jacaranda and the second, the White Nymph Water Lily.

The two energies together ignite clean crisp focus whilst taking the higher philosophy in all directions of time and life. Focus is definitely the key this month.

jacawhitenymphJacaranda Essence is for those that constantly change their mind and can’t focus on the task at hand. This is also the essence to give kids who have sensory, auditory processing and focusing issues as it’s very grounding and centring.

White Nymph Water Lily stimulates the soul energy, the core of who you are.

This is the essence of tranquility that encourages pulling back the layers to reach the Soul level.

It inspires using the higher self to integrate and respond to life from the most universal perspective possible for one’s evolution at the time, rather than one’s personal perspective. This is the type of new consciousness energy that’s available this month – especially through the new and full moon eclipses.

I’ve realized more and more that what we believe and feel are all just simple choices. I’ve been strategically catching myself out of old habits that are no longer relevant to my life. This has been going on for some time.

“Transformation is the result of big shifts in perception and responses. The process can be uncomfortable, since the mind is reluctant to notice itself, to take responsibility for its stories and to change” Don Miguel Ruiz

By being aware of this choosing I feel liberated and now feel that I’m moving towards creating even more of my own inward prosperity. The more I exercise and strengthen this, the more likelihood it will manifest in all aspects of my life. It’s taken me a long time to really find this flow in life and it really is quite amazing and beautiful. There have been times, especially recently where the unhealed parts of myself still arise quite proudly as there is always more “work” to do. It can feel really exposing and leave us feeling really vulnerable. The good ole reality check! There are so many things that I want to create, being in the flow of life can be frustrating if you allow it to be – it does have a wisdom and I’m continually reminding myself of this.

It’s this type of deep awareness that can and may well arise for us at this time. For me, learning to slow down and find that inner love and self compassion is the only way through.  Wounds can be deep and hit our core,  making us feel a wee bit wobbly.  Knowing that they will pass is our only solace,  taking this inward journey takes guts and discipline and is the only way in creating significant change both individually and collectively. It’s becoming more obvious to me that its so worth it.

If you want to see change manifest in your life and how people treat you, speak to you and act around you, you must first make a conscious choice to change yourself from within” Deb Macintyre

The Full Moon 23nd March is about finding balance in relationships – be it with yourself or others. This is the time to balance the “me” time with the needs of others – with an eclipse on this moon – the illumination of changes or of boundaries that need to be established or re-established will be quite powerful. Try and maintain your “serenity” wherever possible or be strong in your convictions where you feel you need to be. Watch what people do, not what they say. Are they following through for you?

Whatever the case do what you know to be right and know something higher has your back. Focus and Trust, this will be a very special month.

Much Flowery Love


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Flower Essence Therapy is vibrational in nature and clears physical, emotional and spiritual blocks on a sub conscious level– They are amazingly effective for kids who are sensitive, suffer from anxiety, colic, behavioural issues, food intolerances, night terrors and insomnia. Check it out here.

Just a foot note – the healing affirmations are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The monthly energy report is written by me for others to be aware and tune into the cosmic and natural environment that surrounds us – Lunar energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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Flower Essences and Kids with Allergies


Most Mums who have children who suffer and live with allergies or food intolerances are extremely aware of the natural and alternative remedies available to them.

Flower Essence Therapy is one such therapy that is becoming widely known as an effective and gentle alternative to use in times of crisis, flare ups and sickness.

Flower Essences are effective because they restore the body in a holistic way bringing about emotional and physical balance. Kids don’t carry as many emotional blocks or physical conditioning that adults do making them easily assimilated on all levels.

Preserved in either a small amount of brandy, spring water and/or apple cider vinegar – Flower Essences are incredibly easy for kids to take – a few drops under the tongue daily, taken over a series of weeks or as symptoms arise.

Children who have allergies can be very sensory by nature and therefore very sensitive to their external environment. Flower Essences can help alleviate stress to the nervous system and can help them cope.

They are also extremely beneficial for Mums or any primary carer as they can increase energy levels and invigorate the internal coping mechanisms – which is always a bonus!

Below are some wonderful remedies that can help both Mother and child. Allergies need to be managed constantly, which can be draining and irritating so it’s fantastic to have some of these in the cupboard as a trusted means of support.

It’s always best to book in for a thorough Flower Essence consultation in order to have specific issues targeted and therefore achieving greater success. However, if you would like to order any or all of the recommended tinctures please email me. Here is the link.

I’m gaining amazing results with kids that also suffer from anxiety, behavioural issues and learning problems.

Flowers for Allergies and Food Intolerance.

* Emergency Essence – This is a great go to when headaches or tummy aches first occur. It will lesson the impact and has the propensity to alleviate tummy aches altogether. Also extremely beneficial for Mum when feeling overwhelmed or when any form of crisis.

Peach Flower Tree to support the absorption of nutrients and to settle emotional mood swings

Bottle Brush great for irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea.

Dagger Hakea to encourage the gall bladder and the production of bile.

Jacaranda great for the unfocused child

Paw Paw and Crowea to invigorate the appetite and support digestion

Hybrid Pink Fairy – Fantastic to use if your child is/or can be sensitive to the environment. For Mums –If you are prone to constantly worrying about how clean the house is this comes highly recommended.

Macrocarpa – For an increase in physical and emotional energy. Overwhelm or constant sickness can drain the energy stores so this is fantastic for Mum and child.

bigstock-African-American-child-and-cau-34133069Flower Essences are an incredibly powerful healing medium and they are so easy to administer.

If you are pulling your hair out and need some extra support- do yourself a favor and give these a go – You’ll be amazed with the results and with the peace it will give you and your children.

Much Flowery Love

Tracy O’Meara Smith




I am a Holistic Practitioner in the Perth hills of Perth and my business is called Silverdale Natural Therapy. I specialise in Flower Essence, Bowen and Emmett Therapy. I treat Mums and bubs, to the elderly and achieving amazing results. Here’s the link to my website if you want to get in touch or alternatively you can all me 0407 847 489.

Silverdale Natural Therapy offers a range of Flower Essence Treatments. They are an amazingly accurate healing modality that work effectively and deeply for a range of issues. You can contact me here.

They are especially effective for kids with anxiety issues or young babies with colic and gastric reflux. Please call us on 0407 847 489 to book a consultation or alternatively email us at [email protected]

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* Reference – Happy Healthy Kids – Ian White

Silverlining Blog | HEAT WAVE ALERT: 4 EASY Ways To Get Your Kids to Drink Water

Struggling to get your kids to drink water?  – Here are 4 easy tips.

Currently in Perth we are experiencing a major heat wave with temperatures reaching 40 degrees plus over the next seven consecutive days. It’s really important to support ourselves, our kids and their little bodies to make sure we all can withstand this hot marathon.

girlatcamerawithwaterAs a body therapist I always tell my clients – especially after a treatment to drink, drink, drink – the body needs water to nourish and protect the brain, regulate body temperate, and remove toxins.

Body work stimulates the body to heal itself and will direct it’s natural healing process where ever it needs to go – Water is the inner medium in which this happens.

Our body is almost 50% water and is sooo needed to heal and transport the minerals for healthy metabolism. For these reasons alone it’s so beneficial for kids to get into the habit of drinking water regularly especially during this summer heat.

By drinking and staying hydrated with help them to avoid heat stroke, headaches, and cramping due to the loss of natural mineral salts and electrolytes from sweating and perspiration. If anything it will give them the advantage when dealing with fatigue and irritability during this time.

This heat wave will be a beauty! Looking after ourselves and our little ones by staying hydrated is key.

Here are 4 easy ways to get your kids to drink more water.

kidwithhose1. Make water easily available: Make sure they have their own water bottles or their own funky cups? Make it fun – put stickers, have silly straws or put names on them to get them into the habit. Get the hose out – little ones love water games – especially when it’s hot. Kids love being independent  – Keep a water dispenser handy in your living areas so they can access it when they want or need it.

2. Be honest and educate. Explain to them that water is the best thing that they can do for their body. Limit other alternatives so they recognise that water is really important for their wellbeing. It’s not necessary to be too hard core – we all know kids will switch off if we are too heavy with restrictions – we want them to be motivated drinking water because it’s really good for them.

3. Talk about the colour of their wee. Kids LOVE poo, bum and wee jokes – lets face it. The colour of their urine will engage them and give them an indication when its time to get guzzling. If it’s bright yellow it means the body needs to more water to help it detoxify. The more you drink the clearer the urine is – This is the best indicator that the body is dehydrated (other than being really really thirsty). The body can also send off messages of hunger so sometimes it’s beneficial to drink first before eating

thumbsupwaterbaby4. Experiment with Flavouring. Sometimes kids won’t drink water because of the taste – this can go for adults too – There is nothing wrong with putting flavor into the water if it encourages them to drink it. Lemon, or home made cordial – obviously low sugar alternatives are best – balance is always the key. Sugary drinks are best avoided – If anything,  sugar will and does dehydrate the system a lot faster so it’s best to avoid these. They don’t really count as the recommended daily intake.

I know a lot of people say that they don’t or avoid drinking water because they don’t want to spend their life in the toilet – I get that but when the weather is this extreme it’s really beneficial to get on board and to help your kids get in on the action.

It’s better for their little bodies and will the give them and you the stamina to withstand these hot hot days. Stay cool.

Written by:

Tracy O’Meara Smith runs and owns Silverdale Natural Therapy in the Perth Hills. You can contact me here.

I’m a Holistic Therapist specialising in Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence Therapy.  I love empowering people in finding natural solutions for better health.  I treat kids and adults with anxiety, behavioural issues, and chronic pain. Flower Essences are fantastic in treating kids in particular please check out my website for more information.

Visit my website or alternatively you can give me a call on 0407 847 489 to make an appointment. Make sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter where I give you free information all things Holistic and Healthy :).

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Silverlining | February 2016 Energy Report

February 2016 Energy Report  

weddingbusheThe Flower Essence resonating for this month is the beautiful Wedding Bush. It’s energy stimulates the union of self and others.

It’s the recommitment and commitment essence and helps us to balance our masculine and feminine energy so we feel unified in our self,  in our lives and in our life’s purpose. It’s great for those that carry a lot of self doubt and find committing to anything particularly scary.

For some January may have felt a little intense and heavy. Some of us may have been healing and releasing old emotional wounds. January is always a time to review, reevaluate and resolve to make resolutions for the coming year.

For me personally,  I tried to get things up and moving but I was distracted here,  there and everywhere. February is the now the new January in my book.

This month has a more a dynamic, focused and committed feel about it – The Wedding Bush is a perfect fit for the energy that surrounds us this month.

A few days ago my girls went back to school. I had all these wonderful plans to get some serious work done yet found myself taking some  much needed time out – I took myself off to the movies. I saw the Big Short – A movie about the ins and outs of the American financial crisis, which ultimately went global – I felt sick learning about the blatant disregard and greed within a system in which we are all a part.  1 million people lost their homes – 6 million lost their jobs. I wanted to crawl under a rock somewhere and hide, something wasn’t quite feeling right and then I was reminded by this loud inner voice – How DO YOU REALLY want to feel? YOU are responsible for the energy you bring into the world echoed through my brain –– the words had come from a workshop I had attended the previous week.

This wise business workshop run by Green Goodness Co included Life and Business coaches Amelia Harvey and Cath Sutherland. The message was loud and clear – you are responsible for how you want to feel and for the energy you bring into the world. It was duly noted that big business is in fact slowly changing (phew). As consumers become more savvy and awakened  – Corporate companies are waking up and aligning themselves with people and other companies with similar healthy and authentic values and responsible ideals, hopes and wishes. The strategic partnership is taking on a new face.

Like energy attracts like energy – we gain what we need when are open to receive it. It’s a simple law of physics. In order to attract what we want, we have to create it first by feeling, naming and claiming it. This was Conscious Business unit 101.

“Our prosperity is no longer prosperity as long as it is pinned to creating other peoples pain” – Noy Thrupkaew

feelinggoodwith hammerThe energy of February is very much like this. Be conscious of what you want to create – be all in!

We can get stressed because clients aren’t coming in and the phone isn’t ringing or the opposite we’re not meeting milestones or we’re flat out with the juggle of life, kids and work so it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. The stress elevates and this is reflected in our behaviour.

What if you could let that story go? Focus on the feeling of what attaining and maintaining these goals would feel like? Take a step back. Simplify.

We all know that feelings are fleeting – it’s the story of impermanence – however, by being mindful of the energy feeling you want to bring and sustain in the world is a lot more empowering than sitting in a mountain of stress because we are not achieving or maintaining the goals we want. It’s better for the for the mind and body, for those that surround us and it’s better in creating a world in which we want to live.

The New Moon is on the 8th February (10.38pm Perth time),  would be a great time to reflect and ignite your own individual vision for the future. What’s your vision for now? How do you want it to make you feel? Peaceful? Excited? or Dignified? Carry that focus and go for it.  It begins NOW.

This New Moon is also the start of the Chinese New Year – The year of the Fire Monkey. Fire is the element of passion and courage. The Monkey is a clever problem-solver who can find solutions to any challenge. The Fire Monkey year then is empowering you to have and be what you want, if you have the nerve to go for it!

The Full Moon on 22nd Feb (2.19am Perth time), has healthy vibes written all over it. Get those joggers on and get moving – Do anything that changes old behaviour keeping you stuck. Attention to detail in all that you do will be supported through this time. Have an eye on serving others – this might be the jackpot you’ve been seeking.

This month we will need to have focus, courage, commitment and clarity. Some or all of these may take time to mature yet the more we invest in their expansion,  we will be better prepared in responding to change and for when our dreams coming knocking on our door.

Much Feeling Flowery love


Silverdale Natural Therapy offers a range of Flower Essence Treatments. They are an amazingly accurate healing modality that work effectively and deeply for a range of issues. You can contact me here.

They are especially effective for kids with anxiety issues or young babies with colic and gastric reflux. Please call us on 0407 847 489 to book a consultation or alternatively email us at [email protected]

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