December Monthly Energy and Moon Report 2016


December Monthly Energy and Moon Report 2016

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
― Audre Lorde




The New Moon for December is actually on the 29th November – at 8.18pm (Perth Time)

The Full Moon is 14th December 8.05am (Perth Time)

There are a few themes for this coming month.

  • Relationships.
  • Belief,
  • Creative Expression,
  • Healing and
  • Visualising the BIG vision are all themes for December

Over the coming weeks some may feel so much lighter. So much freer. The changing of beliefs, the shifting of dreams and ideals come with more clarity than we’ve felt for some time.


Flower Essence of the Month


The Flower Essence that resonates with this month is the Pink Flannel Flower. It carries a deep healing vibration. It’s all about heart energy. It allows one to be in a state of gratitude for all aspects of their life.

Pink Flannel Flower ignites an appreciation of the little things.

Ian White – Founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences describes this core energy of this essence …

“It provides a filter to see the world in a totally different light where darkness, frustration and myriad negative emotions are transmuted by a joyous, grateful heart energy. Being in this state allows you to access a high-speed level of intuition and wisdom. It brings about heart intelligence. Affording effective solutions for situations and challenges you may be facing.”

pinkflannelforblogPink Flannel Flower will help keep the heart open. Creating a greater vision and help establish a means to create a higher vision and vibration in all that we do.

This is the way forward despite what is happening in our world.

This is the energy for December.

For me. I’m overhauling the diet, the daily and work routines so I have more time to do the things I want to manifest. Like writing my book and creating new essences for my clinic.

This way I can support myself to grow and expand in life and in my clinic. I’m doing this with considered action. Taking the time to figure out what works and what creates harmony with me, my family and my work. Always with the bigger vision in mind.

Even though December has a lighter vibe, we’re still being called to go deeper. Transformation never ends, the past few years has seen a lot of forced change. There will still be the odd test so go slow and take your time.

This transformative energy is grounding into our everyday reality. We’ve the space and time to make decisions and forge a new way. By accessing the inner creative force will know no bounds and its in this freedom we can find a sense of liberation.

Harmony will become easier to establish. Acting on this to make it happen will prove powerful.

A lot of us felt the effects of America’s reaction to what’s occurring in their political arena and within their country. It also shows how connected we are.

The shadow aspects are exposed. This is a good thing. We’ve exposed a lot of our own crap over the past few years and this is another part of this process.

The analogy of the appearance of the scary clowns terrorising people and popping up all over the US and even in Australia,  should’ve been enough of an omen to indicate the winner of  the American presidency. If you missed this you can read about it here)

Mr Trump is a scary clown.

His campaign for President was masterful marketing.

I hope that Mr Trump simply created this fake bravado. An attitude created to gain reaction and traction. I hope that it has little substance and just a means to gain a vote from his electorate that remained neglected and disenfranchised.

When carrying out the duty for his country,  he will meet and greet, at some point those that have been affected first hand from tragedy. He will come face to face with the depth of human suffering.  Possibly from similar tradgedies ( and I so hope this does not happen) like the shooting of innocent children as seen in the Sandy Hook Primary School in the US – You can read about this here.

I hope his humanity and heart are ignited. That something within him awakens. That he can understand that humanity is simply one race, despite their place of origin.

I hope that with the responsibility and the prestige of being President weighs heavily on him.  So much so that he can be open to changing his narrow-minded views. Tapping into another part of himself –  the innate core of who he is.

Tolerance has its place. There comes a time though when we need to draw a line in the sand. Realising that some things are non-negotiable and can’t be compromised.

Awakening those that beat or demonise people because of their skin colour, their sexual preference, their country of origin, or even their religious belief, is not something that can be tolerated nor compromised. This cannot be a legacy that he leaves.

Changing this begins with us. Open the heart and connect with those things and people who share common ground, the common good which is beyond belief. This can and will open many doors.

People who are afraid of change will feel polarised and swing from one extreme to another so allowing things to play out before we predict the end of the world would prove valuable. The separation felt,  is based on belief.

Beliefs can change, what’s right and what’s innate truth does not. This is what I’m most grateful for and it gives me hope for our future.

This is not a naive take on life, it’s a simple observation, a wish, maybe even a prayer. Prayers are answered. This is fact.

The politics in America is not really something that we can control. By choosing what you focus on, things that are supportive will have value. Don’t waste your time with anything less.


The New Moon


The New Moon on 29th November reignites things from the past. This brings opportunities for some much-needed healing.

Plant the seeds with the view of the new year in mind,  this is the last New Moon for 2016.

The New Moon traditionally is the time to be introspective– make sure you add a dynamic edge to this one. Try yoga to music, or participate in walking meditations.

For the coming month, the motion and intention is within the action.  This will propel the energy forward. Ritualise these releases, anything to harness the new energy.

Around the Dec 9th and the few days following, we may see mental and emotional breakthroughs. This energy, and even closer to the Full Moon on the 15th, can act as a turning point. If you receive good or constructive feedback embrace where you’re at. Self-acceptance will go a long way.

Some of us have been forced to face certain realities about their life. There’s no turning back now.

Recently some old reality came back for me to re-examine. Decisions and choices made in the past that I labelled “bad”, “wrong” or “unforgivable”.

I struggled a lot in my youth. I suffered a lot in silence, only for it to be expressed in the most self-sabotaging of ways. I had very little self-esteem or self-respect and my life choices reflected that.

I’ve since come out of an intense self-damning cycle, only to own each and every choice and decision I made. Clearing the regret and the guilt in order to move even deeper into life. Clarity can come if we move through our pain instead of denying it. There’s a lot to be grateful for.

Most of us have experienced strong heartbreak throughout our life. There have been times where we’ve been missed judged or missed judged others. Now’s the time to move on and give our attention to bigger and brighter things. Leaving the past where it belongs. Not in the present and definitely not in the future.

This is how we learn. This is how we evolve. This gives me hope.

This type of inner healing is up for the taking this month. It’s not easy, yet it’s so worth it.


The Full Moon


The Full Moon 15th is about communication and embracing how you communicate. There is a real intellectual approach to this moon. Communicate with vigour.

If we can freely express how we feel and what we believe without fear of ridicule, we’re ripe to create deep and unyielding positive change. We all learn through open discourse. Feel free to express even the darkest fears and don’t be afraid of what others think. It only takes one to step forward to say what they truly feel to change any old and negative patterning or relationship dynamics. Something far greater always will and does connect us.

There is a real sense of having to or being forced to take responsibility for our lives and those within it.  So much could start to feel that it’s in a state of flux. That’s because it is.

Remember not to take things personally.

There’s a great quote I read the other day from the Course in Miracles – When you feel stressed or something has come completely out of the blue that’s thrown you a little. Find the positive groove and state:   ” I witness that I ‘m out of alignment with my power. I choose to see peace instead of this”.

If this doesn’t resonate for you. Simply bring your attention to the present and notice the space within your breathe. However you choose to manage what comes up for you, it’s important to channel the frustration and emotion into something productive and not into a downward spiral. No one benefits from this – least of all you.

Things may be moving forward nicely and then all of sudden the car breaks down, clients cancel, you’re late for a meeting and no one feels like they get you. Relax – cry if you need. Take a bath – go for a walk in the bush or swim in the ocean.

For a small while, from the time of the Full Moon – we’ll be in a push-pull cycle until at least late January. Double check correspondence. Expect delays when travelling.  Back up all electronic devices.

For some, this energy will carry through until mid-May. Redo , replan, research, reconnect is the energy that will see the New Year in.

Just know not to push too hard if the energy is not there. By all means follow through with your agenda. Allow the energy to show you when to act and when to pull back. Always keep the bigger vision in mind no matter what occurs.

This Full Moon may have a mental aspect to it, it also has a very strong spiritual energy around it.

If you can connect to a deeper part of yourself, this full illumination might blow a hole in all that you understand and bring you to a higher level of understanding. This breakthrough energy is available right until the end of the year.

2016 has been a year that has been complete crap for some, deep and relentless for all of us. Some saw new dreams come alive, others crumbled. Both forced us to feel the core of our being.

2017 may be just as intense yet there is an increased sense of harmony. I’m all for harmony.

Whatever transpires, go with the flow. Release all that no longer serves right up and until the last second of 2016.

We may be heading into uncertain terrain, this is living.

The unknown is what keeps us on our toes and living. This paves the way for us to be to shaken out of our autopilot tendencies and force us to make real and deep conscious decisions on where we want to go. Be grateful for this era, this will see the making of you. Everything we feel has a purpose and brings about a greater scope and depth that we will require on this journey. Accept where you’re at.

If you find you have the capacity to be grateful for what you’ve learnt and where you are at in life- make sure you take note of that. This is your new anchor. Life begins from this point. Especially around the Summer Solstice on Dec 21st . From here, make time to soothe the soul and for serious self-care over the holiday Christmas period.

2017 is the year of new beginnings. Let’s leave the crap behind and keep the depth of our learning as we welcome in a new wave of being.

We’re all connected on a level of feeling that can’t be explained by the human mind. Only felt through the wisdom of our heart. Connect beyond belief and get to the heart of any matter.

From my heart to yours I wish you all the very best for the coming year and for the new era beginning in 2017.  Thank you so much for your support, I’m truly grateful and I look forward to bringing in deeper wisdom and insightful healing for us all.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and joyous New Year

Enjoy this time. Dream big and dream bold. Open your heart, communicate with passion, and always always play safe.

Much Flowery love




Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Health Practitioner.

If she’s not working within her Perth Hills clinic, you’ll find her in the garden with her family, or in the bush soaking up the awesome flowery vibes.

Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence therapy to help people gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

Tracy works 1:1 with women, online and in her clinic, who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal issues, and anxiety. Having two daughters of her own, she is unapologetically human, and through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman. #peacenotpieces

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November 2016 Energy and Moon Report




“At peace amongst the bustle slow, amidst the rush thoughts rise and fall on my inner lake within always a hush”

New Moon 31st Oct 1.38am – AWST

Full Moon 14th November 9.52pm AWST

November has a very deep yet dynamic energy. It’s action station time. This is the month to power up and power on. If there are things that you need and want to get accomplished this is the window of opportunity to do it.  As from the end of November, this energy will begin to ease off.

New opportunities for acceptance and moving into a deeper inner space will become apparent.

Sever what’s not working, or has lost that positive edge.

It’s been a big leap and deep year full of introspection, readjustment, and change.

Some have had their lives and beliefs turned upside down, due to a health scares, relationship breakdowns, spiritual breakthroughs. Even through a new lover and dreams that are starting to expand and materialize.

Whatever is coming up for you, there’s the opportunity to keep transcending any old energy. Going deeper and to connect in a new way. Creating long-standing resolution.


New Moon Oct 31st


This is the last leg of a marathon. The marathon of transformation. There’s been a discipline in this.

What’s ever has been haunting you for years.  Take that extra step to see the wisdom and embrace the pain or the pleasure. The only way out is through.

On the other side of the coin this is also the month to tune into you inner magic. What we ask for, what we’re aligned with could instantly manifest with a click of a finger.

I heard this quote the other day, I can’t remember where I heard it but it describes the essence of the New Moon energy very well.

 “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Rold Dahl

 Believe in all the things you want to experience, see, be and have. We’ve the opportunity to create and have a sense of wonder and magic in our lives. This can lift us out of some mundane kinda thinking or being. There’s hope for a better future. Go with how you feel, use all the senses. This is a very sensory month so be open to using every single one of them and see what is true for you.

This New Moon falls on the eve of Halloween in the US and the *Day of the Dead in Mexico (Nov 1). I can’t help but think that there might be a theme here.

What does death mean to you? What is dying? What’s transforming to make way for something else? Can we celebrate something for it’s mere existence?   See life as a journey? A bigger picture scenario? Can you connect in a deeper inward way to yourself? Or to others

This is a time of greater intimacy within yourself and with others.

It’s time to honor what was and let it go.

It’s a choice.

Heal. Laugh, through the tears. This is true freedom and liberation. By doing this and knowing this we allow for a deeper level of trust. Trust in ourselves. This happens within the wisdom and in the act of letting go.

It is a complete inner process.

From here we can see how strong we are. Knowing that what we held onto was not in our best interests and a new form enters or a new perspective is ignited.

This is creation.

Death, surrender rebirth. This is the theme for November. Nothing ever really dies it just changes form. Be open to this kind of transformation. Allow time to find your still place –even it’s just for a few moments.

This is the kinda energy and stuff we need to be connecting with right now. The peaceful place. If we’re ever gonna get this planet out of it’s current state – this is how we do it. Anything that you can do on this level would be greatly appreciated.

There’s an opportunity to create freedom from past conditioning. Some of us may be connecting to parts of selves that we’ve never explored before.  Living a life free from old insecurities.

Boom! This is the jackpot and we need to embed it fully.

Integrate what you’re learning before you reach out to tell or teach others. Honor your own wisdom and when the time is right – and you’ll know when this is, you can then release it. Honor yourself by honoring the process. Ground yourself in the wisdom of your own insights.

By doing this there is less likely to be confronted with a push-pull energy. Fully integrated energy is unwavering so there’s consistency in it’s flow. Know that once the lessons are cleared you’re fully supported to create all the things you want and need. Operating from a deep and real part of your soul and spirit. Patience is key now


The Full Moon 14th November


Full Moon 14th is a wonderful time to be amongst nature and tune into the very things that you love and value. It’s the simple things in life that are often the best. With all the intensity of letting go and moving away from what’s no longer working. This is the time to allow for that integration space. To get grounded in any new reality you’ve created for yourself. Getting in tune with nature will also be a big plus.  Go bush or sit in the park. See what this does for you.

Our internal beacons could be “going off” at this time.  We may find ourselves easily triggered. Time to follow that trigger. What’s it pointing too? When something gets your goat and you want to scream from the rooftops – What’s really going on here? It’s imperative that we start to see where the source of our own disharmony is. November is the time for this kinda self-enquiry. It’s a break through and break out time.

If we can find the space to be still enough to find that inner stillness, this is the magic.   A space that you can create from and find deep healing.

The more that we can allow and make room for the natural flow of events in our lives. The more we can create a shift towards inner and outer freedom that reflects all that we love and hold dear.

Inner peace is the indicator and you may have to make tough choices to make this happen. Your loss is only to make a gain right now. Great healing and insight can come through if you will only let it. Please be open to receive.

rose-cone-flowerRose Cone Flower is the flower essence that resonates with this month’s energy. It helps for you to hold an inner place of stillness, peace and tranquility.

It eases the mind at any time in any place. The mind is still in any surroundings and finds a way to feel at ease.  Peace is always within and can be sent out into the world where it can nourish and heal.

To rely on a world to provide us a peaceful environment is to know frustration.

There will always be something, that’s natures law.

To rely on developing our inner room of quiet means a lasting and lifelong positive experience in life. This is the balance to life.

Change is here. Control it we can’t. Navigate we can. Believe. Denial is no longer therapy.

Getting to the core of who we are is where our real power sits and resides.

This may take just a little more work. I know we can do it.

Much Flowery love


* Day of the Dead in Mexico is a day in which the Mexicans celebrate those that have died. It’s a day of remembrance. This acknowledgment helps their love ones travel to higher dimensions on their spiritual journey.



Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Health Practitioner. If she’s not working within her Perth Hills clinic, you’ll find her in the garden with her family, or in the bush soaking up the awesome flowery vibes.

Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence therapy to help people gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

Tracy works 1:1 with women, online and in her clinic, who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal issues, and anxiety. Having two daughters of her own, she is unapologetically human, and through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman. #peacenotpieces

You can sign up here – To receive her monthly newsletter which includes her amazing insights and other useful information.