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Tapping Through the Stress of Separation


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EFT/Tapping Gives You the Power to Restore Calm

18 January 2018 was the day my life was sideswiped by the challenge I didn’t see coming… When my husband of 30 years said he wanted a separation and then a few hours later a divorce.

My body began involuntarily trembling, tears sprang to my eyes; my mouth fell open, time stopped, as I became swallowed up in confusion and shock.

I felt like I had been face-planted into the concrete and not one thing in my world was the same, nor ever would be.

This was the beginning of one of the most heart-breaking, overwhelming and stressful experiences of my life.

I successfully managed to negotiate the emotional landslide and stressors of the separation by using evidence-based EFT/Tapping every day, sometimes 5-12 times a day.

This helped me to hold back the tears, to simply function and take control of my day.

This was my saving grace.

You Can Find Strength

Managing the emotional upheaval and stress of separation and divorce is overwhelming.

There are many stressors you’ll find yourself navigating during separation, from practical, financial and overwhelming emotional issues, on a daily, even moment to moment basis.

 It can feel as if you are being hijacked 24/7 by your emotions.

You can have difficulty concentrating, unable to confidently make decisions, feeling as if you’re going to snap and it’s as if your mind is blanketed in a thick fog …it can all seem too damn hard.

You may find yourself locked into a constant state of stress, confusion and anxiety, exacerbated by the waves of grief that threaten to sink you.

Separation and divorce are one of the stressful and toughest experiences.

What is Stress?

Stress is your brains response to a perceived demand or threat.

The symptoms of stress represent themselves in different ways for different people like headaches, insomnia, anger, irritability and anxiety.

When we are feeling stressed, it is because at some level we feel threatened.

When we feel threatened or in danger, the part of the brain called the amygdala will fire off and we go into a physical response known as the Fight or Flight response.

In an instant our body reacts to a threat by increasing our heart rate, pumping adrenaline through our body, our muscles tense up; basically, it goes into overdrive to be ready for a fight. Your body releases a host of hormones (mainly adrenaline and cortisol), which spread through your body and prepare it to take action.

This is powerful if we need to fight off danger but incredibly taxing on the body.

The problem that we face is that in this modern day, our amygdala cannot tell the difference between a real threat or a perceived one. 

Receiving that phone call from your Lawyer can invoke the same physical response our ancestors had when faced with a lion.

One of the most powerful aspects of EFT/Tapping is that it works quickly in reducing stress levels, so that you can think clearer and make empowered decisions. Within minutes of Tapping, it’s easy to go from feeling overwhelmed with stress to suddenly feeling calm and at peace.

What is EFT/Tapping?

EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), is an evidence-based form of psychological acupressure used worldwide in treating stress, trauma, depression, fears, phobias, addictions and limiting beliefs.  It is often referred to as ‘Tapping’ as it uses a two-finger tapping process with a cognitive acceptance statement.

It’s been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators. These results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals.

EFT/Tapping appears to affect the amygdala (stress centre in the brain) and hippocampus (memory centre), and both play a role in the decision process when you decide if something is a threat.

It has also been shown to lower cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone. EFT/Tapping is one of the fastest and easiest ways to address both the emotional and physical problems that tend to hamper our lives.

How does EFT/Tapping Work?

 The basic technique requires you to focus on the negative emotion at hand: in this case stress.

While maintaining your focus on your stress, use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each on 9 of the body’s meridian points. Tapping on these meridian points – while concentrating on your stress level – will access your body’s energy, restoring it to a balanced state.

Surviving loss and navigating change takes courage. It’s devastating having to pick up the pieces and put your life back together when facing loss, grieving a vision of your life that is no longer.

Without recognising the value of our own lives, we cannot know how to take good care of ourselves.

Restoring Calm After Being Triggered

 Healing from separation and divorce is a painful arduous journey and the triggers will bite you on the bum when you least expect. Hearing something your children say, a song, wedding anniversaries, family gatherings, Mother’s Day, these all hit the emotional triggers and can leave you a blubbering mess.

I too continue to experience these emotional triggers.

The way I restored calm to my life, and you can to, was using the EFT/Tapping. You start by using this as soon as you experience these emotional triggers.

I’ve found my feet, I kept the things I treasured. I’ve let go of what was past. I’ve created a new version of myself. One that I love. Including a life that is full and enriching. It feels amazing. There were times I never thought I would ever feel this way again. There were times where I never thought I could feel anything again. Yet here I am. Renewed. Courageously me.

How I Can Help

My role is to help you find the strength and courage within, especially when you feel everything is gone and your life has tilted on its axis.

To receive ongoing support, learn how EFT/Tapping can help you to navigate the emotional landslide, and take control of your life after separation and divorce. Come and join my free Facebook Group:  The Courage Ambassadors. The place you’ll gain support, strength and the courage to put your best foot forward in creating a new life.

Gail Abra

Courage Ambassador Consultant | Mindset Decoder | Author

Using a practical, empathic approach, Gail works with women during and post-separation to take back control of their life, by taking positive action to courageously live their next best life.