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I was introduced into Flower Essence Healing in 2010.

Flower Healing is or Flower Essence Therapy is  form of healing found within our Aboriginal Culture

Through my studies and through my own research there’s so much information within our culture that empowers and changes the way one sees and experiences life. There’s so much wisdom about the relationship you have with yourself, your family and most importantly mother earth or Boodja, the earth at the center

Our Australian culture is so incredibly rich in story and wisdom I am astounded that this has been dismissed for so long. I have created this page as a means to bring awareness to OUR culture and create understanding through telling the stories as I hear and see them. I have an incredible connection to this culture and it has helped me understand myself, and myself as a woman and mother in so many ways.

The aboriginals are the oldest living civilization in the world so I think they know what they are talking about.

I hope that in years gone by that the Aboriginal culture will be embraced in this country and taught in schools – their language, their stories, their dreamtime and their insight into the connection with our earth. There is such a strong need to bring a cultural awareness within this country including the healing ceremonies that can facilitate this and bring much need healing to this planet and all that inhibit it

hananhpngforwebHannah Rachel Bell and David Mowaljarlai are to such individuals that changed my life and the way I view myself as a woman, and as a healer.

David Mowaljarlai is a tribal man from the Ngarinyin Tribe in the North Kimberly of Western Australia. He was a very wise and insightful man who knew in order to bring about peace and understanding to the Aboriginal people and the white patriarchy of this country, Australia – there needs to be a two-way conversation. Both sides in the cultural makeup in this country need to be taken into a count.

Hannah was a Western Australian woman who lived with Mowaljarlai and his tribe over a span of 20 years. Hannah became a strong advocate for the Aboriginal Community and Culture for most of her life and after reading her book Men’s Business, Woman’s Business you gain an incredible insight into the complexity and the relationship Aboriginal people have with this land and with their family structure. I highly recommend reading it.

They saw the woman as a sacred force and something to revered and honored. In tribal law, the women have the authority within the tribe as they carry the creative force within their bodies, within their cells and this understood by the Aboriginal men as natural law. Even writing about this doesn’t give it justice – I highly recommend that you read Hannah’s books and find out for yourself the impact that her wisdom and her own realizations have on you.

Embracing Flower Essence Healing has been a journey that has guided me to incredible insight, awareness and respect for our earth and for the culture of this country. I implore you to educate yourself a little further into the incredible richness and lessons that our very own culture has to offer.  The knowledge imparts itself very deeply and very quickly and like me you’ll be astounded that this information and our culture should be embraced as an authoritative voice in this country.

David Mowaljarlai has written many books. There’s a specific children’s series that he wrote specifically for teaching kids the balance in nature and the importance of community.

I will continue to add to this page in time and will be like Hannah, a strong advocate for the culture of this country.

Much Flowery Love