Flower Essence and Astro Healing Energy Report | April 2019

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This is the monthly Astro and flower essence healing message for April 2019. There’s so much going on this month. This is my fifth attempt in writing it. There’s so much change. This month feels like some sort of initiation is in process. There’s a lot on offer.

There’s a sense of the serious. A feeling that things need to GET serious. The most prominent theme or the biggest take away for April – Get serious but don’t be a killjoy. Our vibe for this month is what will carry us through.  As will any action you take to move towards what you want.

Include a strong mindset. Great self-care and faith. April may be the turning point of the year for some of us.

Side note: Watch for the synchronicities. These are guiding you. I have had a week of strange synchronicities. They’ve helped me make some hard choices and create some easy wins. 

Be the rose amongst the thorns. Or even the thorn amongst the roses – whatever takes your fancy. It’s a month to be and bring your best self. Rest is necessary through this month. There’re so many amazingly deep and changeable transits. Rest when tired. Eat when hungry. Speak when you feel it’s necessary.

So many have felt the ping of the last stages of the March Mercury retrograde. Confusion or a sense of the mental fogginess reigned. Things were slow off the mark, and this started mid-Feb. This will complete mid-April. Movement or even those little celebrations of a job well done will filter in.

The rose-colored glasses come off this month. The best way to navigate it, especially if you start noticing things you’ve not seen before. Be a little neutral about it. It’s a pivot point month in some way. Home truths may be revealed. Lena Stevens talks about this too in her April Astro report.

Having a sense of the non-attachment and the means to allow this month to show us the “truth” in certain areas. Nothing is good. Nothing is bad. It just is. This gives us the energy for forwarding movement. It can provide the impetuous to change and rearrange. This allows forward growth without any sense of stress.

 Flower Essence for April

The flower essences that resonate with April 2019 is the Leafless Orchid.

                                                                           Leafless Orchid

The Leafless orchid is raising her flowering wonder. She’s currently in season, and her presence is clear through the natural bush of Perth.

Her power is discernment. More than that she can rejuvenate us. Leafless orchid settles feelings of nervousness when a big leap of faith is called for. Leafless Orchid may reduce self-doubt and calm the body. It may help keep our emotions and intentions strong and on point.

Discernment and connection are themes for April. With the big fellas of Pluto and Saturn sitting on the moon node of the past. This first week may feel like a significant internal or external shake-up.

The new moon is an indicator of what could present through 2020. This same transit will peak in Jan. This is a small precursor. Best to slow down. Be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid, to be honest with others.

Some of us have changed more so than realized. The external world not reflecting what it needs to reflect. Or things just aren’t as fulfilling as they once were. The one thing I have learned over the last weeks or so. It’s time to do your own thing. Do things your way. To get out of your own way and just bloody go for it.

You may not be received in the way that you’d expect. That’s not important. Simply opening to life and those within it is a start. It needn’t be all dramatic. What it does need, is the essence of you. Don’t hold that back. What you reveal can change the way things manifest. Stepping forward creates a strong sense of inner confidence. You can’t control how someone else will react. Don’t let this prevent you from doing or saying what you feel is necessary. Don’t let it control the natural instincts or the way you see life. All input is valuable. It’s not to be pushed aside any longer.

The New Moon on the 5th of April.

Clarity is in coming. A few “truths” rise to the surface. This the inner world looking for integration and release. Be soft. Be compassionate. Whatever you do, react differently to how you usually would. It’s time to break some old embedded habits.

Lunations help us to identify any sadness, unfairness, and bring our repressed crap to the surface. This New moon is a beauty. There’s so much opportunity for growth and success.

This week, I’ve felt the power of vulnerability. Reaching out and communicating when I needed to. The boundary around my heart has loosened somewhat. It feels liberating. Letting go of the shiny objects and bedding down into the reality of my purpose and why I’m here. It’s taken me a while. Events over the last couple of weeks have forced an understanding of what I’m looking for. I’ve to create this for myself. It’s been in my face for so long. It’s been within me for so long and now I’m ready.

This is the change we feel in the air.

The human soul is not an island no matter how attuned it is. Allowing people into the heart of who we are, recognizes a new sense for a new type of deep honesty — a connection. A feeling I’ve needed for some time. Knowing and moving towards fulfilling these needs and wants has not always been fun. Yet it’s this fun and light energy that helps us to create what we want.

If you find you’re getting depressed or a bit down as things are not working out the way you think they should. Step back. Do something else. Something that brings a sense of positivity to the mix.

If you want something now, be prepared. It’s time to work for it. There’s no acting like an ostrich around this time.

“It is important to claim your truth at the same time allowing others to claim theirs without judgment. Luna Stevens

This is harder said than done on occasion. We all judge, question and ponder. It’s human nature. don’t judge yourself for this. Simply make choices.

Taking a neutral stance helps you to stay in the groove of your own lane. It also makes finding and staying in it so much easier.

The new moon is in the sign of Aries. The sign advocating the independent self. What’s hard for Aries is balancing their individual needs with those of others. The past also playing a big part in this new moon. Changing something up – or forging a new way of doing things resonates strongly here. Thinking a win-win with whatever you do today. Whatever you do – simply be honest. With yourself and others.

With the big movers and shakers of the zodiac – Pluto and Saturn are sitting so close together sitting on the south node in Capricorn. There is a need to take responsibility for the past. Letting go may be all that’s needed to bring closure on an old pattern and things that have felt stale for far too long.

The reason for this transit. To expose the old, deconstruct what is no longer needed to create a stronger foundation. Some things might get messy. Before they get clear.

Boundaries or the lack of is the cause of Britain’s Brexit confusion. Britain has no trade deals with neighboring countries. Nothing of any sense of future planning is in place as they move out of the EU. With no trade agreements and no exit strategy epitomizes and reflects the energy of this time. We all need to move forward into a new way of being – the road to get there is unclear. Things are going to get messy before any sense of harmony, peace, and balance is in place. It may feel uncomfortable for a time.

Family Healing

Since the moon nodes changed signs from Cancer for the north and Capricorn to the south. Feelings of home, security, and nurture or what these mean for you come up for scrutiny.

The way we look after ourselves and others is important. It is very much putting yourself first, and balancing this with others needs with the Sun in Aries.

What we think is right and valid takes precedence.

This means not vilifying others or situations to avoid taking responsivity for the part we play in any dynamic.

Immunity, Tissue SaltsIf you take responsibility for your life (and not that of others) you’ll find the hidden gems within April. If you don’t, you’ll feel that April feels like walking through a massive pile of goo. This is not the month to project or to sit in the sense of denial about things.

When we go through big changes the body can take a hit and we can open ourselves up for a weakened immunity. Be sure to check out my Immunity Program here. You’ll find some flower essences and tissue salts used to help support the body and the mind.


April – The Month of the Movement and Action

April is very much about being in the moment. With Mercury moving forward – things will feel like there’s a sense of real flow. Just make sure you are not scattering yourself by putting too much on your plate. This too can be an avoidance tatic.

Have a quality vs. quantity view and reserve the energy stores. There are some anticipated shifts and changes at the end of April. Breakthroughs in the way we think. And what we identify ourselves with.

The best thing to do this month is to maintain a sense of neutrality as much as you can. Lena Stevens – Astrologer talks about this too. Primarily through the lunations of this month – The New Moon on the 5th and the Full Moon on the 19th of April.

The mighty energetic Mars moves into Gemini. Change and activation may energize our minds. Thinking will be on point around mid-month. The full force of this to be realized.

Mid-month may also see a fantastic opportunity for deep healing. There could be some chatter from the past or deep inner wounds that you’re done with. This is timely.

In fact with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all retrograding this month – people, things, ideas or projects could come back for a further look.

Full Moon | 19th April

The full moon is significant – the second in Libra. Harmony is again the theme. Yet, this moon is a little feisty. In fact, up until May, some strong aspects could have us reaching for our flowery tinctures, the yoga mat, and/or the beach.

Within a couple of degrees of Uranus, the archetypical planet for the higher mind. The bridge to the higher self makes aspects to the Sun now in Taurus. You could have a breakthrough with your thinking. Embodying these new insights through massage, Bowen Therapy, exercise even dancing can help you feel deeply connected. The environment in which we find ourselves could also play a part.

There may also be a significant energy dip. Be aware of any slowdown signs. Merely stopping to acknowledge these is enough to regroup.

The last few days of April sees a strong push out of our comfort zones. Just be wary that if the end of the month something feels a bit off – it’s the skies doing a little dance. All should be right early May.

From Luna Stevens

Watch for fear to surface as a challenge to overcome. Fear that you may be making the wrong choice. Fear that you will not be able to follow through. Fear that you won’t have what it takes. Fear that your life will get worse and not better. All of which are really the mind merely wanting to take back control over what it does not understand by inserting doubt into your truth.

Being grounded will keep any gnarly self-doubt at bay. If you’re serious about what you’re accomplishing be prepared for the payoff sometime soon.

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears” ~ Rumi.

Act on what you see. Put one foot in front of the other. See what happens when you act. Have fun. Bring the good feels in. Most importantly, show your heart and care in any matter.

Until next time

Much flowery love