Flower Essence and Astro Healing Report | June 2019

After the shifts and changes created in April. The settling of May. June feels new. And in the sign of Gemini. The sign of the chatterbox, the social butterfly, and the scattered hot mess.

It’s also the sign of variety and spice. June is definitely all of that and more. The flower essence healing on offer can help calm and attune to the flexibility needed for the #emflowerment of this month.

The time to expand our awareness.

 Flower Essence Healing for June

Flower Essences Silverdale Natural Therapy astrology

The flower essence resonating for this month is the Amano Essence. It helps to calm the mind, letting go of any obsessive mind chatter. Relaxing the nervous system and regain the capacity to listen to yourself. You can buy a bottle here. It’s incredibly effective.

Amano contains the flower Dampiera. The essence of letting go. It assists us in the opening to aspects of happiness and the benefits of flexibility. Perfect for this Gemini month.

Perfect to help quieten a busy mind or calm through feeling scattered and ungrounded. The energy, definitively in the air.

Mind chatter and obsessive thinking can rob us of our inner peace and drain our precious energy. Amano Essence can help with this. It may also help you to get back to sleep if you wake. Calming you so you can drift back into a perfect slumber.

Amano Flower Essence Silverdale Natural TherapyThe new moon may open many doors. Be open to listening more than you speak.

Looking for “signs” you consider to be of value. Signs that could move you forward. Or give you direction. There’s a great power communicating with you if you’re prepared to take notice. Listening is key to being a good communicator. Merely observe.

It’s not a time to hold onto the past. This is a forward moving new moon, and one that can ignite new plans with the intentions set now. 
Including any to change to the way you think.

Awakening Times

As our earth resonance makes waves, electric and magnetic.

Its frequency is lifting. You can read all about it here in this article.

With the elevation of this earth frequency. Many people have found themselves feeling tired, lethargic, mentally drained, and confused. A sign of letting go and a sign of the transformation of possible dense emotional karma they hold. Anxiety has increased. As has depression. All are “symptoms” as we move to align with the new frequency of the earth.

Many are going through this profound shift and change. Moving them towards a deeper sense of who they and empowering themselves to do so. Changing habits, changing ideologies, or just changing.

This is one of the many reasons why I do the work that I do. To support this new foundational process.

The New Moon June 3rd

Our intuitive powers are strengthening.

At the lunar cycle – an awake up call could be present. Research any new plans. Be eager to know more, be more, see more. These are big themes for this moon.

Being in Gemini if there’s so much energy on offer. 
This is the magic of this month. We can be across all the things if we look after ourselves.

Be resourceful with your energy. Drop projects or ideas that are not working. Let go of what you think should happen.

Mars, the planet of action, is in the homebody sign of Cancer. Which means we could feel rather introspective. Procrastination anyone? Easy to agitate. Walks in nature can calm.

A Wake-Up

I, like so many, have experienced many profound realizations and have spiritually opened to who they are. It’s not something one does for fun, nor is it the most pleasant of times. It’s something that can become quite apparent very quickly. If you have a family who has refused to move through or change specific dynamics. This is the time.

You’ll find over the last 30 years at least, there’s always one that puts their hand up to do the “work”. To move towards a life of their own, making the deep dive within. To change the footprint of their life. Their foundation. To stop certain behaviors and ideologies that need to evolve. This is deep and brave unrelenting work. Powerful too. Changes the family lineage patterns and makes way for the next generation. This is where the revolution starts. At home.

It can be a challenging and lonely path for some. You can come up against some pretty hefty criticism and judgments. It needn’t be harsh. The more we can support ourselves and each other, the easier these processes can be.

Many are moving from working for the sake of it and to pay the bills. To a place of meaning and purpose. Relationships can go through radical uplifting as we want more from them and need them to reflect and operate from the totally new level we find ourselves in.

Grief, chronic pain, and mental anguish can all trigger the awakenings I speak of. A shock, a loss, or a deep inner knowing takes place. It can happen – we wake up one day, and everything is different. Things we loved, including jobs and people we don’t connect to anymore. This can and is happening to many of us.

Flower essences during this time are incredibly effective. They help soothe and support through times when you feel emotionally raw. When energy is depleted and new horizons are on the cards. It helps our hearts and minds catch up. Working through the subconscious mind they can move past the fear and expose the truth of any matter. Facing the self is the bravest journey of all.

Here is the link to the other essences I have on offer.

During this time, our energy changes. So too do our connections, our likes, and dislikes.

Mid-month from the 10th to Solstice 21st June could see some challenging times. With aspects to Saturn, Pluto, and Mars – Dynamics could be strained. Go slow and make sure you’re looking after yourself. This mix is awakening this awakening that I speak off. 

Bodywork such as Bowen Therapy. Energy work, Flower Essence Therapy, Acupuncture and/or Kinesiology. All holistic therapies, complementary therapies that attune the whole parts of us. The body, mind, and spirit. They can help us acknowledge our strengths. They can relax the central nervous system, balance, and align the body.

A great month to exercise. Anything that allows you to come back to the body – the physicality of what you’re dealing with.

The Full Moon June 17th

The full moon on the 17th is feisty. The energy of change and mutability. Watch for illusions and delusions. This a massive moon to step things up a notch. In Sagittarius the adventurer of the zodiac. It might be a good idea to watch that you communicate tactfully. Sagittarius are renowned for their lack of tact and diplomacy.

With profound aspects with Neptune and aspects with some of the heavyweight planets. Saturn and Pluto. Confusion could be a theme around this time. If this is so, take the time you need to find clarity. Be patient and trust whatever arises.

Solstice June 21st

Solstice sees the retrograde of Neptune around this time. Time for rest. The solstice sees the 21st June the shortest day of the year. From here, we move towards more light in our day. And this time there could be some wobbly bits as we are naturally kept in the dark longer than usual.

Neptune starts her retrograde at solstice until the end of November. Stripping back unrealistic expectations and allowing actual reality to the present. This can be a breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. The destruction of a fantasy world. An ideal. Or something you’ve denied about a relationship, a financial situation, or project.

With Mercury setting herself up for her retrograde. We move into a more subconscious way of being. In July, we enter into eclipse season. The fast track time of the year. Things are eclipsed in or out of our lives.

Listen, Tune in, Intuit,

Currently Saturn in Retrograde, you might be dealing with a little procrastination. Mars in Cancer can invoke this too.

Pluto is moving backward, a time of serious business. Possibly things are being torn down -only to be rebuilt. The Notre Dame fire is very symbolic for this. Saturn and Pluto came very close together in April. Whatever was exposed for you then. This is the gold to move, heal, realign, ditch, and integrate now.

When these heavyweights move toward and sit right on top of each other in January 2020. You’ll be ready to lay down a stronger foundation.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is also having his retrograde spin. Retrograde since April. It may feel you’re taking the long road. There could be a test in love. Who, what, where, and how? The love of the self is included in this mix. Consolidate now.

There are collective energies in play. We are all going through it. More and more, you’ll realize how connected we all are.

Know when to rest and allow it. Be disciplined. Trust. Have patience. Know that you have the power to learn, laugh, and challenge what occurs through this month. Variety is the spice of life. Try something new not for the outcome, but as an experiment. Be wise. Keep the mind calm. Follow your heart.

Empowerment comes from within.

Until next time.

With gratitude and much flowery love


Tracy OMeara SmithTracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Therapist. From a young child, you’d find Tracy making daisy chains in the far corner of her garden. If she’s not in her clinic, you’ll still find her spending time in her garden soaking up all the flowery vibes.

A strong advocate for the healing force of nature. Tracy uses the combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, ITA, Flower Essence and Mineral Therapy. These modalities are a powerful combination that relaxes the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul. Empowering women to reclaim their inner peace, relief and gain a new perspective with what they are having to manage.

Tracy works 1:1 with women within her Perth hills clinic, Silverdale Natural Therapy and also Offering remote energy healings. Treating women who suffer from chronic pain, remedial health issues and find themselves at a time of crisis are her specialty. Tracy also offers online tissue salt and flower essence programs that treat various issues from Immunity to Anxiety.

Through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman and a better place. Juggling two beautiful of daughters of her own, she celebrates being unapologetically human and encourages others to the same.

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