“In the centre of the circle I sit and contemplate. I set my bearing and with power move forward in a straight line wrapped in the glow of my inner being”

Vasudeva and Kadambbii Barnao

This is a great time to rethink about any new beginnings, dreams or visions you want to create for your future – this Full Moon’s energy supports this. As we are currently in a Mercury Retrograde, the emphasis is also on seeing things from another perspective or revaluating these plans by becoming aware of your inner dialogue. Does the way you talk to yourself support you?

The Full Moon always brings something to light so we can change our perspective. If necessary we can change course, or even change behaviour patterns in order to create more inner and/or outer harmony. Awareness around how and what we think about in our private moments may be apparent. What do you actually think about all day? Where are you putting your mental energy?

There are many planets in play with this Full Moon which can create scattered thinking or alternatively a lot of information/communication could be coming in – so much so that we can’t make head nor tail about what to give our attention to. The lunation of the moon is usually felt a three days before and a three days after so this one is already activated. The earth elemental energy is weak, planets are either in water, air or fire signs, bringing a very fast and dynamic energy to the fore.

Make time to get grounded and centred otherwise you may feel like you are in la la land or you could easily become overwhelmed if the mind is in overdrive – this could also prove to be exhausting. Slow down …. Breathe. Emotional outbursts are possible as are long overdue conversations with your nearest and dearest where long term healing could prevail – bbbuuuttt if in doubt don’t go there as with Mercury Retrograde and an overactive Moon – miscommunication could be rife. Trust your intuition that all will be well and it will be.

The Pink Trumpet Flower resonates so strongly with this Full Moon. The healing aspects of the Pink Trumpet Flower brings the mind to a strong focus on an internal point, where one can hear and connect to the higher mind and vision (Sagittarius energy).  It is from this point the mind can maintain focus on the moment and finish things until it is completed.   A new mental directness can be achieved and one can direct the mental energy towards goals, and creative visions. Where ever our mental energy goes things manifest and this is what we all want especially when it comes to creating dreams, visions and goals that benefit and nurture us on all levels.

If you have lost focus or have none, redirect your thinking to get back on track. Be compassionate with yourself if your unsupportive thoughts have gotten the better of you.  Create a simple mental intention such as “I would like more love in my life” or “I would like more time and space to do the things that make me happy”. Whatever intention you set, make sure that you also connect with it emotionally.  Feel it actually happening for you. See it. This Full Moon supports this. The more you focus on what you want rather than what you do not want, the closer you are to making it a reality.  AWESOME!

The Full Moon peaks at 12.20am Perth time on the 3rd June 2015.

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