January New Moon | Astro and Flower Healing Energy Report

New Moon Astro Flower essence healing report

Far out what a month. The theme for this new moon flowery essence love Astro report – is one of stepping forward and expressing your soul self. Be who you want to be and ask for what you want and need to thrive and stay sane in this ever-changing earthly landscape.

If you’ve been feeling knackered and heed the need to slow down. Really listen. There’s wisdom making it’s way to you and this is the way to integrate it. Or slow down to pivot direction. Or slow down to change something. Or slow down to rest and heal.

Welcome to 2020.

This is the year for integration, building, releasing and closure.

A huge feeling of change is definitely in the air. A sense of destabilization too maybe. Change can do this.

This is the time to be and feel grounded. Be present within the moment. There is no past and there is no future.

Except when we are talking all things Aquarius.

And this new moon is in Aquarius. The eccentric humanitarian who always has its eyes on the future. The Aquarian energy is about community, collaboration, and togetherness. With big plans and big eyes on the big prize.

The shadow aspect of this. Being in our heads. Constantly. The mind does not stop. Ever. Thus, limiting inner connection. Hence those around us. It’s good to be aware of this, this weekend. As it’s very much a sense of reinvention time.

With this comes the reflection and inner connection points. This is where you can easily transform the things that might not be working or even better, completely smashing it.

You are always the director of your own life. You should never give yourself away to anything or anyone. (this includes a negative emotion) Astrology and working with the elements of nature are tools to empower us and to make sense of the world around us.

There are some amazing aspects to tap into this year. And with some magical energy coming from the breakthrough planet Uranus. This the moon to set the game plan in motion.

Be a little rebellious and do things your way.

There’s certainly been a lot of opportunity for change. Or change has been forced on us.

After the devastation of the fires here in Australia. I hope this would be the pivot point for change. I know for one my hope now falls on the fact that and including some of my intentions for this New Moon..

  • Fire stricken areas are cashed up. Having the tools to deal with a warming Australia –
  • Climate change will become the front of one’s mind – it can’t be ignored any longer. Every one of us must take responsibility.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries built and given the tools and the support they need.
  • Love thy neighbour is alive and well.
  • Instigation of an overhaul of our governmental system. To look at governing in a whole new way.
  • A chance to change the way we view politics to attract the right leaders for our future.
  • Our complacent connection to our earth will change
  • Our respect for our indigenous culture accepted as the true protectors of our land
  • I have no doubt we will see the rise in the arts and the power of expression.
  • Our arts included as a potent voice for good. Power to the people. This is what we can focus on now. Our creative expression

One can only hope. And this is what I plan to do on this very special new moon.

Flower Essence Healing on Offer

                                                    Golden Grevillea – Amelia Pratt Photographer

The flower healing on offer is the bright and glorious Golden Glory Grevillea

Grevilleas have a way of lifting our hearts and minds. They are great attractors. The energy around this moon is encouraging us to be open, be our weird nerdy selves – despite all the things that need to be shifted and released. Golden Glory Grevillia says take your place in life regardless of what it may expose. You can do this.

With aspects with Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer, some of us could be feeling agitated, irritable as old triggers surface. These cycles will come thick and fast this year. This month is showing up for yourself no matter what it exposes to move up and out and then move on.

How to manage this? Use tried and true methods to release – journaling, counseling, flower essence and energy work.  Sometimes time in the bush, in nature away from the hustle and bustle can give us the energy to regroup and to find a new perspective.

Golden Grevillia awakens our sensitivities and allows ourselves to be seen and relieves the fears of being open, raw and real. It supports us in a way where we don’t need to withdraw and isolate ourselves to find the safety and acceptance that is usually craved.

The Golden grevillea helps us to detach and make sure we are moving towards what is in our best interests.

If you’d like a personalized essence made just for you – please get in touch email [email protected]

Empowerment for this Moon.

This is our chance – this month to fire and up and get things moving. This moon, in particular, is one where we can truly break free if we need to.

Empower ourselves and sink into what we love and value. What we need to have our soul sing. There is a new level of inner security here. And security has certainly been a theme over the last few years. As has boundaries. In Aquarius, the foundations are built of freedom and choice. New ways of being and wavering into uncharted territory. The unconventional too.

Aquarian energy is making itself known throughout this year. Saturn will move from Capricorn to Aquarius in March – and the theme that may arise then – may awaken now.

Whilst Aquarius energy is light and airy. We’re still under the guise of some pretty confining energy with Saturn and Pluto. Their meeting over the past year, peaking in mid-January, stirred a whole of a lot of stuff for us to sift through.

And now the work begins. With the vision of our future in our mind’s eye.

We’ve all been on such a journey already and we’re only 25 days into 2020.  These are powerful times – For some of us our life trajectory may look completely different.  And the direction forward is very much an unknown. This is life and this is the part where we get to have our say in which direction we follow. Sink or swim?

Either way. Know you get to choose.

Until next time

Much flowery love


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Tracy OMeara Smith

Tracy has an incredibly accurate intuition easily accessed when using it within a healing capacity. Having moved through a deep journey of her own. Tracy has come to realise that a problem shared is a problem solved. Tracy has devoted her life to her family and to her inner journey. Her role is to alleviate suffering and empowering others.

Utilizing and blending the magic of flower essence, Bowen Therapy, and ITA Energy Medicine Tracy uses her grounded down to earth approach to give you what you need when you need it. Lifting the burdens of life to feel lighter, empowered and free from whatever you are managing. So many feel isolated in the depth of their pain and experience. Not any more.

Her family adopted a koala called Hockey Luna after the devastation of the Eastern States fires and will continue to support this effort. Including creating change towards supporting this earth and the climate change movement. If you cant find Tracy in her clinic she’ll be in her garden soaking up her flowery garden vibes, hanging with her dog Jasper or busy cooking up a storm. Tracy also has a passion for Astrology – writing to the energy and elements of the earth. You can read her latest blog here.

Tracy works 1;1 in her Perth based garden hills clinic or remotely with ITA energy medicine. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter – this is the place she gets to love up on her clients – gifting them with tips and tricks to empower and bring a spark to someone’s day.

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Please sign up here to receive the #Emflowerment News. The benefits are endless. You'll gain such awesome information to lift any burdens you carry and make life lighter, fun and free!

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