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The full moon in Virgo. Symbolized by a virtuous woman. A woman who seeks wholeness through the connection of the earth.
She embodies the purity of spirit.
She carries strong intuitive qualities and discernment.
Her refinement is always noted in what she wants to create.
Virgo is a very strong and necessary image of our time.

Virgo is also renowned for its perfectionist qualities. And as we all know, perfection is a myth. Try not to mistake perfectionism for refinement.

The Virgo Full Moon

The full moon peaks before Mercury moves forward. She is ending her retrograde. And because of this, the full moon could be supercharged.
If you’re able to calm the mind and tap into the intuitive feels. There’s a turning point happening this week as the moon highlights all that needs moving on. The internal focus shifts from the inner to the outer.
Things magnify through a full moon. And this one is about where you need to be realistic. It will remind you where your heads in the clouds. A great time to release old habits and mindsets. A great time to be grounded and to tweak health ideals.
With beautiful aspects to Pluto, Uranus, and Venus, all wanting their time in the spotlight. It all comes down to is being methodical about what you’re trying to create. Make a list.
Over the past weeks, you may have found yourself wandering around in some haze. Things delayed, blocked, or misunderstood. This phase ends soon, and with that, clarity and certainty will return.
It’s been an empowering and reflective time.
I noticed what I was drawn and connected with. What I’ve outgrown and not afraid to feel into the changes I need to make. It’s been profound. Mind-blowing at times. Embracing life by the balls. And the shedding of an old skin kind of time.
With community anxiety raging amongst us, it’s the perfect time to look at your fears. And look at those that are perpetuated by outside influences.

Mind-Body Spirit

Do you notice when things are going well, how our ego and mind can work against us? Fears, anxieties arise. Negative thoughts or ideas that come out of nowhere to send you off course. And then this can be reflected externally. Which too can be a bit of a mind fk.
The times when you think of the sh t that can go wrong rather than the sh t that’s going right. It’s all part of the course over the past weeks. Old patterns surfaced, our projections strong. All so you can see, know, and feel to clear them for a lighter future. Did you notice?
Within Mercury’s natural cycle, you have two weeks to integrate all that’s arisen. It a go time of sorts. What is it you want to embody? With Venus in Taurus, the natural energy and element in place, this is the golden sign that all is well if you’re willing to go there.
I’ve said this before 2020 is very much an internal year. It’s imperative you rely on and foster your inner guidance. Making sure you’re accessing your inner senses and aligning with your values. Stay in your lane. It’s all about the work. Structure. Embodiment. Expression. And allowing some fun along the way.

New Power Structures

Over the last few years, there’s been a significant backlash from top-down authority type power systems. Individually and collectively, we’ve been encouraged to shed our sh t and become more empowered in our lives.
I wondered why this was playing out the way it is right now. It’s obvious to me we are in times of change. Power structures are being challenged as they need to evolve. reflecting the inner changes that many have evolved. And there’s much much more to come.
It is certainly a time to truly reclaim parts of ourselves and to understand what we need, value, and know. Transferring this wisdom into how we want to live, work, and play. And knowing that this is real power.
Focusing on these essentials can help as is being in the moment.
How present are you at any given time?
Observe and find out.
Have discernment.

Flower Essence Healing on Offer

Leafless orchid, Flower Essence for healing
Hence this month’s flower healing for this lunation is the Leafless Orchid.
She is the master in igniting a sense of discernment. It helps us to assert and take control. It allows you to let go of trivial concerns and focus on what is essential.
It seems like the most refined choice for this Full Moon. You can have a look at my flower essence collection here. The Amano Essence, in particular, calms mind chatter. And is the bomb I must say.
With aspects with Neptune, observe your dreams and intuitive signs. If you check in with yourself, there’s something extraordinary on offer now. Be open to messages and make sure you take time to be still across this lunation. Psychic energy is high.

Notice Your Dreams

With the sun in Pisces, we’re looking at deep intuitive, and spiritual expansion. If you want it, it’s waiting. If you put your mind to it. And the moon full, in grounded Virgo. This will be the time of lifting illusions, rather than creating them.
You may need extra sleep. Lethargy can be a healing response, and there’s a lot of that on offer this moon.
Mercury and Uranus are both in some kind of cahoots this moon to support and activate the mind. Independent thinking is a thing. If your mind is full of busy to do’s, try to tackle situations from another perspective.

We’re heading for Venus retrograde coming in May. And in Gemini. And while she’s scooted into her home-town of Taurus.

We’re encouraged to embody and truly feel into what’s important to us.  We are in the homie season for this reason. Spending time with those you love will be extra special. Go the extra squeeze, make a beautiful home-cooked meal, even declutter and beautify your environment.

If you allow your body, mind, and spirit to believe, to see and know what you want, this is the moon to release it. There’s a unique and profound quality to this moon to make the intangible tangible.
Sh’ts getting real.
There’s no room for time-wasting.
Will you live in … Love? Fear? Anxiety? Or not. No?
You decide. Don’t be afraid to commit.
Whatever you do, don’t dilly dally.
Until next time
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