New Moon Gemini June 16th 2015

This new moon presents itself at 6.51am Perth time.

How have you felt between the last two weeks since the powerful and deepening energies of the Full Moon together with the Mercury Retrograde?

Masks were lifted. I know for some a lot was revealed, released and with a new awareness and perspective created.  Clearing out the inner body to manifest a new way of being. Letting go can be challenging to do.

Blessings come within the hardest of lessons and the love moments we can feel are at its purest when our sense of being has been turned upside down and inside out especially when we reach stages of relief. We seem to cherish these moments and ourselves more profoundly.
I saw the Dali Lama this week whilst he was visiting Perth.  It was an honour to be in his presence with another 8000 people.  He spoke of the connection between the body and the mind and the cultivation of inner peace. He mentioned that one cannot look for inner peace outside of ourselves, we cannot just go and purchase it for $7 at the supermarket – (Bummer ) It is the mind and the heart that create this inner peace.  Compassionate mind and a compassionate heart – it really resonated something in me – an inspired me to deepen my inner practise. These realisations and awakenings are congruent with this New Moon.

This new moon has the propensity to send and carry some well-deserved requests and loving vibes into the ether with a sense of gratitude for the lessons learnt and the freedom now to deeply create from a soul level.  Make sure you write down your new moon intention with this in mind.

Communication from this level are what dreams are made of – feel strong, worthy and powerful this new moon – ask for what you want and then claim it with action and affirmation.  This energy has been following us for the last six weeks – with Mercury now direct (shadow period ends on the 20th June) we are slowly being given the green light to instigate new visions operating from new perspectives and if we are lucky, even a shift in our consciousness.  It’s so true the saying “everything happens in divine timing “ – as that time is now in this moment as you read this if you want it to be … What will you ask for? How will you ask – will you write it, sing it, dance it – this is fundamental this new moon – what is your true way to speak? Will you choose to be quiet enough to listen to see what needs to be expressed? Or do you already know?

Intuition and what is so deeply valued is the guide.

If there is still a sense of confusion on anything, stop, connect, write, talk and communicate what and who holds dear.  This is the key for this new moon.  It is a fresh start on how we communicate with our self and/or others.  Words can heal as much as they hurt.  Be mindful of this as with this new moon there is a dynamic energy (Mars) playing alongside that can have us shoot from the hip and lose our shite!
There are two flowers that resonate with this new moon – which is quite apt since it’s in the sign of the twins, Gemini. Dampiera and Catspaw

Damperia helps us to let go of problems of stress, inflexibility (mental and physically) and to adapt to changing circumstances. There is a sense that we all are getting a push to change on one level or another. This is the essence of letting go and allowing new life to flow in (Gemini Moon with Mars energy).

Catspaw helps us to speak our truth. It gives one the permission to show our true colours and express from a deeper place within. What do you need the courage to say?

From my heart I speak, the meaning is not hidden. I say my peace, I give of my mind.  Whatever comes my way from this can only be the bliss of Truth.

May this be the affirmation for this new moon. Let go and, communicate whatever needs to be said or creatively expressed. Do it with the trust to just be yourself in whatever way is truthfully and soulfully fulfilling and yours to own.