October 2019 | Astro and Flower Healing Energy Report

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October’s energy is deep and transformative. Shifting dynamics in relationships. Creating new levels of harmony in love, collaborations, companionship, and in business. It also highlights matters on how we contribute to one or all of these areas. This month’s Flower Essence Astro report dives deep. It’s the month to do just that. 

The new moon for this month on September 29th set the tone for the month. Here’s a quick recap.

The new moon offered a time to breathe a sigh of relief. The last of the longer-lasting aspects to Saturn played themselves out. Exact alignments between Saturn and the south node. It’s been about clearing the karmic past.

This karmic kind of energy. Continuing through October primarily through the full and new moon on October 28th. For some. A slap across the face, rip your heart out and stomp all over it, shock and deep dive within kinda transit. Realizations of what we need to deal with or what we couldn’t deal with.

Many found a deepening. A new pathway to commit or recommit to themselves and to the things they hold dear. It may also have shown you how much work you have to do. Busy-ness may’ve been a blessing. And a curse. If you’ve fallen into the latter. Without dealing with the feelings and conditions that arose through April. From here to January. You may be forced to. 

Bringing in some strong lurve vibes. Watch for the reignition of self-love. And a stronger sense of appreciation for those you hold every day. For the things, you love to do, and the dreams and visions you want to create. 

October is the month to create the vision and foundations for the future.

The Flower Essence Healing on Offer

silverdale natural therapy astro flower essence healing report

The Wedding Bush is the flower essence healing on offer. Being in Libra, it’s very much about relationship. The one we have with those we love and the one we have with ourself.

So many of us have had to go through what seemed to be a deep initiation. Things coming wholly left of center to shake us up. With these changes, the tectonic plates of our lives and those within it adjusted. With this change, new levels of commitment and even recommitment to ourselves.

Much of this year has been about clearing through some deep old “stuff’. Sometimes shock, or loss can give us a wakeup call. Something we rarely know what we needed until it is happening at that moment.

The Wedding Bush essence helps us with our internal focus and to commit to ourselves and our life path. This essence helps the mind and heart connect. Giving you the energy and impetuous to work through issues. 

A deep essence. Working through the troubles of the mind to find the inner strength to commit. 

The benefits the Wedding Bush healing offers

  • Commitment to relationships
  •  Commitment to goals
  •  Dedication to life purpose.

Pluto moves forward

Personal planets Mercury and Venus move into the deep Plutonic sign of Scorpio. 

With Mar’s moves into Libra this month. This can mess with our energy stores – so if you feel like your energy is a little off – this is the culprit. 

The planet Pluto also moves direct on the 3rd October after an eight-month retrograde. Pluto energy helps us to tune it and clear our shadow aspects. We look at our fears and triggers. This may prove to be a power-play week. How we use our power, how empowered we are, and if we’re in a situation where someone may have power over us. If this is the latter for you, redefining this dynamic will become apparent. 

With opportunities to empower through the shadow aspects of others. Be clear in your boundaries and values.  With Pluto’s direct movement, the energy is strong through the first week. It is also particularly strong on the full moon on April 13th.

Many of us may also find complete clarity around this time and gain the recognition they desire. Especially if you’ve been working hard and feeling a little deflated because things haven’t workout the way you’d liked. You may start to see the results you’re looking for. Doors will begin to open.

Changes to the status quo can readily happen if you’re willing to show a deeper side to yourself.

Full Moon October 13th 

The energy is strong and sensitive. Making way for a deep emotional purge. Some may react and be over the top. Bursts of repressed emotion could come out of nowhere. This lunation will supports this type of release.

It could also be about adjusting to a new perspective. Even merely being open to it.  In the sign of Aries – the archetype that can and does struggle with accepting input.

So many may have felt entrenched in situations that can make them feel so much despair. Marriages with emotionally unavailable partners. Work that’s soul-destroying, the financial responsibility of having a family. Adding health concerns that seem dire. All of which can make us feel powerless. Resentful too, and can contribute to a loss in faith in ourselves and in life — all energy draining. Personal and emotional boundaries are needed.

If we can break these down into small steps, take a step back, and look at things with new eyes. This full moon can be the time to find your way through.

October and Saturn

The big Saturn Mars square at the end of the month,  peaking with the new moon in Scorpio on October 28th. This transit could feel quite fiery and dynamic.

As Saturn and Pluto make their way to their big meeting come mid January there are a number of aspects they will both make to give us an indication of what we might expect. April was one such month and we may get another including at the end of this month too.

The Scorpio New Moon

silverdale natural Therapy astro flower essence moon report

Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign. It allows a transformation process.

Around this new moon on the 28th October. It’ll be wise to keep the schedule a little light.  There’ an aspect to Uranus that’s been on all month, and things could become complicated. Yet, it can also be a time where the seeds for something new can manifest completely out of the blue.

Adapt is the theme word for this new moon. With Mercury ready to fully retrograde a few days later. Things may be slowing down as we move into a reflective cycle. Things could feel heavy from here to the end of the month with Saturn is having an intense aspect to Mars

This is why October is the month to keep you in check. Saturn is the no-nonsense karma daddy. Slow down and think things through. Checking in with your body. See if there is a physiological response. This is the indicator of whether you should do or don’t do something. 

Look after Yourself

This aspect could trigger anxiety or overthinking. If you’re prone to this. Make steps to look after yourself by putting some self-care in play to prepare for a possible unsettling time.  Frustration may also be a theme. On a side note my Amano essence is very good for calming the mind and letting go of ruminating. You can check it out here.

Flower essences | Silverdale Natural therapy | mind chatterBreaking karmic patterns especially from negative, even addictive behaviours will get heads turning. It’s a time of systematic and well-considered change. A process that will build new positive foundations for years to come.

The September Virgo energy moved us to declutter our space naturally. This month, there’s a deepening — the time to declutter relationships. Only you’ll know what and who and why. Clarity on relationship needs is a very Libran archetypical energy that’s making its way forward now.

It might be time to sort an unhealthy dynamic within yourself. Something’s well past its used by date. Aspects to the south node and with Pluto the planet of death and rebirth. 

Healing and Self-reflection

Imbalance can occur when we lose sight of where we’re going or what we’re doing and why we are doing it. We become pulled by the duality of life. Operating from over-worrying, over-thinking, frustration, anger and rage, and other destructive thoughts and behaviours. Many can then spiral towards the shadow or darker aspects. Rather than moulding within the higher aspect of who they are. 

As I mentioned prior, this can amplify due to a forward-moving Pluto. Aspects to fiery Mars and Saturn – squares to breakthrough planet Uranus. It’ll put pressure on us to change or embrace change – there may be a price to pay — a sacrifice to make.

Mercury Retrogrades

One the 31st October Mercury starts its retrograde cycle – the last for the year and in the sign of deep conversational Scorpio  – The personal communication Mercury resets its cycle halfway through its retrograde period (mid-November). So if you begin projects in the second half of this cycle. You’ll gain the flexibility you need to make changes should you need to.

It must be said that if you follow the natural phase of Mercury, slow down and check-in. Understanding this phase, can be very empowering.  To go with the flow and redo, rethink and revise plans, ideas, and reconnect. The shadow aspect usually starts two weeks prior so watch for themes and understand that everything is in a state of flux.

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October is a Crossroad

October sets the stage.  Many of us may find we are at a crossroads. What we identify with is shifting. Or has already changed.

Some relish in these challenges, and others are already saying “enough already.” 

You may be heading for a significant breakthrough and take a leap in faith. 2019 has been a massive test in this. It has shone the light on so much. No one or nothing can dim it there is more to come. There’s a new paradigm of relationship on offer this month in particular which includes empowerment and self-acceptance. This means shadow and all. Be ready.

Until next time

Much flowery love

Tracy x

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