October 2016 Energy and Full Moon Report

October Energy report



Full Moon 16th 12.23pm Perth time

Well well well wasn’t September bloody intense. So much happened. So much to navigate.

It’s been a very deep year and so far some us have been turned inside out and upside down. September saw eclipse energy in play. It was not necessarily the time to make big life decisions – at time to sit back and observe. Still, if you made big plans – make allowances for change or changes to occur. It’ll be a while for anyone to feel settled at present with so much activity happening globally and in our own little worlds.  Life is busy.

Some of us are in transition mode. In between worlds. Steps forward, steps back. Even though the intensity of this year has waned. We’ve gone through some deep inner changes, some of which still need to be integrated.

yellowcowslip-orchidThe flower essence that resonates with energies of this month is the Yellow Cowslip orchid.

This flower symbolizes intellect and vitality. It concerns its self with harmony amongst the social order of things.  When we are out of balance there is a propensity to criticize and judge. – This essence allows for the energy of vitality to be restored. Especially when so much change is amongst the mix.

By looking after the self. We become aligned with humanitarian concern. We are impartial and constructive towards creating peace for the greater good. We move towards creating a sense of balance within ourselves and the collective. It’s this move towards creating a sense of balance, individually and universally that resonates so beautifully with this month’s energy.

It must start within to manifest outwardly. If people can’t meet you where you are at – don’t force it – they will either come around or they won’t. This is something that we have no control over. And that’s ok. We’re enough just as we are.  This is the theme for this month. It’s all about quality and not quantity from now on.

New Moon

The New Moon on the 1st October forced us to stop, feel and connect.

During this New Moon, I was away on holiday, celebrating my mothers 70th in Bali – It was an awesome time of connection. Although as some stage I came down with a nasty fever – deeply burning and cleansing through something.–. There’s something about being around family that can still trigger old wounds. The autopilot kicks in and you automatically respond in ways that you thought were long gone. What is that?! This was deep and unyielding and stirred me emotionally in ways I didn’t realize I was still carrying.

In the midst of getting a horrible fever, I also succumbed to the “Bali Belly” or in my case the “Bali Bottom”. If you know what I mean.  Where I so desperately wanted to connect and spend time with my in-laws and my siblings. I was literally shitting myself.

Cia la vie.  Happy New Moon to me.

I sat in my hotel room in a hot sweat, body aches, and no energy. Something wanted acknowledgment – It certainly got my attention. Out came the journal and I connected with myself in ways I hadn’t experienced before.  It was an honest stripping away of past old thinking and believing and owning my crap – literally. The intention for this new moon, naturally set. Connection within. There’s something in that. Where I thought I needed to create a new connection with my family, I actually needed to reconnect with myself, healing old beliefs and behaviors that were well past their use by date.

Despite this bout of sickness, it was an amazingly healing and enlightening holiday.

“Lose what needs to be lost. To find what needs to be found”

I feel I’m abe to settle into the love I am as a person and the woman I’m becoming, warts and all. Whilst I could sense and feel my family’s projections. And my own. I became so acutely aware of how I would react to these and create dynamics that were not supportive of myself or of them. It was very confronting and intense – It made me sad. By accepting these old shadow parts of myself, paved the way for me to accept them fully. I’ve been a harsh judge. I’ve been even harder on myself. Vital energy still took a while to restore.

When families come together, they all carry the same bloodline, karma needs to be worked through and resolved. Ultimately we’re still all individuals in our own right. Some of us fit into this dynamic, some of us don’t. We all see life and love differently and we’re all on different levels of this earth journey and that’s what makes us all so unique. I accept them with no blame, nor shame and that in itself is a feeling beyond words and measure.

I ‘ve been so open and experienced so much healing within my ancestral line ( Flower Essences Boab, Joshua Tree and Paw Paw are awesome for clearing this as very deep energy work – another blog for another time) with the knowing that a lot of the crap that I carried was not my own.

It was a timely completion, a closure, so deeply needed. I was given freedom and insight through this new moon and I will cherish and honor its release.  I think I will treasure it more as I didn’t see it coming – the insights so profound and the inner freedom that came with it so liberating. It wasn’t easy. The good stuff never is. These types of miracles are there for the taking if we can tune in and feel what’s really going on. So much gold to be discovered inwardly at this time.

This has been the lesson, all year. Healing and releasing old crap, connecting deeply, so we can create a new sense of who and what we are.

The intensity will subside especially after the Full Moon. It’s time to move towards whatever makes the heart sing. Even deeper than that what happiness can you find within the simple things. Life needn’t be complicated. What needs revitalizing, a point of view, lifestyle or a coat of paint on a wall. Do whatever will bring a sense of balance or happiness to the fore. Nothing need hold us back and that’s the point.

Humility does and will go a long way.

I remind myself to see the beauty around me and I remind myself of this whenever I feel overwhelmed. There is power in the present moment. Intuition will be strong around this time.

Moving forward is on the horizon, some of us may need to be that little bit more patient. It might not be until late November for the fog to lift. Be mindful of this. Keeping the esteem in check is the key when you are doing very deep inner work. I’ve made the mistake in the past leaning on a friendship when I probably should’ve called my therapist.  Make sure you have a trusted like-minded support network around you. If you feel the cork is about to burst or you just need to get clearer on something deeper that’s surfacing.

The Full Moon on the 16th can push us to face things we’ve been denying. Don’t be afraid to simply acknowledge it. The wisdom will come and you will know no doubt and have the answers to fears and issues that you’ve probably never thought of. The solution to pain or conflict is usually in the facing of it.

Full Moon 16th October

Change is definitely in the air and for some of us, it will be blatantly obvious. It’s about getting real, and also getting into the heart of the matter. Watch what you’re projecting and see if it’s something a little deeper.  It’s the time not to look at life from a superficial standpoint – dive deep to see what’s not only going on for you, yet for others as well. Some of us are being pushed to make strong changes and this type of stuff can be really confronting AND scary, especially if we are being asked to dive into the unknown.

This full moon has the propensity to be a volatile one so try and find a way to react or act in a completely different way. Focus on being effective.

There is something to be said about the power of an individual. Being and standing for what we want and need. However are we able to express this individuality so there is a win-win for all? Own you own authority. Own your own voice. Know that we are ultimately all connected.

There could be a sense of conflict or a push-pull energy – assertion vs peace and balance. Watch how you express yourself through this full moon. Tribal discord is usually due to man enforcing his will on the tribe rather than listening to the will of  his spirit. Spirit is the wise inner warrior. Awaken this. Listen to it. I can’t stress this enough.

Exercise, read, garden meditate whatever helps you channel excess or nervous energy.  Do whatever keeps you grounded. Remember the full moon illuminates what we need to see and shift in our lives., especially emotionally. This one is a dynamic one so take heed and look after yourself.

The rest of the month we can expect the dust to settle. Stop and smell roses if you can and get ready for a head down bum up kinda time. You could get clear glimpses of where your heading.

Whatever this month brings for you – the most important point have, patience. See the beauty in your life.  Be original in your thinking and in your actions. Take your power back if you need. This can be a time of breakthroughs, magic, and alignment. It‘s all and has always been, within you.

Much flowery love



Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Health Practitioner. If she’s not working within her Perth Hills clinic, you’ll find her in the garden with her family, or in the bush soaking up the awesome flowery vibes. Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence therapy to help people gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

Tracy works 1:1 with women, online and in her clinic, who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal issues, and anxiety. Having two daughters of her own, she is unapologetically human, and through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman. #peacenotpieces

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