On The Flowery Full Moon | October 2020

Flower Essences, Tracy O'Meara Smith

The energy around for this Aries full moon may well be intense. Aries energy is dynamic. If you’ve been locking horns with people or life, it may pay to take space across this lunation. The flower essences healing on offer this moon is strong and empowering.

This is to maximize its healing potential. Even come to terms of what change you can make. Or integrate new information. Full moons magnify what it is we need to look at. None more so than this strong moon on the 2nd of October 5.05am Perth time.

If you’ve felt really tired. You’re not alone. The change in seasons plays a part.

As has the constant leveling up being asked of us. Change, personal decluttering, and integration can take a toll, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Fear of what is and what is to come can also exhaust.

I’ve come up with some ideas on utilizing this luna energy for our healing and empowerment. The last new moon was healing and strong. And it seems each lunation this year is getting stronger. As we attune, I guess each one seems to be even more powerful.

This moon may give you the energy to move forward. If you’re raring to go, make sure you can channel any excess energy.

Exercise or do your thing to move this s hit out. Excess energy, if not released, can affect our mind and perspective. The drama queen can raise her head. Breathe. Full moons can do this and more.

If you’re feeling highly strung and teetering on edge emotionally and mentally – take it easy. The cork may well and truly pop. Give yourself the chance to choose how this plays out.

With the sun in Libra, it is all about harmony, beauty, and relationships. With Mars in Aries in retro – then you can wonder where all your energy is going in this area.

  • Have you been giving yourself time and energy?
  • And are you utilizing your energy in the places you need to?
  • Or are you wasting your time and energy on distractions that don’t necessarily serve?

Big decisions may need to be made.

One thing is for certain, though these lunations, the energy shifts coming through, it’ll be beneficial to create wiggle room. And if you can steal some downtime. Even better, create it.

Some of us may find themselves at a crossroads.

Empowerment on Offer

There’s a sense that through this moon, we’re being asked to look to our own counsel for the decisions we need to make. You may need to strengthen your boundaries to do this. Or create some.

Geraldton Wax, Flower essences, Silverdale Natural Therapy

The Geraldton wax is the best in terms of tuning into your own will. To shut out external opinions or criticisms. It is one of my go-to essences as it also helps lift our immunity.

If you’d like your own personalized essence created specifically for what you’re moving through please message me. They are the natural elixirs designed for this purpose and you’ll be amazed how accurate and supportive they are. Subtle in their support. Powerful in the insights they bring. All attune to you. Bring calm the mind, peace to the body and awaken your internal wisdom so you know the ways forward.

This moon begins a month of tension, karmic crossroads – or not. It all depends on how you’ve managed to move up and out of past patterns over the last few weeks. If something arises that may set you off the path – attune to the Geraldton Wax for support and hold steady. The ship is righting itself.

October is said to be a minefield of dodging and weaving. With Saturn and Pluto moving forward this month in Capricorn. The story of 2020 is about to get even more interesting.

We’ve all been asked to take responsibility and create a new energy frequency within. If you’ve started this process, it will help you to navigate what is to arise further. If not. It might be time to start moving on the things you know you need to do.

One thing I’ve come to understand recently, it’s not the big moves in life that help us gain what we want and desire. It’s all the small ones. And in the small decisions that create consistency on a path of the intention of these actions. It helps us lift or lift down.

If you feel you’re stuck and keep going around in circles – this is the time to reach out. One thing 2020 has gifted us is that in knowing we’re not alone. More’s the point, we’re so interdependent.

When we move out, dense lower emotions such as anger, fear, loss, and anxiety, our perspective shifts, our discernment awakens, and we begin to attract what we need when we need it. In each step, we shift and lighten.

Truth has a way of shaking us out of our comfort zone. This year has shown us where we’ve held onto things for comfort or dependence. And that we’re more than capable of doing things in a different way when asked. The goalposts keep changing and this can add to the stress in life.

Acceptance of what is has also been a theme. And happening collectively how we can find empowerment when powerless.

And if you feel you’re still in the quagmire, reach out. This is the point. No longer can we shift out of old patterning alone. We all need to learn that being vulnerable is the added strength needed to make good on what is no longer serving us.

You can only function in a certain way for so long. The pressure cooker will only get more steamed if you resist what you know you need to do. And as my work is all about lessening our reason to suffer. I have the means and the tools to help.

Boundaries, values, and perspective are all up for another review. To find a deeper sense of empowerment. Keep things simple. And sharpen your decision-making process.

With Mercury Retrograde shadow in play, be aware there could be another introspective phase to this October. Possible delays and mix-ups. With Mars in this mix, our shadow aspects could show up in how we communicate. To ourselves and others.

If you’re able to attune to this cycle and not push any agenda, the trickster energy of this cycle will not push back. Make sure you’re connecting to your wisdom daily, especially within this cycle.

Healing on Offer

This is the moon to be open to healing. Chiron sings with this moon, and she too is in Aries. Focus on this. Focus on the unity we share. Your values in particular. Look at all the work and the journey, we have all walked this year. It’s astounding.

The flower essence healing on offer comes in the form of the flower essence Cats Paw.

Silverdale Natural Therapy Tracy O'Meara Smith

If you find you’re on the back foot when it comes to expressing how you feel. Especially if you find you’re not able to face what might be happening within your life.

If you’ve changed and you’re not sure how to ask for or even describe what’s going on for you. This essence can help. Pent up hurt feelings doesn’t do anyone any good.

Journaling can help too. Especially to put things in perspective. I’m sensing this is an essence that can support all month.

Catspaw helps us to find healing when our point of view is being disregarded. And then we suck it up because it can be all too hard. This essence gifts us the confidence to say the things we need to say, especially if new boundaries need to be put into place.

Confidence is what this full moon may be the gift it leaves us.

Make sure whatever happens keeps things simple and practical.

Healing comes when we can act on what we know we need to do despite how challenging or difficult it may be. By creating these new pathways, we change the energy mix within. With discernment each time it arises, each time you can nip it in the bud and move forward in life. Lesson done.

The lessons to learn this month could be vast. The heavy hitters Saturn and Pluto are generational and slow-moving planets.

One thing is for sure, this Full moon; it’s not going to be boring.

One thing to remember is to have patience. Take a step back. Slow down. There are many distractions right now. Remember the mantra, “No drama, no karma.” It’s a good one to have.

It’s an eye on the prize kind of time. And if you’re not sure what that is. Create a feeling of how you want it to feel.

We can find our freedom in this. In the choices we make. And this can be simply through the feelings we bring to the table if this moon awakens big emotions. Welcome them. Own them. Thank them. This is the time to play your part. We all have a part to play in the game of life. And with the Moon in Aries – You’ve already been given the lead role. It’s up to you how this plays out.

Until next time

Much flowery love

Trace x

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