On this Flowery Eclipse New Moon | December 2020

New moon eclipse dec 2020

It’s taken me a little while to write about this lunation. There’s so much going on over the next couple of weeks; I wasn’t sure where to start. Thank goodness for the power of the flower. For me at least they have been an awesome help through this incredible year.

This new moon gives us a chance to hone in on all things, freedom, and truth. Adventure and one-pointed focus.

It seems we’re at a culmination point—a year that has seen the worst in humanity and some of the best. 

And as the pendulum swings even higher, in truth, personal responsibility and how we choose life from here. All the more profound.

It certainly is the time to get real. 

New Moon Solar Eclipse

With this new moon, solar eclipse – eclipses are never the time to set intentions due to the erratic energy you just don’t know what you’ll get. It is the natural time to accept what is. And in this acceptance, there’s an opportunity to change and even liberate. Acceptance of the self, another or your predicament can be the turning point you seek. 

And with this one in the sign of Sagittarius – sitting on the south node. The south note relates to the past. This is a culmination of things past – something can swing in or out from this place. Or karma from the past can call in to create the equilibrium.

We’re invited to dive deep and allow for the things we may not have wanted to see or acknowledge: old pain, old dogmas. Engaging with new perspectives deepens our level of reflection. This is how we take responsibility.

The Flower Healing on Offer

Hence the flower essence healing on offer is the Kanya Tree – our Native Christmas Tree. 


On the 21st of December, we see a new level of change, and with this new moon, it seems we’re in the process of tying up loose ends. I mention this here because the Kanya Flower essences speak to those who feel trapped by responsibility.

This essence helps to ignite inner contentment for the self and the family. The sense of overwhelm subsides.

We’re about to move into strong Aquarius energy. A new 200-year air element cycle. A time to feel the liberation of taking responsibility for ourselves. As this ultimately affects our group’s wellbeing – family, society, and the global community.

We move from material concerns to air. We will see the changing of culture,  personal freedoms, and global liberation. Developments in our relationship to the brain. Communal living might become a thing, community comes prevalent and not individual wealth. A time to learn to be a strong individual within a collective community.

After this new moon, we see Saturn and Jupiter move out of Capricorn and Aquarius, a visionary sign. 0 degrees Aquarius – whilst many believe this is the cycle of a golden Aquarian age – I beg to differ. We have a long way to go for that. It is, yet, I believe, the beginning and the birth time of a new consciousness. 

Jupiter and Saturn met together, and in the Christian biblical story. This was the same conjunction and meeting in the sky when Jesus was born. Known as the Star of Bethlehem. With this coming conjunction – this “star” reappears. 

Moving into a New Consciousness

The birth of Jesus was the birth of Christ consciousness. This time around, we see the birth of another expression of consciousness. Known as Unity Consciousness.

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This means that we’re able to express our earth’s reality in a completely new way. 

We can move out of cycles of pain and finally evolve into a way of being that embraces all of who we are. We are the dark and the light. And from this, we’re self-governing, reclaim our sovereignty, and know we’re part of a greater collective. 

ITA Energy Medicine is one such tool that is a systematic energetic tool that can align you to who you really are. It can help with the continual loops of pain and frustration and mores the point you find that after a while you are less likely to be triggered into lower emotions. You are also less likely to feel triggered by your external environment. I offer in clinic 1 :1 sessions and online remote alignments. You can book in here.

Or find out more here. What is ITA?

]It also means we see the truth, as the veils of reality lift. Unity consciousness allows us to see manipulation for what it is. We’re no longer overpowered by our lower emotions, and work in total disregard for the earth. 

This New Moon eclipse is the step before that. And whilst there are major endings and beginnings. Now in human history – these are cosmic marker points. 

The sun will rise and set, and these cycles will see themselves through over time. Not overnight.

  • If you’ve felt completely wiped out. Rest. This could be a healing response.
  • If you’ve allowed anger and fear to offset you.
  • If you are feeling anxious or complexed about the year that was. 

Self-care action is imperative. Like proper. Not just sitting on the beach and staring into the sunset. It’s time to get nitty-gritty in our personal transformation.

Getting Comfortable with the Unknown

Confusion now is a byproduct of the extreme conditions we’ve had to navigate. And continue to navigate. And I’m certain 2021 will be no different. We’re aware of what’s needed. And allow for flexibility like we haven’t done before. 

This activates a level of trust in what is. And this is the gateway to change.

Walking into the unknown is Sagittarius’s forte. 

We’re being asked to simplify, honour ourselves, and be consistent with this. We’re heading into some interesting times. 

What’s happening now is for our benefit. 

Many are making lifestyle choices that support their true core values. And the days of forcing and pushing our agendas are boring. There’s a revolution taking place. And it’s happening internally – so much of what we thought was important is no longer. 

And this inner revolution is the starting point of human evolution. 

Join the Inner Revolution

I’m a rebel and heart. And I truly believe the only way we’re going to change “the system” – is to change our internal system. Aligning to the greater truth of who we are.

I’m up for being an inner revolutionary, are you? 

This is not about them vs us. It’s about bringing peaceful revolutionary change that some are not ready to accept or embrace. And accept we must suffer the consequences. 

If there is one thing I’ve learned across this year. You have the power in how you choose to react/respond. Including and what you give your precious time and energy to.

The higher learning of this Sagittarius New moon eclipse may ultimately show you the way forward. What is not true, and what is past. And this can be challenging to accept.

Letting go always is. We best get used to it. 

Until next time 

Peace out.

Trace x 

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Being fully seen and understood by another human being without judgment or bias is both our greatest need and the thing that is most missing from our daily life.

Especially now in this era. More than ever.

Utilizing and blending the magic of flower essence, Bowen Therapy, and ITA Energy Medicine lifts the burdens of life so you can feel seen, feel lighter, empowered, and free from pain, anguish, and, stress.

If you can’t find Tracy in her clinic she’ll be in her garden soaking up her flowery garden vibes, hanging with her dog Jasper or busy cooking up a storm for her fam bam. Here is a link to find out more.

Tracy works 1;1 in her Perth based garden hills clinic or remotely with ITA energy medicine. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter for further insights to empower through pain, discomfort, and find out about our natural elemental cycles and how to use these through our earthly changing times.

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