On This Flowery Full Moon | July 2020

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June was fricken intense. So much to navigate and work through. So much to discern and purge. Through this full moon eclipse in disciplined Capricorn  – the detox continues. The flowery essence healing on offer is the Green rose the perfect healing vibing power for this time. It detoxes and empowers at the same time.  You can read more below.

The Astrology at present is potent. When we look at the archetypes of astrology we can map out cycles of time. It can also explain what’s going on and what we can strive for. 

There’s such a huge opportunity at the moment to change our internal structure and system.

 2020 is the year where the astrological forces are ripe for this big pivot. And when you can combine holistic healing with the elemental and forces of nature. You can catapult yourself in powerful ways you never thought possible.

 We gain more by going inward now. This creates a clearer perspective of reality. A change in perspective can change the trajectory of your life. And this is for the better, especially if someone or something has rattled your cage. 

This moon shows us there’s a need for a deeper sense of accountability and responsibility. 

Flower essence therapy and the work I do can help you find your way through this. Especially through times of confusion and overwhelm. Including alleviating continuous inner physical pain. This is the ripe time to deal with it – you can find out more here.

Flower Essence Healing

Green rose, flower essence, astrology, tracy omeara smith,

So many of us have been feeling super sensitive. Easily triggered or feeling the heaviness of the ether as so many of us are waking up. And some have been forced to. Through the loss of income, health issues, loss of loved ones, loss of freedom, or even loss of energy.

With this change can come with it the need to purge and realign. Detoxing old habits. Green Rose is the essence to help move through old crap.

The flower essence of making progress, of focusing ahead. And finding the energy to ignite a breakthrough. Helpful in maintaining disciplines and healthy habits for body, mind, and spirit.

With Mercury moving backward till mid-month, and through Cancer. It’s so important that we look after ourselves as we move to clear old belief patterns and old ways of being. 

There is a movement for monumental change right now. 

So much has been brought to our attention. Green rose helps us to move forward. To have the impetus to make a change and to move past the inertia of keeping things the same. When we feel inadequate to move, this can stimulate feelings of insecurity. And with this, blame can arise. And from here, one can stay in the same place. Not moving or changing, can be detrimental to their health and the well being and progress of others.

This is the essence to help let go of addictions and negative thinking.

Healing on Offer

This eclipse is the last on the Capricorn axis. It ends a 2-year cycle and gives us a sense of closure in an area with complete upheaval. Old beliefs of self had to be annihilated for the mind to get out of the way. Change needed to come. And so it did. 

So many of us have been in some place of profound transformation over the past two years. 

Over the next six months, with Saturn now returning to this area. And if you still feel lost – please reach out.

When Saturn leaves a sign at the end of its transit – it will always leave a gift. If you’ve done the inner healing. Watch for positive developments around Christmas 2020.

The healing on offer comes with closure. And the means or the empowerment, in not repeating old patterns. 

To let something go once and for all. 

Whether it’s the ideal of a relationship. A job, a way of life, an attitude, or six coffees a day. Mostly we’re looking at personal beliefs that no longer serve and attuning to the values that you hold dear. The Green essence can help in this area.

If you find you struggle to focus or are haunted by constant mind chatter. You can check out my flower essence range here. They can help a lot, Here is the link.

With Neptune also retrograding for some months – we’re being encouraged to attune to our inner faith and understand that this something much bigger than us that underlies all life.

Something to ponder. Do recognize and ponder the gift of life? And how being here now in this body at this time – is for some sort of reason? or not? Either or is worth contemplating.

If you’d like to know more about what I offer and to look at life through the lens of empowerment, the cycles of nature, flower essence, and energy healing – You can sign up for my fortnightly newsletter here.

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Empowerment on Offer

Empowerment comes from taking that one step forward. And considering that one step ahead in a new way. It can bring the opportunity to uncertainty. 

You can feel safe and secure, even if things feel like they are continually changing. This is very much about finding a sense of balance from what this moon magnifies. 

The key is to allow, feel inner freedom, and align with your sense of truth.

Mars Now in Aries.

There is a dynamic energy in the Air through mars in Aries. The rise of the individual path and how this weaves through our collective values. As there is the destruction of the old order. We’re waking to agendas past and present. We have an opportunity to make some real headway – at least on what our inner vision should look like.

With so much retrograde energy, the past is burning the old to make room for some sense of renewal. And in July new levels of hope will present. 

Mars retrogrades in September, so make hay while the sun shines. – Come spring – we’re in another reflection phase. 

Keep an eye on your prize – there is an opportunity to catapult forward. When we create new habits, we make room for more of life.

Big changes 

I know for me – it’s come to my attention the habits I have. How much I reach for my phone. And not always conscious of how I’m always answering emails or queries. This has been a contentious issue for myself, my family, and friends.

There’s more to the story here. I will fill you in over the coming weeks. It’s these habits that are becoming ingrained in our lives. Some of which are robbing us of showing up in our lives and being present within the moment.

This is a time of personal responsibility, and we all have a part to play. Hence the time is now to claim what’s ours and let go of what’s not. 

We all need to make shifts in our attitudes and beliefs if we’re going to make this a better place to work and live.

It’s also up to us to align and live our life of purpose – or not. It’s a choice. I like to think that there is something we’re very talented and good at. Something we bring to the world to improve it in some way. This is something to ponder at any rate.

This inner sense of freedom can be scary for people.

Finding a sense of emotional security can be challenging if you’re unsure what is up and what is down. The disorientation of where we’re heading can mess with our heads. And yet it can be a great source of hope. Below are a couple of examples

  • The seeds of inclusion for our Australian indigenous cultures have finally made themselves known. Education is a must in these areas. Contact Warrang-Bridil for more information
  • We’ve been driven by extravagance has been a profound insight for many over the last months. We are more open to managing our planet in better and sustainable ways of moving forward.
  • We’re learning the power of slowing down. Many have made simple and powerful changes to their work and lifestyles. To include more family and self-connection time. Many are now working from home.

Don’t let your current insights go to waste and move them to the back burner. Our world is going through such incredible positive changes. Even if it doesn’t feel, nor look like it. Transition phases are not easy, and nothing is ever set in stone. 

The essence of the Green Rose and her healing could not be more succinct.

Green Rose flower essence can help us lift our complacency. So we can move beyond insight and make the change and break the habits we need to make. And to align to our most significant potential personally and collectively. This is for the earth, and I can’t help but think how powerful a time we are teetering on right now.

As the old systems fall away, we’re in the midst of creating a new one. And it’s up to us how this will look. This is unprecedented. Because we have a chance to have a say of what this new system will look like. 

We do this through the choices we make and align to in any given moment. Included in this process are endings and the courage to let go of what is, is not working, and look forward even if we don’t know what that is.

Allow this eclipse to release what no longer serves. Be open when and if a change is forced on you. Listen to the whispers and wisdom of your soul. There’s most certainly a gift on offer and you just may need to listen deeply to find it.

Until next time

Much flowery love

Tracy x


tracy omeara smith, flower essences, energy medicineBeing fully seen and understood by another human being without judgment or bias is both our greatest need and the thing that is most missing from our daily life.

Especially now in this era. More than ever.

Utilizing and blending the magic of flower essence, Bowen Therapy, and ITA Energy Medicine lifts the burdens of life so you can feel seen, feel lighter, empowered, and free from pain, anguish, and, stress.

If you can’t find Tracy in her clinic she’ll be in her garden soaking up her flowery garden vibes, hanging with her dog Jasper or busy cooking up a storm for her fam bam.

Tracy works 1;1 in her Perth based garden hills clinic or remotely with ITA energy medicine. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter for further insights to empower through pain, discomfort, and through our earthly changing times.

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