On This Flowery Full Moon | June 2020

Soo much juicy change. What do you reckon? Are you exhausted by 2020 already? Some part of me thinks things have only just started. The flower essence healing for this Full Moon Eclipse is all about listening. And as dynamic the energy around us right now. Listening is vital for our inner growth and healing.

The Full Moon is Sagittarius – sits on the energy node aligned with the past. Faith, truth, and justice are up for renewal.

With retrograding Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Venus, it’s all about revisiting the past concerning ourselves. And about what matters to us. Who matters. What is real and what is not.

This full moon eclipse will help us move more from looking at the outer truth from “out there” to in here. It will help us to bring things back to our reality and how we have been complicit in the way we contribute to the world and the systems that are no longer working.

Everything needs to change.

Flower Essence of the Moon

Flower Essences, Yellow Lesch, Tracy O'Meara Smith, Flower essences

The flower essence healing on offer is the Yellow Leschenaultia. Picture by Life Academy.

If there’s not a flower essence that could resonate any stronger than this at this time

“Yellow Leschenaultia essence stimulates open-mindedness, which then receives knowledge and concepts from others. To calm the mind. To become more capable of listening and learning wisdom.

The more wisdom we gain, the more we recognize how open we must be to become wise. The mind is always looking for a concept, like a ledge, to clamber up on to and rest, saying, “now I know.” It’s imperative to be aware there is always more to know, and this knowledge and understanding comes from a myriad of sources. “ Vasu and Kadambi Banaro

And it’s being open to where this source is. Even our inner voice and inner knowing, and this is one thing that many seem to ignore or resist.

This is the most crucial resource and needs to be looked after, especially at this time.
The recent global pandemic helped so many realign and rethink how they want and need to work. And in knowing this, a new normal is slowly being established. There is no need to be “overly busy” it all comes back to connection and who you are and what you can do is enough.

The Healing on Offer

We are willing to face ourselves and even confront what is not right within our paradigm. This moon may magnify an inner truth. Something that you may need to let go of and no longer needed. When we can face our stuff, it allows it to come in front of the mind to be released. And from here, we can take our destiny in our own hands and create the reality we want.

When we wait for fate or life to show us the way – it can create situations of pain and suffering that could be well avoided. And this is key, isn’t it?

We know when something isn’t right. And if the same stuff or dynamic arises, then this is our opportunity to investigate internally. This is the work.

Some of us are well attuned to others. And this only comes from taking the space and time to dive within. Healing is not pretty. It’s painful and messy. And all so worth it.

And in the sign of the truth seeker and teller of Sagittarius – a few home truths may come home to roost.

Eclipses fast track us on the path. They can lift us up and out of situations, places, and relationships. They can help us move through dark emotional places such as grief and Fear. Feelings and experiences that are running rife through some of our lives right now.

Take space this moon and make sure you attune to the truth of where you find yourself.

Remember, too, I offer online, and in-person support should you need to find the clarity or the gentle push to proceed, especially if you’re dealing with any pain and confusion.

You can book in for a healing conversation. If you feel alone in your inner struggle and can’t pull yourself together, this is for you. This is particularly good if you’re feeling overly sensitive at the moment

The Empowerment on Offer

The empowerment on offer for this moon comes with getting downright and dirty with your own sets of values. And be honest and truthful with where you are right now.

Empowerment also comes with the actions you take to create what you need or what.

Where you will take a stand when you see or hear of negative taunts. When you know, there are things you could be doing to help you move forward. For your health and wellbeing, for your career and this is not something new. This is the stuff that keeps churning and churning through your mind and heart.

The full moon eclipse in Sagittarius may see us at a turning point. And confusion about where to go next to my ensue. However, one thing is for sure. Moving backward is not an option, and with some space and soul searching, something fulfilling will present.

It is time to honor our own experience and not dismiss it. And not to shut down or undermine others.

It is time to be brave and take the bull by the horns. If you have suffered setback after setback – this is your call to sit with what is.

As a collective, we have to make some tough and profound life-altering choices. And make them we must. To find the empowerment of opportunity that is ours. And not someone else’s.

Take action. If in doubt, don’t. Observe the new truths arising now. I have every faith it’s propelling us to a better future. And I hope you do too. Hope is a very potent thing.

Until next time
Much flowery love

Trace xx