On This Flowery Full Moon | May 2020

Full moon Scorpio, Flower Essences, Healing, empowerment

Whoa – if things have not been deep enough. Flower Essences come into their own in times like these. Their natural power support in such subtle and awesome ways.

Times of significant change and raw emotion can move through with a sense of ease and grace. Even though it’s a Scorpio moon. One of the deepest.

The Moon peaks here in Perth on the 7th of May at 6.45 pm.

Through every lunation, there’s an opportunity to aid us in our transformation, our healing, and empowerment. This one especially – nothing is off-limits.

Expect the unexpected.

With Uranus involved. Secrets can be revealed. Pay attention to what’s occurring around you. Our inner work may be extended to our inner circle. Much of which is up for renewal too.

If you’re looking for peace, it might be the time to find connections through what you value. So many are finding new beliefs in things and people. Much of which could create division. And this may happen more and more as the moon nodes have just changed signs. With the past node in Sagittarius – belief and truth are here for some revision.

Changes in the Moon Nodes

The natural time when the Moon’s orbital path crosses the ecliptic. The nodes move and create a new phase in our lives for change, growth, healing, and empowerment.

We’re moving from self-nurturing Cancer (north node) and heavily disciplined Capricorn (south mode). To light and flighty Gemini, our future force for the next 18 months. And the south node – past karma will now sit in adventurous truth seeker Sagittarius.

Fake news will be easier to spot. Here’s hoping at any rate. It sure is a contentious issue and will be on the global agenda in terms of its power and use to disrupt.

Other themes could include.

  • Finding the contemporary in ancient wisdom and philosophy
  • Reconnecting to the wild child within us.
  • Deep inner child healing.
  • Healing mind, and body connection.
  • Acting on what we know to be our truth.
  • Having a more flexible approach to life and living.
  • Making room for play and fun.

Breaking patterns within relationships and conditioning from old times past. Especially in marriage is on the cards right now.

Flower Essence Healing

Silverdale Natural Therapy WA somkebush

The Flower essence that resonates for this moon is the WA Smokebush

With three planets moving into their retrograde cycle. That’s Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter – joining Saturn, which moved backward on April 25th. This time is very reflective from now until the end of July, at least.

WA Smokebush helps us to reconnect. It helps us to focus our intentions with our actions. It works on a deep soul level.

This is an integrative essence. Unifying thought with deed. It works holistically, making progress on a profound level. This essence brings you back to yourself. It allows you to let go and makes sure you are connected to your inner essence.

With all the retro action on the way. This is very important. And, before the Full Moon, journaling, and taking your time and observe is a great space to be.

The Full Moon in Scorpio

A Powerful full moon in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. Death and rebirth.

The. Best. Thing. You. Can. Do. Care for yourself.

Neptune is also making sure her feelings are felt. Having a very elusive nature, don’t be surprised if you find a sense of confusion into the mix. Now and across this month. With grounded Taurus energy around will help you feel you are in control in some way.

And you will feel positive and even a sense of hope. Be realistic and try not to float away with the pixies. Or do. For some, this may sound perfectly reasonable with all that’s occurring for us now.

Relationships may feel they are under pressure now. It’s essential to create environments and connections that help you to feel safe and secure. And want to remain present in. Physically and emotionally.

Venus Retrograde is On

Venus retrograde, Tracy OMeara Smith, Kalamunda, Flower Essences, Healing, Bowen Therapy

Venus will test relationships. This is the time she moves from an evening star to a morning one. Forty days and 40 nights, Venus disappears from the horizon. Her inward journey noted by her night-time absence.

The temptation may come. People and things from the past will arise for closure. Will you pass the test? Let’s see.

  • Can you accept this person as they are?
  • Can you live with the current dynamic?
  • Where are you not fulfilled? Can you make changes to may sure you are?

Our projections may magnify, and the things that shit us in relationships will do so too.

If you find that you’re simply over it and need things to change, start with you.

Being seen and heard is imperative for soul growth and emotional connections. Which is why I’m now offering a new service. – Healing Conversations with Tracy. You can read about it here. Healing Conversations with Tracy

Feeling validated is an inside job. One cannot receive validation until one validates and acknowledge themselves.

If you wish to dive deeper, you can also order a personalized flower essence and root cause chart. This is the bomb in terms of self-discovery and self-inquiry. It can open doors and help you think of things from a completely new perspective. Root Cause Chart with Flower Essence

This full Moon magnifies https://www.silverdale.com.au/product/root-cause-chart-with-flower-essence/emotion and our rational thinking. And these dynamics.

With Uranus in Taurus adding to the power of this Moon, we’re being asked to reconnect with this earthly realm. To get grounded and look at our material and resources. How much do we need?

Mores the point. Strengthening your inner being will help you fine-tune your intuition.

Changes to Relationships

Our current physical isolation status has brought with it awareness and truth. Especially on the current state of a lot of our relationships. It’s revealed a lot about our connections and how much energy or capacity we have to maintain them.

This is not the time to necessarily dissolve the relationships in question. But to look at the dynamic. Make a note on how these make you feel. Adjusting where needed. It can pave the way for some deep inner healing. It can also pave the way for a whole new you.

For me, the most significant change is making time for one on one relationships. Over the years and due to a lot of profound personal change managing my daughter’s chronic bone disease, a house renovation, personal responsibility, work, and study.

Relationships like so many other things had to be put on the back burner. Covid has shown me how I had put so many other needs before my own. And at times I’ve felt enormously isolated. WIthout physical distancing. And this is felt by many Mums with a child with chronic issues.

It feels so nourishing to know how deeply loved I am. And spending quality time with my special peeps all the more special. The importance and value of our relationships – to ourselves and each other is incredibly important in life.

Making the time to enrich yours may be all you need.

The Time to Empower.

Empowerment comes from being the observer. Make notes. Follow triggers to the gems within. Breaking free from all the restrictions needs to be an internal job. What thoughts of habits can you let go of to create more freedom in your life?

With aspects across this moon and through the month. Uranus will allow us to make a deep inner connection to a place many have been aiming towards for years.

The Time for Healing.

Healing can be intense through this time.

Day after day, I hear of so many people having to navigate an intense emotional load. From health crisis to financial crisis all at the same time.

Deep emotion creates muscle memory and can also trigger muscle memory. (and this is why the work that I do is so effective in calming the mind-body and soul.) Simultaneously helping the body and the mind accept significant change. And integrating this is a win-win.

Here are some further flower essence supports

Amano for scattered thinking. A mind that is continually churning depletes our energy; this is the perfect solution. Especially if you’re waking at night and can’t get back to sleep. It’ll help to calm you enough so you can get the slumber you need. Amano Flower Essence 15ml

Grief relief. Soothing the heart and comforts the soul. It can lift the pain off the body when dealing with profound loss. Grief Relief Flower Essence 15ml

Care Givers essence – Helps to fill your cup should you feel or heading for burn out. It’s a rejuvenator. It will look after you and your energy. Care Givers Flower Essence 15ml

Meditation, too, is great support. Taking the mind to stillness is deeply healing.

May is such a deep month. Interpersonal, generational, and inner child healing is on the cards. Especially now, with the moon nodes moving into Gemini (north node) and Sagittarius (south node)

Things may be distorted. With Venus in her retro groove, and aspects with Neptune. It’s a great time to take a step back from making any long-term decisions. Find creative solutions to any problem. Until July at least.

Slow down. Take on what’s yours. Be as honest with yourself in every moment.

There are so many stepping up to the plate to own their power. And speak their truth. Listen to your body and let it be your guide. Reach for the things that you genuinely love. Feel into what you truly want. To trust.

Life does feel a little like a choose your adventure series at the moment. Let go of any sense of rigidity that’s in your way. Life is waking us to make sure we know the power of our choices.

The power to choose our attitude. We can do this through affirmation.

Affirmations can help us shift from a negative state to a positive one. And change our perspective. They give the mind focus through times of adversity and maintain a sense of hope for life. Emotionally the body feels it. And from here it’s easy to believe, having the power to create whatever it is you want. Awakening hope.

Hope ignites. Hope opens our minds. Hope finds us a path to travel – even when we feel defeated. And when we don’t

Hope, faith, leap, and trust is my affirmation for this time. What’s yours going to be?

Until next time

Much flowery love

Tracy xx


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tracy omeara smith, flower essences, energy medicineBeing fully seen and understood by another human being without judgment or bias is both our greatest need and the thing that is most missing from our daily life.

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