On This Flowery Full Moon | September 2020


“We are one. We are unified, and We stand in Pure love”.

If there were ever a mantra to keep repeating over the next few weeks, heck for the rest of your life, this would be it. Read on, and I’ll explain why.

From a healing and empowerment perspective, August brought some of us to a profound place. A place to find and heal some ancient wounds. Making those unconscious parts of ourselves conscious.

Aspects of our development, or the lack thereof, came up to be cleared, reviewed, and integrated. Many have been isolated or forced to separate so that they can navigate their inner world. We are realigning to new positive perspectives. Even to make known what’s precious to them.

With a Piscean moon on our horizon this full moon may reveal more to us. Like pieces of our own personal jigsaw puzzle.

One thing is for sure we feel all the feels this moon. And this may have started a few days ago.

Pisces is the deep intuitive sign. So you may be accessing a very deep inner knowing. Tune into this over the course of the next few days to see what else it can reveal to you.

With Mars set to retrograde on the 9th makes those things that tick us off even more prevalent. And it’s not the time to confront. Or push our agenda. Yet to notice and tune it to the triggers so they may move on and not ring as a shiny bright light to deter us off our path.

It’s ok to be consistent with inconsistency on things that feel like you’re pushing s hit uphill.

With communicative Mercury in Virgo. Soon to move on into Leo – you may have found your thoughts churning.

If you find you’re in a cycle of constant mind chatter and can’t relax, there is support. My Amano flower essence is the one that can calm the mind. Described as “Lip balm for the soul,” it can help to bring mental clarity. You can. Check it out here.

It’s a very internal time – or let me rephrase, the energy of our time supports inward healing. This moon’s flower essence healing. Because she is a beauty.

Flower Essence Healing on Offer

Slveredale Natural Therapy

Fringed Orchid is one that helps us to nurture our energy. Many of us maybe feel truly knackered right now. And this essence helps to “protect” our energy. And to be aware of our inner resources and sensitivities.

Fringed Violet helps to soothe after any shock, grief, or distress. This remedy is excellent for people who are drained by others. Or those who unconsciously absorb the physical and emotional imbalances of others. And in the energy of our time, it’s time to take personal responsibility for this and our energy on all levels.

If you find you’re “too sensitive” or told this or even feel this, you may find this interesting.

From an ITA energy perspective.

‘Many people are sensitive and feel what is around them. Sensitivity is a gift if it is managed well; if not, we can become at the mercy of life itself and its endless energetic expressions.

This overwhelming experience of sensitivity limits our ability to function well and move forward in life with joy.

Although it can be intense to be highly sensitive, hindering, or ignoring, it wastes a valuable personal gift that can be used effectively.

We then move from sensitivity to knowing and discernment; this is the pure energy of our soul. The capacity for knowing and discernment contributes to the development of higher wisdom.

Most importantly, we can free ourselves from feeling that we impose our energy and ourselves on others. Or feeling imposed upon by them when they are sharing experiences with us.

We are ourselves, and in that, we allow others the gift of being themselves and not affected by external influences” Melaney Ryan.

If you’d like to know how to strengthen and awaken your energy centers. And to gain the emotional and spiritual benefits by balancing limiting core beliefs.

Please get in touch. I offer remote and in-clinic ITA energy alignments – You can read more about this here.

Don’t Push | Trust

From the Water Trio – One of my favorite astrology podcasts … 

“A characteristic of this time. You could become aware of all the things that need to be done. Followed by a small freak out only to realize… I don’t have the energy to do all of that right now.

Stripping things back and making a list of priorities and wait until things or people are on the same page. I repeat this is not the time to push things forward. Suppose things are stalling look within. Do something like clean the cupboards, spend time in nature, and find the space to nourish”

Trust this process.

It could be just as simple as leaving the dinner dishes to the morning or having space for coffee in the garden. Creating art.

Ask what do you want and what do I need to take responsibility for?

And if you’re stressed out of your brain with all the things. How can you look after your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health?

This moon can be a very soulful time if we let it.

New Perspectives on Offer

There’s so much distraction going on right now. And with that, it can be really easy to give our power away. This is Mar’s role in asking what do you want to support and empower? Or even who?

After this transformational year of 2020 or shit storm of 2020 (depending on the perspective, I guess), We’re reminded how easy it is for things to change. Ready or not, new foundations are being laid. You get to choose what this is and how this will look even if your whole life has blown up in your face.

The key here is to embrace mental and emotional demons. This brings clarity, insight, and personal freedom.

Pushing past points of pain as a way to manage it does not work any longer.

With Uranus recently retrograde in the earth sign of Taurus. This is the energy to break old habits, especially around survival tactics and the anxieties that are associated.

Pain, depression, loss, grief, lethargy all bring us back to ourselves and our bodies. They also bring us back to the here and now. And quite frankly, the now is the only actual reality. With the moon in Pisces – our intuition and the imagination will be heightened.

Whatever you do to remain grounded.

We are going through a massive reorganization and restructuring. We may need to make peace with the fact of having everything in order. Realties checks are due this month, and it could be on a personal level.

Surrendering to what is, is the name of the game.

We Are Love

From Jayme Price

“September amplifies what has been consistent this year—a significant change. Change is always good, even though it’s not always easy—because Life always evolves toward more Love, for it is the core of connection.

The space within you is the sacred connection to All. The time that moves you is a straight path to the circle of life. As the spiraling speeds, you are bound for the freedom to the infinite connection you have always been”

And with this infinite connection, the way the world is moving right now – it’s proof how we’re all interconnected. How what I do and don’t affect you.

The moon in Pisces it’s the most compassionate sign of all. It is also the most connected to our highest expression. And this is Love.

There’s a consciousness that holds everything together. It weaves its way through our hearts and minds. And it’s the energy of love.

We’re unified by the one thing we all want and desire. And this is love. Love of self and love of others. Love for what we do. In the absence and disconnection of this love, we see on a daily the horrific acts humanity plays out.

It’s time to connect the energy of love. To add more of this stuff, acknowledge it’s presence. Since we know, we’re better off. Making us unified in this energy of love.

Hence – In the words of my mentor and friend Melaney Ryan –

“We are one. We are unified. We stand in pure love.

There could not be a more prevalent mantra for our time.

This is the time to reconnect to the very core of who you are. Love.
This is not some hippy rant. Love is an energy that heals. And under the guise of this Full Moon – we can magnify its presence through this acknowledgment. And bringing a sense of healing to our own personal world and those that surround us.
It is an energy that binds people together. And that my friend is a fact. Until next time flowery peeps, get your love groove on. It’s going to be a potent and powerful month.

Much flowery love


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