On This Flowery Moon | May New Moon 2020

The flower essence healing and empowerment on offer this moon is a powerful one. It’s about opening up to healing and allowing change. Making this about shifting our perspectives as the light and dark in all areas of our life are magnified. This moon could spark and instigate deep changes that could include the direction of our life.

The New moon

In Gemini. The twins and the sign of duality. The sign of and the art of communication.

And at present it feels we’re in a time of information overload. And learning to disseminate fact from fiction. And if you’re not up for that, exercising your right for liberation. Turning everything off.

Although switching off altogether is not in your best interests. There’s still a lot going on needing our attention. So much is shifting and changing right now – it will pay to keep your finger on the pulse and make a shift by being more discerning where we play our energy.

Noticing the light and dark in any situation right carries a sense of empowerment. Having the whole picture allows you to transform the old.

  • How are we going to transform stuck or untenable situations?
  • Or how are we going to move forward in our life knowing the whole picture?

Mental Overload

Having a lot of Gemini action happens around this new moon – our mind could be super scattered right now. Constant and continual thinking draining our energy and our time.

Sometimes scattered thinking can be connected to unresolved emotion.

Anxiety too could be high. Especially since so much has changed. With Venus currently retrograde – relationships may be going through tests and challenges adding to the mental busyness and anxieties.

However, on the other side of Gemini – which is flighty by nature. The Gemini energy is multiskilled. Let me paint the picture. Gemini energy has the capacity to write an email, whilst watching a television program and talking on the phone.

Gemini power can manifest things on a whim. It can create anything it sets its mind to. With mental agility, and emotional intention to activate this connection. Gone are the days where we think our thoughts create our reality. It’s actually our whole being that gets sh t moving. Heart and soul. Clear thinking however, would be valuable right now for this purpose.

Taking the time when making decisions or moving forward because of this mutable energy we are all in this changeable malleable phase. We need space and wiggle room to be able to change our minds if we want to.

Check facts and be discerning with all that you are having to manage. In fact, double-check facts. I can’t stress this enough.

You are the boss of your own universe. And because everyone is making it up as they go along. Take all the space that you need. You do you.

Mars has recently moved into Pisces we’ll be more sensitive to ALL the stuff. Epson salt baths, cleanse, and be clear on your perspective and point of view. At least until the end of June.

If your insecurity or anxiety is triggered – any action you take will help to alleviate it. Whether it be seeking help, deep breathing, chatting to a friend. Action and movement work to channel the fear, and the insecurity of the unknown. The point is to bring the mind to another focus and move the feelings up and out of the body. Bowen therapy is very good for this.

Flower Essence Healing

Flower Essences, Purple Flag, Astrology, Tracy OMeara Smith,

The flower essence healing for this moon is the Purple Flag.

Flower essences are a fabulous way to feel grounded, reconnect with yourself, and reconnect to mother nature. Spending time in nature is the one thing that clear our minds, restore our system, and even activate healing. It’s this connection to nature that truly heals and so needed right now.

Flower Essences help to calm the mind and each as specific healing energy that carries to change the way the subconscious minds interpret information. Emotional triggers can ease through the use of flower essence therapy.

Grief too can be managed through deep pain and angst. Grief is an energy unto itself. Flower essences can take the edge off pain in the heart and relieve feels of shock. They help the body and mind come to a level of acceptance with ease and grace.

Purple flag is an acceptance essence. It helps the body to relax through pain. Allowing the body to move from a rigid defensive state to an open a relaxed one. Its energy bypasses the subconscious mind and gives the signal to the body to accept and to be open healing.

Through pain we can accept healing. We can allow something new to take its place.

And there are so many of us going through deep identity shifts right now through loss and readjustment. Now’s the time to be open to something different. To let go of any rigid patterning and pining for what was.

If you’re need of support or want to chat with someone. There is nothing more healing than having a chat and feeling seen and heard. I have a small offering called Healing Conversations with Tracy. And as it was my 50th birthday this week – I’m offering it as a super-duper special. You can check it out here. 

Empowerment on Offer

Empowerment comes through weighing options and allowing things to play out. There’s empowerment in the moment if you allow it.

We’re being set up for the new. And from here a new foundation laid.

Venus our love planet is on her 40-day 40-night vigil. There are currently 4 planets in retrograde. This is very much an internal phase for all of us.  To rethink, redo, and re-evaluate.

Our values and sense of knowing is in transition. Nothing is set in stone. Resistance or trying to maintain control is a waste of time.

If the sh t has truly hit the fan. Then the sh t has hit the fan. What are you going to do about it? How are you going to find any sense of peace or empowerment through the quagmire?

Allow things to be as they are is the best course of action.

And making the most of any given situation. This will generate a sense of empowerment that you can use in the next moment. Seeing the best in your life is a way to generate new energy around and for yourself. And as you build the new energy around you, you create a new way of being, a new identity perhaps. Even drawing people or opportunities to you.

Reassessing Relationships

Our relationships can truly mirror a lot of our own unclaimed stuff at the moment. And in truth this can be the role they play. We move and integrate a lot of our growth and lessons through relationships. By observing what occurs in any given moment can bring truth and clarity.

Before you launch into a tirade with someone. Breathe. Activate that vagus nerve. And wait. There’s something there you need to connect with. Bring it back to you.

Notice if there’s anything you need to reclaim. The retrograde action at the moment can be deep and intense. What we see and can’t stand is just as much about us as it is about them.

I’ve seen many relationships fall apart due to COVID. We’re being tested again. With the new moon in Gemini our natural communicator. Communication is key to make sure everyone is on the same page. Patience and compassion. For you and others will move mountains.

Show appreciation through your words. Words of affection are important now too. Tenderness will reconnect you and the ones you love and even act as a reminder of why you’re connected in the first place.

If your sensing things need or are changing and not sure which way to go.

Questions to ask could be

  • Can I/do I continue to operate in ways that don’t resonate anymore?
  • Do I continue a path that makes me feel flat and drained?
  • Do I have a choice through these strange times?
  • What do I want? If I have an opportunity to start again how would this look?

From Bronwen Sciortino Simplicity Expert …

“Did we ever really know what ‘normal’ life was? Every day was full of noise and chaos, and we sped through everything without taking most of it in. We became unconscious about our actions, reactions and the impact that we were making – on both people around us and our planet ” You can read the full article here.

What we do from here is any one’s guess. The most important thing I’ve come to understand is that we all have a personal responsibility to ourselves and the planet.

New Dynamics to Wake us up

Recently I have had to deeply reprioritize my life to accommodate an upgrade in my family dynamic.

Last year my eldest daughter was diagnosed with a form of bone disease that has been very tricky to navigate. A lot of time and research as prevailed and through the last months has taken up a lot of time. So many other things have been left on the back burner and the time I have had has been devoted to work and finishing a house renovation.

The shit truly hit the fan for my youngest who was over having to manage a sibling with a bone disease, being new to high school, and everyday pressures. Because of my preoccupation did not feel supported by me. Her behaviour acting out unmet needs. My capacity stretched, we sought help and over the last few weeks we have shifted into a new way of operating. It was a very emotional and trying time. And yet so liberating and connective.

I didn’t realize but prior to this, in all aspects of life, I felt like I was falling short. And this was not conscious. Life just crept in on me. I had to reevaluate .. again and started choosing what was a priority and started living in such a way that was conducive to nourishing myself and most of all my precious relationships.

I stopped trying to do all the things and accepted that a small to-do list, made and finished more productive. I was able to be simply present. And my youngest appreciated the big change. Her needs met.

It was a big wake up call.

Relationships shifts such as these are themes at present. How we need to heed the call of another and see how we contribute to our one on one relationships. Recognize how precious our presence is. How our preoccupation with what we think is important to what actually is.

My youngest was mirroring my own anxieties, my frustrations, and anger over a situation we had no control over. This disease, we had to accommodate. There was no choice. The impact, prevalent. And with that had to learn to be there for each other. In small qualitative ways. Quality is the key. Acceptance of what is, Is powerful. It is also a process allowing change to integrate.

New Realities on Offer

Covid has also been big wake up call for many of us. So often I hear people not wanting to go back to the way life was “before”.

And then how can it be. Life has irrevocably changed.

So many of us found a new inner connection through this time. Or they are looking at life and realizing they actually like to slow down. Smell the roses. Hang with their kids. Even bake. Be creative.

Others are struggling there is no denying this. It’s about learning to shift and change. It again, comes back to what our personal responsibilities are. And if you find you have nothing to lose – go do what you absolutely love. There is nothing to lose.

I spend more time in my garden. My happy place. I prioritize my relationships.  I nurture myself more often and deeper. And from here I’ve the capacity for so much more.

The most precious currency we have is our own capacity to live our life by own design.

Our Power Resides within

With some tense aspects to Neptune right now. Including Venus snuggling in. Things are not what they seem. This energy is with us the way to the end of July. Confusion could rein and so too could feelings of insecurity and/or self -doubt. As I mentioned previously use action to channel any excess negative energy.

We’re not here to be a slave to our mind. We’re here to utilize its power and even for some awaken its power in a way we can master it. Gemini is a very mental energy. The mind is its realm.

Amano Flower Essence

If you find you’re obsessing with constant thoughts and you can’t shift them. This is a symptom due to the energy of this time. Deep breathing can help, exercise, and great Bowen treatment, reflexology can help calm the central nervous system.

I have a flower essence designed to help you can access this right now. Amano Essence is made specifically for this.  

Aspects to Uranus in Taurus is all about manifesting on earth. However, it’s our higher thinking and inner knowing that’s the driving energy behind all that we do. And the energy we’re here to connect to.

It’s part of the greater destiny we all came here to manifest. You may find that you’re doing this already.

Trust your feelings. Quieten your mind. Communicate. Take your time. Be discerning. Trust and readjust.

Until next time