On This Flowery New Moon | August 2020

This new moon is one the most special lunations to invoke and set your intentions, align with nature, and the cosmic essence of life. Healing is strong at this time. The flower essence in resonance with this new moon is the most beautiful Turkey Bush.

Flower Essence Healing

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Turkey Bush helps one to access their higher power and attune to their own inner authority. It empowers creative solutions and the creative force. It helps us to the creative center and awaken the heart to the truth of who we are

If there was one moon to help us align to all of the above this one is it.

And because no one truly knows what the fk is going on. The chaos of COVID has brought with it so much for us to consider and reconsider. The propensity to follow our personal authority now is more important than ever. Fact check. And be more discerning.

Personal responsibility is high on the agenda right now.

With Mars in retro shadow phase at the moment. And the backward sojourn starting September 9th, it’s a fiery time around our collective beliefs and what’s at the heart of the matter. Passions can always bring with it a charge of sorts. Power plays too if we’re not willing to listen. It could be trigger city from here til November at least.

From a healing point of view, these triggers are the inner gold. Indicating what needs integrating and acknowledgment. It’s a way through. You can see life one way one moment and then be deeply enriched the next.

Triggers in relationships, in love and work all up for renewal and getting to the core of who you are. Ambitions may take a back step. When frustrated access your patience.  Surrender to the moment when momentum stalls. Be open to other possibilities.

With Uranus recently retrograde, watch for the Freudian slip. It might just flick to the surface without you knowing. What’s revealed is telling. Uranus is our breakthrough bringer of change and she certainly has ruffled our feathers in relation to our relationship to our Earth. It’s the entire cosmos I sense is under her guise as we awaken to the cosmic forces that surround and can help us work through these times.

Time to keep doing the work

Over the last few weeks I, like so many have been juggling deep raw emotion. Especially after my mother’s recent cancer diagnosis.  And then another blow to the heart and then another. As one fire was put out another seemingly took its place – leaving me feeling overwhelmed and anxious in ways I’ve never felt before.

This has been happening across the board for so many. Nothing has been off-limits.

Old ideals of life stripped away. Only to be replaced with a sense of loss and then morphing to a deeper appreciation of life. Feeling light at the moment can almost feel self-indulgent. Own it fully. Knowing life becomes easier and real when we step up to the plate to face our responsibility at any given moment. When we support our own growth – life, in turn, does support us. Trust, faith, and a view of the bigger picture is needed now more than ever.

2020 is the year of transition there’s no doubt.

As the old falls away, and the new still to reveal itself. It’s in the spaces in between we can either fall apart and throw in the towel or access the deep resilience to rock on. And so many are choosing the latter.

And whilst some of us are in the merry go round of lockdown due to this global pandemic – something which is not going away in a hurry its when our personal responsibility comes to the fore.

And doing so because of the anxiety, the chronic pain, mental health issues, the heaviness of truth within life, our world, in our own families, all whilst walking in an unknown future and with a continual change. Processing any one of these things can be challenging enough. Humanity is processing this all at the same time and as a whole unit.

The Transformation on offer

The last few weeks have had me in a bubble of my own process. And I sense there are so many moving through this too. And despite how challenging this ride has been – the strength embodied keeps us grounded.

The body-mind connection is so important now more than ever. Calming the central nervous system and creating the time to connect within. With so much going on in our world right now discernment is key. It’s here we can see through political agendas and dodgy business practices.

Through this global awakening as with any shift in a new perspective, the senses can remain alert, sensitive, and overwhelm easily.

This is why the work I do not only supports this – it can help to reclaim autonomy and perspective. It gifts relief and the space to think, feel, sense, and know what the next steps are. Time moves slower and the pressures of the everyday lighten.

Flower essences. These can help to calm the mind and body. They’ve helped me to process grief, settle my mind, my fears, and come through with simple yet powerful solutions. They’ve also helped me to sleep.

If you’d like support on this level and would like to know more about the work that I do. You can check it out here.

Support is here

Looking after ourselves and each other is paramount. And taking responsibility for life. This encompasses what triggers us. What we love is fast becoming the boundary for our life a life purpose. Of our why and what truly drives us.

ITA Energy Medicine, Bowen Therapy for deeply integrated shifts, inner child healing (you can find an awesome meditation here) have been ways that have helped to heal and move very deep triggers – bringing a strong sense of liberating energy and to go further in healing processes. All to change the resonance within.

And when you change the resonance within you lift the vibe of life. Negative emotion has moved on and replaced with positive outcomes and integrated healing.

This is what is being asked of us. If you find yourself confused or addicted and preoccupied with conspiracy theories or the negative state of our world right now. It comes back to personal responsivity in what you want and to ask what you are here for. What can you contribute.? What’s your role within the collective?

My job and my responsibility are to support my ill mother. Healing old personal and family patterns. To support my daughter managing her way through her bone disease. Whilst working to support my family and my wider community – in life-changing ways.

I do what capacity will allow me. And in doing this I have the capacity to do what’s needed.

I’m taking responsibility for my life and those within it. The boundaries formed here also resonate to the greater good of all. Of deep family healing. Of deep realizations of our family linage and how patterns are now being rewritten. Our next generation has a new foundation in which to spring from and this is powerful for the times ahead.

Certain truths and realizations are making themselves known as we wake up to what needs our constant attention. Where we can shift the balance of power within our own lives it ripples into our community.

I choose to observe the world as it’s making its way back to itself. Understanding that wealth is in our health. How we enrich our lives through relationships. And how we can bring a sense of the greater good to all that we do. How we can be of service. It has to be this way.

The world is moving through a shift in its priorities. Everything happening to wake us from our complacency.

The ways of our capitalist society and system are crumbling. We’re finally waking up to the riches of our hearts, what we value, how we can protect our earth, and our family, including each other and ourselves.

This may seem, idealist, naïve, and ignorant.


It can also be seen as empowered living.

The New Moon

This new moon is in the heart sign of Leo. A time to get to the heart of you. What do you know you need to take responsibility for? What do you love? What do you know you need to do? What’s the heart screaming, yearning for? What do you resonate with?

Leo is the natural home of the Sun. The warm glow of heat and light. The bringer of life.

Life for so many of us has been one shock or deep shift after another. Whilst taking responsibility for what the heart wants – we’re continually moving and grooving to find our sense of healing and a sense of inner peace.

Make sure the motivation that drives you comes from a deep heartful place. The energy at the moment is all about what is true and real. Fake won’t shake right now.

Taking responsibility within the moment will go a long way in our days ahead. If there was a year to show how interconnected we are, this is it. It’s because of this there’s a call to do our part in deep and resonate ways.

It’s in the resonance of truth and in the way our earth is rejuvenating itself that we can find our greatest joys, our greatest riches. And it’s from here we enter we can create a system that can reflect that. If you want to change the system – you have to change the system within ourselves. This isn’t going to be easy. It is though, possible.

To move the anger, the fear, the complacency, the shame, and the inertia. A good start and all on this new creative and heartful new moon.

And in the warmth of my inner Leo sun, and heart this is what I choose to empower.

Until next time

Much flowery love

Trace xx

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