On This Flowery New Moon | January 2021

A Happy New Year for 2021.
The New Moon in Capricorn. Wednesday 13th January 1 pm (AWST) calling for us to take responsibility for ourselves. Our eyes need to be on the ultimate prize even though we may not know what this is. It might be about simply following how things feel as these can act as a beacon.

Planetary Influence New Moon January

Our mind is busy with all the thoughts, processing past events, or the impact the new world order has had on us.

Especially with Pluto making its vibe known. Pluto is the cosmic annihilator – the gifts death and rebirth. His energy will be around even further through the next month. He destroys so we can rebuild.
I can’t help but feel that this new moon can bring in some awesome transformational healing. Neptune, Venus, and Chiron close by and aspected. These are personal, healing, and intuitive planets.  Your intuition could be strong.
January’s new moon sits smack bang on the same degree of last year’s Saturn Pluto conjunction. And from that and this time last year. Our world shifted into a new reality.
This moon comes to this point to ask us and allow us to ask what we learned in the past 12 months? In your life, in your values, in your relationships, in your work? And in your government?
This list could belong. And worth the self-reflection. This is part of creating a new structure and foundation for your life.
2020 created resilience in us like no other. We had to deal with our own individual shit whether we liked it or not. So many finally let go.
And now, so many are picking up the pieces of their lives, and an internal process just started.
Self-reflection may bring strong feelings of loss. Or something not quite right or even overwhelmed by the path ahead.
It is so worth going there.

Life is An Adventure

Life is an adventure and a game. Things arise when we least expect them. More so now than ever, thinking they do so for our benefit helps us understand there may be a bigger plan in play.
  • We can empower and grow at any given moment.
  • Always making the unconscious conscious.
  • Always changing our vibe and allowing us to be better humans.
Even when …. So much is hitting the fan.
There’s a lot of grief amongst us too. And this affects people in different ways. I’ve been recently reminded how deep grief can settle within our cells. As the pain of love and loss makes itself known.
Grief is a private and intimate healing journey. One that has no time frame nor structure can “fix.” And yet, this is what is being asked of us to create structure, get organized so you can be available for what’s ahead.
In light of this – life can be on an organic time frame and still feel structured. This is where elemental cycles can come into play.
And when you can read and know the elemental cycles of life, it can make it all the more profound and enriching. This is because the elemental cycles help us to see parts of our life from a deeper earthly perspective. It also helps in avoiding unnecessary suffering, confusion, and anxiety. If you’d like to know more, – please sign up for my newsletter.
Many are sensitive to the Lunar cycles. Feeling tired, agitated, and sensitive as we move through these times.
This lunar cycle began two days ago. It’s been strong. All to propel the healing and the new perspectives 2020 gifted us.

Flower Essence Healing for this Moon

The flower essence Illyarrie can help to do this. The flower essence for this moon. This flower essence gifts the knowing; there’s nothing you can’t deal with. Things are never as bad as you fear, and it will not overwhelm you.
bush,flower essences, natural therapy, astrology,
After moving through an ordeal. Illyarie can help you process events from the past and help you settle to face whatever you need to clear. From this – you’re able to move forward. Gifted with insight and deeper in your learning of being human.
Stop-start energy may prevail up until March. Because so much is in the process – the new energy of 2021 will make itself known around this time.
Late March and April, the new Astro cycle starting in April.
Our lives could feel and be very different then.

The Changes to Come

With Saturn in Aquarius – connection, humanitarian, and collective consciousness is a thing. Finding like-minded people to hang with is all the more important now and can give added strength.
If you’re feeling insecure or certain people are triggering you – this is your cue to go deep and realign. These triggers may escalate through this quarter.
Remember, things happen for us, not to us. And a mantra I’ll keep on repeat through the coming months. Years, in fact.
Trauma has a way to arise to heal. Excessive mind chatter and emotional irritation can be cues to look within.
To get to the root of what gets in the way of our happiness. Go deep. We get to unearth this. Or it’s unearthed for us.
Mars moved signs on the same day we saw riots in America. Mars hits up against both Saturn and Uranus. The dynamic planet of action is on the move and in grounded earthly Taurus. Breakthroughs through some volatile energy may be on the cards. Feeling and to ground will prove helpful through the next couple of weeks.
The cosmic slowdown and soon upon us, as Mercury starts to wind down for its first retrograde for 2021. This hangs for most of Feb. And in Aquarius. So we’re looking at the collective themes. Humanitarian ways of being, individual vs. group, and the way our minds can help and hinder us.
Patience is a virtue.
Especially if you feel you’re working towards a positive time of change. And we get to create and make it up as we go along. So you might as well do what you love or find ways that support you on a deeper level. Life can be regenerative; that’s the ideal and something to work towards.
Be rest assured this moon. If we set our intentions right, we can create a strong healing foundation. With the structure and longer-term planning. Not quick fixes. And we can do this for our family, our community, our society, our country, our world, and our generation. And the ones to come. And I sense. It’s time to make it so.
Until next time
Much love

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