On This Flowery New Moon Eclipse | June 2020

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The value system in which we operate is changing. Can you tell?  Have you been feeling super sensitive, explosive, even projecting your fears and worries? Misreading information. Is your mind churning with constantly relentless with random thoughts? Are you finding you can’t focus for more than 2 mins? 

Yep. We’re in Mercury retro action. Venus as well. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune too. Which makes this personal. Yet, a reminder not to take things personally. Triggers are ours to own. Eclipses bring the baggage. We’re halfway through this cycle. This is powerful.

A time to recognize how human we are. How blind we’ve been. And still ensuring we nurture ourselves. Primarily through the eclipse. This is the only responsibility and commitment needed now. Questioning everything is a theme. Some of us are at a crossroads.

With so much in a state of flux, shifts in perspective can change daily. Hourly even.

 Mercury went retrograde on the 17th/18th. Amongst solstice and eclipse energy. What’s been seen, said, and done may have a karmic impact around this time. And with this can come deep healing, especially as the veils of truth reveal themselves. 

 Flower Healing  On Offer

 The flower essence resonates with this moon is Menzies Banksia. 

Menzies flower essences, pain relief, silverdale natural therapy,

The essence of tomorrow. And to open to the pain within the now. There is no tomorrow if we don’t face today. Especially in relation to the self. The meeting of discomfort encourages regeneration, renewal, and courage. Menzies gives us the understanding that painful experiences are an opportunity to create inner depth and the determination to move forward.

 It also awakens the understanding that pain is a lesson. For many a block. But only if self-understanding cannot be accessed. Menzies helps us to use this as a way to regenerate and renew. And can help us to claim a sense of fearlessness. Even joy. When this is integrated. The past and the pain sits well and truly in the past.

 Extra Help

amano flower essence If you find that your mind is super busy and you’re struggling to focus, I have a range of flower essence remedies. Namely, Amano to help calm the mind. It helps to settle mind chatter.

Another called Focus. This supports you in feeling less mentally scattered. It can help you get all those to do’s off the checklist. You can check both of these here. Mercury is the planet of the mind – so these seem apt to find support right now. A calm and focused mind makes your world a better place to be.

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The New Moon Eclipse

The New Moon on Sunday 21st falls in the afternoon of the solstice. In the archetype of Cancer. The sign of family. Family dynamics. The family of humanity is shifting its priorities. And no doubt, there’s more to come.

Solstice is the longest day in the north and shortest day in the south. This is a significant cycle. As it affirms we’re in changing seasons. And this cycle is symbolic in the way the world is having to open up and bring in a new season of inclusion.

Stay Cool

 It’s a supercharged time. It’s easy to misread cues from people, the tone in language and our thinking can be scattered.

 Making demands on people now will backfire. We’re all releasing, shifting, and changing our internal structure and perspective. For some, this is deep work. 

Responsibilities may change . Making room for this is paramount. Stay in the moment and commit to what you can. Nothing more. This is the natural time to nourish and nurture.

 Being transparent to how you feel in an internal way. Making acknowledgment of what is going on. Counting to 10 before you blow your stack – journaling. All tools to help you manage and move. And if you’re struggling. Know that reaching out can be empowering.

 The most important thing is being authentic in how you feel. 

Know, in truth, there is no real judgment of what’s positive or negative. It just is. The way to be true to a high vibe or frequency is to own how you feel, to yourself.

 If you feel angry, be angry if you feel sad. Be sad. There’s nothing worse than repressing or not expressing how you feel in the moment. And from here you can take meaningful action.

A reminder of what you can and should be doing. If you’ve been distracted, then this eclipse will give you a big kick up the bum. If you’re not grounded or project your expectations onto others – this will be a sobering time.

Reflect, Review, Readjust, Reorientate.

 A time to review. Observe what changes could be made and if this can’t be avoided. Check and double-check the fine print.

 Six planets are retrograde.

 This year has us asking so many profound questions and a lot from the unconscious mind. All to wake us up. And because of this, the deepest feelings can arise.

Integrating and meeting this can drain our energy. So many feel lethargic and tired around this time. And this is why rest is essential. Eclipse seasons always demand more rest.

Go Slow

Recently because of this deep integration time, I’ve rejoined the Slow Movement. I’ve been following Brook Mcalary for some time. She’s a master at teaching people to slow down and enjoy life. And embrace all of life .. slowly. You can read all about Brooke’s work here.

So many are having to take a step back. To find where they fit, what they align to, and what is even real in their world.

And because of this, we can be sensitive, and ungrounded, especially with Mercury Retro until mid-July.

 It could be a time to look at what we expect in ourselves and each other. 2020 is the year to lose the fear of not having control and go with the flow. At least for now. Another theme for 2020. Be in the now. No expectations and make no demands.

The purpose for this is to stay aligned to our vision, as new concepts present. Eclipses bring us back to our path and the energy to sustain it.

 Grounding and anchoring our energy is valuable. It increases discernment. I know this sounds like I’m on repeat. There is so much going on right now. It’s good to have our wits about us.

 The Healing on Offer

 Feel what you feel and honor it. Acknowledge how far you’ve come.

 Don’t discount what you’ve done or worked out in the past. The past has more currency because of this retrograde action. Some themes may arise to meet again. Self-sabotaging patterns, especially. It is time to dispose of these old habits. Take advantage of the “light” that’s being shone or shining upon us right now. 

The Empowerment on Offer

This eclipsed moon may feel like the world is intent on poking holes in our plans. Upending our good intentions.

Instead of feeling persecuted, this is an opportunity to know that there can be a storm before the calm. Acknowledging uncomfortable truths, both personally and collectively, is empowering.

 Civilizations built themselves in cyclic change. Similar to the one we are in now. All in sync with the movements of the sun. And this is why I have a fascination with plant healing, astrology, and cycles of nature. 

If we can observe history.  We apply these same cycles to the now. And move forward in the knowledge that some cycles need not be repeated.

 Eclipse cycles in modern society are times of restructuring our life and how we live it. These are also powerful celestial checkpoints. Change occurs to test our inner resolve. They may come out of nowhere or happen due to an inner knowing – whether we’re ready or not.

This new moon may have a sobering view—a perspective of not liking what we see. And yet we have to own it and observe without judgment. This is a process of unification. And if we are to unify as a whole, these sobering perspectives need to be acknowledged and integrated. This new moon can change our life.

 With this, unexpected opportunities may arise. if we can declutter our space, mind, and hearts through this phase. It can welcome abundance on a new level and in a new way.

Now is the time to come to be curious about everything. To release the dogmas of the past and question what you truly believe.

 Ask who I am? And what is my purpose in life?

It’s essential now not to seek external validations – but to trust yourself and know what is right for you. Patience in yourself and others is a virtue.

 For the most part. It is best to remain calm. See how relaxed your world can be through the chaos and/or peace. Either or. A state of calm can exist. And I dare you to try.

 2020 is getting us ready for a bigger picture. I have no doubt. We get to decide what this is. This comes through the choices we make at any given moment. Exposing all the shadows and making us see and help us to know what needs to go. Giving us the inner strength to be strong. All so we can be an agent for positive change. And change we must.

 Until next time.

 Much flowery love

Trace x


tracy omeara smith, flower essences, energy medicine

Being fully seen and understood by another human being without judgment or bias is both our greatest need and the thing that is most missing from our daily life.

Especially now in this era. More than ever.

Utilizing and blending the magic of flower essence, Bowen Therapy, and ITA Energy Medicine lifts the burdens of life so you can feel seen,feel lighter, empowered, and free from pain, anguish, and, stress.

If you can’t find Tracy in her clinic she’ll be in her garden soaking up her flowery garden vibes, hanging with her dog Jasper or busy cooking up a storm for her fam bam.

Tracy works 1;1 in her Perth based garden hills clinic or remotely with ITA energy medicine. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter for further insights to empower through pain, discomfort, and through our earthly changing times.

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