Bloom, Rhythm & Flow 1:1 Personalised Flower Therapy Program



Within this 1;1 program we dive deep into Flower Essence Therapy, creating a flower essence specifically for you.

Flower Essences are a form of vibrational medicine that bypasses the subconscious mind and helps you lift up and out of any mind funk.

They can bring clarity to confusion

They can bring immense relief to mind chatter and mental anguish

They can help you make decisions and be confident in doing so.
They can bring you a new perspective and allow you to find yourself amongst the noise.

We move through healing, empowerment, and inner connection with self and the flowers. All of which are self-diagnosing and also use very specific ways of targeting the specific flower essences attuned to you and what you need to awaken, align, change or potentialize.

It is very powerful. You will receive a Personalised Essence, homecare, regular email support, meditations, and journaling and self-care prompts to support you through this newfound connection to self and healing.

Run over a period of three weeks, online or in clinic depending on where you live.





I’ve created a 3-week 1:1 online program to support you to leap into your greatest potential. Certainly the beginning of something truly inspiring.

This is the perfect chance to utilize the wisdom within, the life force and power of nature found in the flower essences. This is a unique opportunity to break patterns and the ties that bind us to attitudes and behaviours that are no longer serving.

Taking time to connect what can and does is what this program supports.

Bloom, Rhythm, and Flow

  • Time to find flow, where things feel easier and natural.
  • A sense of rhythm within. Synchronicity even.
  • A space to allow you to blossom into what you truly need and want.
  • Find clarity from confusion
  • Find connection through and sense of isolation and frustration
  • Find the inner spark to see you through 
  • Use the tools on offer to create a new perspective and the means to ACT on what you learn.
  • Gain motivation and the inclination to make a difference to the quality of your life.

We dive deep into what you need and what needs to shift, to find a strong sense of inner peace and confidence to make the change you need to make. In tune with your natural energy cycle.

Creating a flower essence remedy that is in sync with you.

This program will show you how to use your time more efficiently. It’s about committing to yourself and each other in creating the space to reconnect and create the potential for positive change.

The most amazing thing.

You’ll have Flower Essence support the whole way.

Flower Essences support the mind and body to make the inner shift you need.

You receive a very specific session with me to work through your flower essence and identify what your current needs and wants are. This is very powerful.

This is includes healing sessions, regular email support, meditations, creative expression, and a time and place for you to connect and just be. All you need to do is show and be you. The magic of the flowers and this program will carry you through.


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