Care Givers Flower Essence 15ml


The Care Givers Essence is for those who are big-hearted givers. Those that are deeply compassionate and over give to the point of burnout.

For those that are constantly feeling tired. Not feeling rested or rejuvenated.

This is the essence for you. It will help you regain energy, rest and refill your cup.

You’ll feel a lot more relaxed, calm and not concerned in doing “all the things”. It can help with feeling of overwhelm and put a skip back in your step. Or at least you will feel a lot better knowing you can pivot and create changes that a beneficial for you.

It will help you to refill your cup and give you the space to breath.

This is great for Mums, Healers, Nurses, Doctors, Support workers and Carers.

7 drops morning and night and whenever you feel exhausted.



The  Care Givers Flower Essence is an essence that help you to feel rejuvenated. It helps if you’re constantly giving and not filling your cup.

This is for those that give and over give.

It’s for those that naturally advocate for others and forget about themselves

It’s for those with big hearts who feel taken advantage of at

It’s for those that struggle to assert boundaries

It’s for those that feel unappreciated.

It’s for those who give and struggle to give to themselves

It’s for those who feel depleted and need rejuvenating

Care Givers essence will give you the space to breath. It will help you to fill your cup. It will help you to discern where you need to place your time and energy.


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