Grief Relief Flower Essence 15ml


Grief Relief Essence helps you to find clarity and allows emotion to flow naturally through the peaks and troughs of grief. It may help to soothe the heart, calm the soul and console in times of crisis.

Loss can take many forms, whether you are grieving from a death, relationship break-up, redundancy or health change, this is a time to care for yourself using the Grief relief Remedy.

Take Grief Relief Drops directly under the tongue morning and night for continuity in support, and as required during any times of deep and troubling emotional waves.



When we lose someone. When faced with someone dying the shock of loss can hit us at a very deep level. Grief is an emotion that is very elusive by nature. Grief Relief Essence helps to soothe a broken and troubled heart.

One minute you think you’re fine and then the next minute waves of emotion can hit. Deep pain. It can hit hard on a cellular level.  At time you can be at a loss on how to process or even manage emotions that feel insurmountable.

Grief relief is the essence to take when this occurs.

It helps to lift pain of the heart and soothe the soul through times of deep pain and struggle.

It can calm the mind, enough to find coherence. It can help settle insomnia through this time.

Grief is not something that can be controlled. Each one of us grieve in a very different way.

Loss can be a painful journey, this essence is something that can help you manage the process in such a way that you feel supported, soothed and nurtured.

It doesn’t mask the process, it supports the process. It helps to manage big feelings in a respectful way. No matter how long it takes to move through this challenging time in life.

Taken in the morning and at night and whenever waves of grief or loss present.

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