Immunity Program – Family


Immunity is the building block on which all health is maintained.

If you’re constantly getting ill or your kids just can’t seem to shake that sniffle. This program is for you. It’s Incredibly cost effective and more importantly it works.

The Immunity program will reinforce your body’s power of resistance, boosting your immunity  keeping you well and energised,


This is extremely cost effective. A 3 month program that reaps so many benefits. This is easy and simple for the whole family to take.

The body’s defence mechanisms often need a tweak here and there to protect against virus and bacteria. Especially if you’re constantly getting ill and can’t seem to get well.

Especially effective if you have kids who are constantly getting ill or carry the sniffles and runny nose. With this specific combination, you’ll feel better in no time.

Ferrum phos No 3: Helpful in clearing infections in their initial stage. When adding this into the body makes sure the body has the capacity to clear in infection.

Kali Sulfuricum No 6 : Reduces inflammation in the body. Enhances the healing process of chronic inflammations of the mucous membranes.

Magnesium phosphate No 7: Needed for effective cellular process, absorption of minerals, natural muscle relaxant, brain cognition and settle the central nervous system. It also treats muscle aches and pains

This combination should be taken for at least 4-6 weeks. To gain ultimate results take until finished. Then follow up once a year.

There’s a specific order these are taken. You’ll receive specific information about this specific and more. Including:

  • Effective information that’ll help you to support and lift your immunity.
  • Regular email contact across the program.
  • Up to three months support.
  • Regular updates, including my awesome #emflowerment newsletter, which includes deep insights on holistic health and more
  • Family Ebook on Immunity – includes information and ideas to keep the body strong. Including what you can do as a family unit to maintain long term well-being.

Family Regime (family of 4)  $260 + $15 postage


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