Silverdale Energy Message | June 2018

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Silverdale Energy Message June 2018

The New moon occurs on the 14th June 3.43am Perth Time

The last couple of months the energy has felt friggin intense. So much has moved and shifted or is still shifting for many of us. It’s been deep and relenting.

I look at my life now to what it was at the beginning of April, and it looks very different. I’ve had to make necessary and deep changes to reflect the energy shift that’s occurred within me. Some choices I’ve made I can’t even explain, I’ve just had to trust. It’s been liberating as I welcome in the new and adjust accordingly.

With a house renovation in the mix, life is well and truly under going a major transformation. I’m loving it. Routines are different. Change happens on a daily basis. I’m loving cooking on an old stove, in the semi dark on our front verandah and it’s freezing.

I appreciate the present moment.

As challenging at it is at times I’m making a choice to enjoy this process. It’s been years in the making and I mean years, so I want to love every single minute of it. Bringing in the love whilst I build a new foundation.

Flower Essences of the Month

Silverdale Natural Therapy Flower Essences Tracy O'Meara Smith
Blue China Orchid

The flower essence that resonates for this month is Blue China Orchid and Cats Paw.

Blue China Orchid settles the mind. It is a beautiful essence if your mind has a tendency to wonder and obsess.

Silverdale Natural Therapy Tracy O'Meara Smith

Cats Paw is the essence that instigates expression. Words come freely and easily. Especially when confronted. It helps us to get past our insecurity around expressing what we need or want.

With a lot of mental energy around, how we think and what we believe is up for an overhaul. Flower Essence healing is perfect at this time. Flower Essences are energetic in nature. Using the healing quality of the flower to heal. They shift old subconscious fears giving you a new perspective on what you’re dealing with. They’re incredibly powerful.

You can read more about them here in my blog Healing Power of Flower Essences or book in for an online session where I can attune a specific flower essence just for you. I do this online and in clinic you can read all about it here.

Kindness and Empowerment

I’ve learnt some strong lessons around empowerment and kindness. These lessons are not always easy and being empathic, it can make for some squeamish awkward internal body contortions.

Being kind and understanding doesn’t mean you need to be a  push over. Holding onto your heart, and values, with a compassionate intention, is incredibly important when someone or something comes along to test your resolve. It lifts and awakens you to a new level of understanding of yourself and those that you hold dear. Strong emotional and energetic boundaries are needed now.

With Neptune in the mix, just about to turn retrograde – the energy of this planet is strong, Neptune is the planet of emotion, spirit and the natural flow of life. Intuition can be off the charts, dreams may be freaky accurate and vivid. It’s important to have compassion for others whilst still looking after your energetic boundaries. If you’re sensitive you may be tapping into those around you – be mindful of this.

Energy Theme for June

The energy for this month is about change and communication. What you say, how you say it and included in this mix is how you listen. Listening is a huge part of the communication process. This means listening to others as well as listening to ourselves. The time of the new moon is all about self reflection.

The power of the word is strong. What we say to ourselves and others has power. Someone reminded me the other day around the words I say. Even how I express myself has an incredible effect on the type of experiences and people I bring into my life. I’ve been very mindful of this of late. How many times have you said you were going to do something and then never got around to doing it?

What would happen if you actually followed through with something you’ve talked about for eons and long dreamed on doing? What impact would this have?

The New Moon

At the time of the new moon, observe where you are in your life and in the life of others.

Who and what we are you giving your energy to. Is it being reciprocated? Do you feel respected or dismissed? Are the same old relating dynamics continuing? Are you allowing it in fear of reprisal or you not sure how to navigate it? These are the questions you need to be asking now. Now’s the time to observe and note where you can make healthier choices for yourself and others.

This moon is very much about listening to the self. The intuitive, the god voice, the inside voice, the inner voice whatever you choose to call it. There’s a strong sense of the sacred in this moon. There are aspects to Neptune which is the planet of spirit and universal flow. Take some time, say a prayer for yourself and for someone who is struggling. Acknowledge how far you’ve come and all that you have and are with a strong sense of humility. So many times we forget to do this.

Align your energy with what nourishes you not diminishes you.

By being receptive, important insights can come that can change your perspective. These give you the necessary action plan for your cause and can only reach you if you’re open to receiving. Actions such as being creative, colouring in, gardening, writing, meditating. Anything that relaxes the central nervous system and allows the mind to be open is perfect. Even sex makes that list. Being open to another is helpful right now.

The Mind and Body Connection Is Important

The energies at the moment are putting pressure on us to find resolve with our emotional issues, and a new way to mentally processes our stuff.

Some of us could be feeling overwhelmed in this area. The feeling that you’re going crazy when the mind just won’t shut up.  You’re not crazy. This means that it’s time for change. It means that there is some old “stuff” that needs to be looked and resolved.

If you’re finding that you’re not coping please seek help.

The obsessive mind manifests itself in your body in many ways. It’s a double-edged sword. Emotional feelings effect the mind, and the mind effects emotional stability. When you get stuck in the continuous loop it can feel like torture.

Do one thing that can support you. Ring a friend, do some exercise, garden, ring your doctor, your holistic therapist. Do something that can change the behaviour and get you to channel this excess energy. Connecting to the body instead of your mind chatter will help you relax. Even better, the realisation that you are not your thoughts. They are not real. They are in fact just thoughts.

Where do our thoughts come from? They come from memory stored within our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind holds old negative beliefs about ourselves, events, money and relationships many of which are not true. (The work that I so helps to shift, and heal this old conditioning – check out my website for more details)

At the end of the month, all the planets will be moving in a retrograde motion. This means we will be operating on a subconscious level. Old conditioning patterns will get a chance to become conscious and released.

A Time For Healing

Anger and how we deal with our negative emotions will be fore front. It’s a wonderful time for healing and getting to the bottom of any old angst you may’ve been carrying.

Try not to nick pick or pick a fight with anyone. Transparency is key now. Express from the heart. Don’t promise anything you can deliver on. If you’re having issues SAY SO. People can’t help you if you can’t help yourself.

Take responsibility where you can. Especially if things are not reflected as you’d like or expect. Sometimes we project our crap onto others. Even manipulate (conscious or unconscious) to get what we need. When what we really need to be doing is giving this to ourselves.

If you’re not dealing with anything or conscious of what you’re doing, life will and does force us to take responsibility. Aanndd it may come all at once. The crisis. The car breaks down. You lock yourself out of the house. You lose your phone. Bills turn up out of the blue. Relationships can go to shit. And no matter where you drive you always get caught behind the slowest moving car or truck. This is all to instigate change. To get you to dig deep and question who and what you’re about. To slow you down to accept and acknowledge. To shake you out of auto pilot. Making sure you choices are to your benefit.

Crisis can’t always be avoided. It’s how we deal with the it that makes us who we are. The trick is to listen and act on what you can acknowledge. I mentioned this last month, don’t allow fate to step in and create change for you. Walk towards what you want with an open and brave heart.

Full Moon 29th June

From now until the full moon on the 29th June, it’s the time to get clear. Act on what you need to do and or see manifest within the  next 6 months. From the end of the month 7 planets will be in a retrograde motion.

This is the natural time where everything slows down. It’s like the tides gone out.

You may feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. Especially over the next couple of months.

Time to chillax. The planet Mars, a personal energy planet, will weaken now. You may feel less ambitious and or actually doing anything productive. Observe this for yourself. Mars retrogrades from June 26th. Watch what happens.

Going with the flow is the mantra. It’s the natural time to enjoy down time for recreation to re-energising and take a step back. It may not be the best time to expand into anything new. Use the resources you already have. Finishing projects you’ve already begun.

Don’t be afraid to experiment without any attachment to the outcome. I’m all about empowerment so if you get the inner green light on something you must follow that feeling.

Change Is In The Air

There’ll be a lot of change occurring next month as we hit the eclipse season. More on that soon. I’ll be posting again on the full moon so please look out for that one.

Eclipses fast track us. When on the right track they can propel you forward. If you’re on the wrong path they’ll bring you back to the present and make sure you change course. The effects of these eclipses could be felt during this new moon.

Be open to change or create change if you haven’t already done so and know you need to do it. Life communicates to us all the time. It’s up to us whether we choose to listen or not. I ‘d choose the latter.

Much flowery love


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Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence Therapy. Tracy helps people gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

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