Silverdale Monthly Energy Message | July 2018


The  energy of June was somewhat intense. Especially mid month. Unfortunately July has a similar intensity. In fact until Spring you could see big changes. Here’s the flower healing and message for this lunar cycle.

June Full Moon

This occurs on June 28th at 12.53pm. This full moon is powerful. It’s in responsible and serious Capricorn. There’s a strong emphasis around taking responsibility. Responsibility for everything. What we see, think and feel.

There could be a revelation around something. All you hard work could pay off and there could be a culmination point where success rolls in. Especially with Mars retrograde energy in this mix.

The Flower Essence(s) of the Month

The flower essences that resonate for July, attune with the eclipse energy. With close aspects to Saturn there’s a strong resonance to karma. Good and Bad.


Pic: Jo Wilson     ~ Wattle in Bloom ~

Wattle is the flower for the person who dances with chance and never expects to get caught. Wattle awakens a sense of responsibility. Especially with the greater good in mind.

This is for the teenager who’ll take silly risks thinking nothing bad will happen. It’s the taking care essence. A wake-up essence.

It forces us to face up to the realities of Life. Magnifying the wisdom of good choices including, the consequences of bad choices. Clarity arises.

Wattle is flowering everywhere here in Perth. Every time I see this. It always reminds of this natural cycle and I take heed of what I am responsible for.

Yellow Boronia

Yellow Boronia

This is a soothing mental essence. This is awesome if you need or want focus in the things you do or want in life. It quietens the mind. It has the capacity to shut out external noise. If you’re a meditator this is a great essence. If you’re feeling scattered this will help bring about a great sense of calm. Great for kids during exams

With so much going on this month, focus and rest sound pretty good to me.

You can take flower essences orally or topically. They’re effective in clearing old subconscious beliefs. They’re very subtle. Very good for those that are sensitive. I offer a series of flower essences healings which you can view here. I also combine them with body therapy. I find these are helpful. Especially if you suffer from chronic pain, remedial health issues and/or crisis.

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July is Eclipse Season.

Moving into July we’re entering into the natural cycle of eclipses. Eclipses occur when the light of the moon or the sun is dimmed by the shadow of the earth. These arise on the new moon Friday July 13th. A partial solar eclipse and the 28th July Full moon lunar eclipse.

Eclipses are a natural fast track cycles. They help to push us forward. If we are on the right path.  Push us back to reassess if we are on the wrong path. If you’ve been ignoring important signals and knowingly and haven’t dealt with something. This could be your wake up call. Waking you up and not necessarily in a nice way. Pain and crisis can lead to deep transformation.


It is a month to take responsibility. Before you confront or feel the need to “have it out” with somebody. Watch what’s triggering you. Detach and look at the trigger. It’s an internal journey now.

With all this retro energy, there’s a tendency to operate on a sub-conscious level. So many things people and experiences come in as cues. Big lessons to own and upgrade. Avoid creating anything that needn’t manifest.

July New Moon and Full Moon Energy

New moon 13th July is partial solar eclipse. This could bring something new into your life.

There’s a strong feeling of opposition over this moon and a strong emphasis on healing.

Being in Cancer, this archetype is all about family and self-nurture. Spend nurturing time with those you love. Keep those you love close, appreciate those you love and recognise those who love you for who you are.

For some of us, me included, the last few years have been cutting out and transforming dysfunction. It’s healthy to be in and around relationships that nurture and serve rather than deplete and drain.

The Full Moon July 27th is in Aquarius. The humanitarian and community archetype. This is a time to release and open up to others. Be aware that something may end. This is eclipse season.

It may become clear what needs to go. It’s skin shedding time. Believe in yourself.

If you’re in a good relationship, these energies will bring you closer together.

Own Who You Are

There’s a huge emphasis on creativity and manifestation.

There’s are calling to inspire to create a better future. With the full moon in Aquarius, it’s about acting for the greater good. Being community minded. Creating or contributing to the community you belong to. There may be shifts in the status quo in this area. If that’s needed, don’t be shy.

As I mention before, it’s all about the feels. You need to feel you have the freedom to do things your way.

Recently I watched an amazing stand-up comedy routine by Hannah Gadsby called Nanette. Hannah is an Australian Stand Up Comedian.

Writing about this will not do this justice. You must watch it. If you have access to Netflix. Here’s the link.

Hannah Gadsby has taken her story and cleverly weaved it into a comedy routine. One that gives us a huge reality check. Hannah describes what it’s like to be gay in a small Tasmanian town in Australia. The tension and emotional impact this created for her and her mother. Her shame. Her physical abuse and her lack of self -esteem and self-worth. Forced to carry, because she was different from the “norm”


“I am not a victim, I tell you this because my story has value,” she says. “I need you to know what I know.” Adding: “There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.”

“Everything Gadsby had joked about for a decade, she now looked at through new eyes, a truer, more mature perspective. How she joked about coming out to her family, or misunderstandings with strangers, all of that rang slightly false to her now. As she explains: “Do you understand what self-deprecation means when it comes from somebody who already exists in the margins? It’s not humility. It’s humiliation. I put myself down in order to speak”

Not anymore. This is so powerfully done.

Inner Transformation

Over the last few years there are so many of you who’ve had to dig deep into the core of who you are. To create change in your life, so you can live in is such a way that’s true to who you are. To receive the support and respect you rightly deserve. Clearing the conditioning that was projected upon you. The shackles released, accepted and healed.

It’s time to shine. It’s time to share. Like Hannah, create a space in which you can exist and be free to be yourself. In your way. With your voice. Without the fear and projections of others.

It’s been a big time to be that true individual and if called, serve the greater good.

We ALL have a story. We all have insights of life. These are powerful to share and not to be discounted any more.

I’ve started a new blog called #Emflowerment, using this as my platform to express what I see. What I feel needs to change. You can check it out here. I’ve also mapped out a new book so watch this space.

Don’t be afraid to open your heart and connect with who you are. Expose your vulnerability. Own your stuff, no matter how irrational. I cannot stress this enough. It’s in the owning, not the projection.

Hannah Gadsby – Nanette is such a good example of this.

The Retrograde Party

There’s so many planets in retrograde at the moment. I’ll list them for you here. This is when a planets power seems diminished. It’s a time when the gifts of each are better utilised by taking it within.


Retrograde until the late September. This is the time where you could feel more self -disciplined. Moving past your old stories doesn’t serve you or others, into a phase of healing and renewal.


Retrograde until late November. Past karma may need to be cleared. Learning new spiritual concepts and applying these to your life are powerful now.

Mars Retrograde. This is an interesting one.

It’s the natural cycle in rest and rejuvenation. Feelings of ambition may wane. Laziness is the new black. This is a lesson in empowering our relationship with energy and time.

Making time for the things that are important to us. Being productive in a different way. Observing where our energy is going, in all areas of our lives. The energy of our thoughts, actions and emotions and how this is supporting us.

I’m expanding myself and my business behind the scenes. Not in an outward way. Even though things are busy, the expansion and energy is being channelled in such a way that I feel I can breathe.

Mars retrograde is a natural cooling off period. This is more about the process than the outcome. Being experimental is the best way to manage things. This cycle starts on July 27th and ends August 27th.

If you get cues to slow down or things are slow and frustrating, then take a break. People may be a little snappy now because of this this slow down. Don’t take it on.


Begins on 28th July. Although the shadow period will start two weeks prior. The communication planet takes a snooze, and everything moves in a state of flux. Go slow and enjoy the snaffles that Mercury can bring. If you’re forcing your agenda, trickster Mercury will play havoc. Missing phones, losing keys, cars breaking down.

Mercury is the archetype of communication and mental thought. Things or people may return from the past. Even reignite something that’s been long forgotten. Either way, this may prove to be an intense time with two personal planets taking a backward spin. Mars and Mercury. Time to feel.

Plans change in an instant. Mercury retro ends on the 17th August. Then the shadow period until early September.


Saturn retrograde ends 6th September. This is about facing and fixing things from the past. If you’re feeling blocked. Go deeper. Heal on some level to move forward.

Jupiter. Retrograde until 9th July.

The planet of expansion. This will roll forward early in the month giving some reprieve. Luck may’ve been harder to come by. Things may have felt harder to create or tolerate. Things will flow a little easier.

Can you see the themes here? Review, release, reconnect, revisit, readdress, reassess and rest.

This does not mean you can’t move forward, you can. It’s in a more mindful way. Being in the present moment will pay huge dividends.

Best Tips For July

from Chanini Nichols

With Mars retrograde …”this will ask us to reclaim our power from the pressures of social acceptability and respectability, reminding us of the importance of doing and thinking for ourselves

Face everything head on. Rest when you can. Express sensitively when you can. Take space and detach. When triggered go within and wait for that inner voice wisdom. Slow and steady wins the race with a bit of recharge along the way.

Emotion is energy in motion. If you’re in the depth of things (the last couple of weeks have been emotionally challenging for a few of us). The fears. The injustice. Whatever you’re feeling, the dark and murky. Face it head on. The energy will make itself known. Validate it, accept it and the lessons. It’ll move on transformed and released. When confronting this, it brings you deeper. If this is overwhelming please, seek help.

Facing the deeper darker parts of yourself, leads to freedom. This is where you have full choice and control.

It’s also how you peacefully change the world.

Until next time

Much flowery Love


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