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Flower Essence Healing of the Month of October


October is a time of realignment. A readjustment period for our relationships.  New beginnings are on the cards. You may’ve felt like your operating in a completely different way and life sits on a new foundation, an up levelling so to speak. We now have the time and space to keep building on that.

However, we have another transformational process to walk through.

Love planet Venus is in her backward spin until mid November. This starts on the 6th October. The shadow of this transit has been in effect since early September. The effects of which are in full swing for the entire month.



Flower Essence of the Month | Urchin Dryandra


The flower essence Urchin Dryandra is the essence that resonates with this months energy.

Silverdale Energy Report Flower Essences
Urchin Dryandra

It awakens a positive appreciation of one’s internal gifts. The inner potentials to create happiness. It boosts self-worth. It helps to promote equality in relationships.

This is the time to rely on your inner resources. Move past inner triggers by focusing on self compassion. Relationships may be tested. Trust yourself.

Venus’s retrograde carries us into the depth of our intimacy issues. Relationships go through a transformational process. Illuminating what our needs, values, and goals are.


With so much shifting, new neural pathways are being created. Making subconscious triggers more apparent. The awareness of suppressed emotions are part of this mix.


October | Monthly Themes


Consider the needs of others but not at the expense of yourself. Giving more than you’re receiving may be a co-dependant habit that’s up for renegotiation this month

When triggered, ask what do you want? Looking outside of ourselves for support isn’t necessarily in flow. Tune into your inner strength over the coming weeks. Every body is going through their thing, rejection needn’t be personal. Honing in on your inner strength and not buying into over thinking will help you to navigate the coming month.

So many planets have completed their natural retrograde cycle. Some parts of our lives are beginning to move forward. It’s been a deep and unyielding time for some.

After the September full moon (which triggered a lot of us) the intensity of life is increasing. It’s becoming clear that self-care is a non-negotiable. Navigating these energies are easier if you can make your self care a priority.

October is about a sense of balance, partnerships, connection, networks, and beauty. Letting go of out worn habits and behaviours.

This is the time to be true to yourself even if it’s just an inner acknowledgement. This shift in perspective can change everything.

Amano Flower EssenceIt can also awaken the power of choice. The choice not to react in an automatic pilot kinda way.

Flower essences can help you do this. They help  bring the unconscious conscious. They relax and rejuvenate. They help to clear our old ways of thinking and being. Subtle yet very powerful.

You can read all about Flower Essence Healing here. Please check out my new essence, Amano which helps to calm the mind. It’s brilliant.


The trick these days is being open and compassionate as the crap hits the fan and comes to the surface. Relaxing into the change and stepping into self nurture is key.

By connecting with yourself in this way. You’ll start to connect with others with a renewed energy. Attracting what and who you need when you need it.

Speak your truth. Knowing that what you say or do effects us all. However by being true to you, you give permission for others to do the same. This is true interdependence in play. Don’t hold back to what you know to be true.


Venus the Planet of Love | Retrograde Phase


Starting Oct 6th Venus retrogrades for 40 days and 40 nights. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships and money. All of which will be tested through this time. This transit is even referenced in the bible. The time Jesus is said to have spent in the Judan desert. Tempted by the dark forces of god. Material temptation, ego temptation and desire temptation.

The natural cycle of transformation makes the next 40 days are a very powerful time. Be aware that the stronger the feeling to act, the more it wise to take a step back and observe.

Watch for the shiny objects. The same shiny object may not be at the end of this transit. Power plays could occur.

Know that if you’ve been avoiding conflict. You may not be able to do that this month.

This is the perfect time for inner work. To connect within. Simplify and strip back things to see what’s at the core. Deep change can occur.

This is the time to let go and let god.

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New Moon | 8th October


The new moon in the archetype symbol of Libra. One of balance, beauty, peace and diplomacy. With Venus just newly retrograde. It’s a great time to set your intentions through the 40-day transformation time.

Results may be delayed now. In fact, til the rest of the year. Control freaks beware.

Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart. Although the love planet is moving backwards. This can also be the time that true love can be reignited.

Over the past few months we’ve been in a holding pattern due to so many planets sitting in their retrograde cycle. With an eye on the prize you can finish the year with an even stronger foundation.

Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Mercury are all moving forward now. By mid December we move into a space free of backward spin for a small while at least. Not to the extent 2018 has been.


Full Moon in Taurus


This is an interesting moon 25th October 12.45am. Time to get grounded. Nourish the body. It’s rejuvenation time. This moon may be the turning point for this month. Clarity may reign supreme here.

Emotional triggers are always on the cards through a full moon. This is when everything we do or don’t like is magnified.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most intimate. Only you know the depth in which you can love and lose. The last full moon triggered a big self realisation and the gusto to let go of old ways of operating.

This full moon can expand on what was occurring for you in the last full moon. This time there’s a strong healing element through the release.

What every you experience through this October, check in and give space through the month. It’s a testing month. Having a sense of humility will go a long way. By taking a slower approach you’ll make headway in ways you never thought possible. You’re less likely to miss things. You’re less likely to discount yourself and the things you hold dear.

October is change maker month. How you deal with this is up to you. What-ever you do choose wisely. We’re all counting on it.

Until next time

Much flowery love

Trace x

Tracy OMeara SmithTracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Therapist. From a young child, you’d find Tracy making daisy chains in the far corner of her garden. If she’s not in her clinic, you’ll still find her spending time in her garden soaking up all the flowery vibes.

A strong advocate for the healing force of nature. Tracy uses the combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, ITA, Flower Essence and Mineral Therapy. These modalities are a powerful combination that relax the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul. Empowering women to reclaim their inner peace, relief and gain a new perspective with what they are having to manage.

Tracy works 1:1 with women within her Perth hills clinic, Silverdale Natural Therapy and also Offering remote energy healings. Treating women who suffer from chronic pain, remedial health issues and find themselves at a time of crisis are her specialty. Tracy also offers online tissue salt and flower essence programs that treat various issues from Immunity to Anxiety.

Through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman and a better place. Juggling two beautiful of daughters of her own, she celebrates being unapologetically human and encourages others to the same.

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