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What is ITA – Energy Medicine?

ITA is a system of energy medicine designed to bring the energetic, physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of an individual into harmony.

ITA energy medicine is based on the understanding that your energy system is interconnected with your physical system, and that your mind (your beliefs/thoughts/emotions) have an impact on the over all functioning of these systems. The energy system is comprised of vortices channels, chakras, and meridians.

When you hold onto outdated, limited or self defeating thoughts, emotions and attitudes this can link to ailments or other physical symptoms within the body. For this reason, ITA addresses these and looks at any stored emotion, beliefs, and conditioning contributing to this imbalance. Some of which can contribute to cellular breakdown and affect the way we think and absorb information.

ITA energy alignments are specifically designed to release the dominance of the sub-conscious mind (the part that stores your beliefs, fears, and conditioning), restore your systems to a balanced state and bring you into alignment with your higher soul/self.

ITA – Integrated Therapeutic Alignment is a systematic and grounded approach to healing. Utilising the body’s own wisdom and healing pathways.

Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness

Melaney Ryan has worked and developed ITA – Energy Medicine and practised this for over 25 years within her own clinic. From a family of energy facilitators – Melaney has interpreted her linage gifts to create a systematic approach into an energetic healing modality that is helping thousands. Including me.

Melaney has now created the Melaney Institute of Applied Consciousness which teaches ITA – Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation is an active meditation practice that builds inner force and accelerates our personal evolution. You can read more about this here.

Her interpretation and systematic approach gives her work guidelines and sequences that are easily taught, understood and integrated.

Teaching internationally in New York and Amsterdam and here in Perth. Melaney has decoded the pathways to self- realisation and is spearheading a genuine shift in the understanding of energy and consciousness.

How can ITA – Energy Medicine help

“ITA is a system of energy medicine designed to bring the

  • energetic,
  • physical
  • psychological and
  • emotional aspects of an individual into balance and harmony.

Through ITA – we are able to activate and balance key connection points between the energetic and physical bodies. This restores a balanced flow of energy … and activates our innate self- healing functions.

ITA – Energy Medicine can assist individuals in a process of self development through self awareness. ITA initiates a deep understanding and awareness of self and of our true purpose here on Earth.

This is part of the process of creating inner harmony and self healing. ITA promote ownership of the individual creation of the richer life experience.

Without inner joy, fulfilment and a sense of connectedness in life it is more difficult to maintain alignment, balance and health on all levels.

ITA honours the unique individuality of each person and seeks to generate insight into the whole person. Personal history, emotional, psychological and physical factors can all contribute to imbalance and recovery from imbalance. An ITA sequence and treatment plan is always chosen to meet the needs of the individual.” ITA Developer Melaney Ryan

Many have gained relief and understanding through chronic pain, psychological imbalance, anxiety, depression, changing family patterns, self empowerment, and self development. In some cases it is only through working with the energetic system that the body and the mind can find the peace and relief it seeks.

ITA for Self Development

ITA is used to support self development as well as alleviate physical imbalance. As the energetic bodies, systems and pathways align and integrate.

The benefits include

  • Increasing intuition and awareness,
  • Increased inner knowing,
  • Resistance to illness,
  • A readiness to detachment to what not aligns more easily,
  • One can redirect and monitor thoughts more easily. 

“The aim in ITA is to achieve a state of being known as non- duality. In a non-duality expression of polarity the primary forces are stable and in harmony with one another. There is no peace in the individual or collective self while we are in a duality expression of polarity” Melaney Ryan

What is Non- Duality? Why is this important?

Again from Melaney …

“Polarity is defined as the presence of two primary forces that present within all things in nature. The polarity dynamic is fixed and cannot be changed .. but the expression of polarity can shift.

Human consciousness is currently functioning in a duality expression of the force of polarity which means that as individuals and as a collective we are in a dualistic oppositional expression of self based in materialism”

In order to find a great peace with in ourselves and in the world at large is to change the expression of the governing force on this planet. It takes a lot of soul searching, patience, understanding and a drive of wanting to find liberation from the light and dark and the suffering of humanity.

How many sessions do I need?

ITA – energy medicine is one of consistency. Depending on what you are needing to heal.

This can be an on going treatment, a means of self care or the means to shift destructive or outdated ways of thinking and living.

Ideally to start with and to gain a deeper understanding of what ITA it is suggested to start at least 3 sessions. Sessions are no more than an hour. You are fully clothed and lie on a massage table to receive your alignment.

As part of the treatment you can be given home care. Ranging from a series of affirmations, and energy exercises. As with any self determination or liberating practise – self discipline and a level of commitment is encouraged.

ITA – Energy Medicine can be performed in clinic or remotely – you can receive it’s benefits in the comfort of your own home. If you’d like to explore this further – please get in touch.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. – Aristotle 384 322BC

My Journey with ITA – Energy Medicine

ITA – Energy Medicine Alignments have been my go to for self development and inner healing for many years. I’ve been working with Melaney one on one for the past 9 years. It’s been a very deep journey. I have completely changed the way I operate.

I’ve come from a place of deep grief and trauma, anxiety and depression to one of empowerment and a deeper peace. I am wise.  I’m also,  a work in progress. I have come to understand and accept myself despite my past and allow myself to learn and grow in each and every moment. My learning never stops. This is the profound gift of life.

To experience, to grow and expand. 

I know first hand the effectiveness of ITA – Energy Medicine. It’s taken me a long time to openly share my journey with ITA. It’s something that is so very close to me. For someone who has felt at times to guard herself against life – this has been the one thing that has helped me understand the habits of my mind, my karma, my family’s karma, the links to illness, the mind, duality and soul. With no judgement.

I never intended to work in the field of energy medicine. Now I have discovered that ITA had been the missing link within my clinic and work. It’s the next step in my healing and self evolving journey. It’s only now I deeply understand the role this has played in my life.

I had a very profound experience after my father died. It became very clear my role was to make peace with my ancestral linage, change very deep seated pain patterns and old world ideologies. It’s been incredibly tough at times. Isolating even. Continuing self adjustment and aligning to my true nature, is constant. Although now, not in detriment to my well-being. I have learnt that is ok and encouraged to put myself first. Without guilt.

The drive that keeps me and many others going is the same energy I’m aligning with. And now recognise. The true self. This is my life path and work. I’m a walking testament of how this modality works and how effective it is. There is a depth in me that ITA has been able to access and nourish.

ITA energy Medicine - Melaney Ryan Tracy OMeara Smith
         Melaney Ryan Director of Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness and I

I’m very fortunate to have worked with Melaney for so long. To have her as my guide for so many years has instilled an honour and appreciation for life. Mores the point it has helped me integrate a new way of operating. Of embracing and aligning the mind and body to a sense of non-duality and the understanding of life challenges within the bigger picture of life’s challenges. This is not only for me. This is my legacy I leave for my kids and their kids, I’ve changed the paradigm for them forever. For the better.

ITA – Energy Medicine  can change the story of your life and that of your family. There’s no need to repeat patterns nor needlessly suffer.

One thing is for certain ITA -Energy Medicine is not only a very profound and effective form of healing, It has the capacity to change the way you view the world whilst aligning you to your greater truth. This is the heart of who you are and the choice to express align yourself freely.

This is the kind of freedom we all crave.

There’s no doubt that ITA – Energy Medicine is a next step in facilitating healing and in the true empowerment for humanity.


Tracy OMeara Smith

Tracy is a Holistic Therapist blending a unique form of energy medicine, body work and the magic of flower essence therapy. A very original way to treat chronic pain, anxiety, back issues and a sense of loss in life.

Tracy works to empower women through pain and crisis. Alleviating suffering and making way for the true expression of who they are and why they are here. All discomfort can lead us home to ourselves – you just have to be brave enough to go there. It’s yours for the taking. Tracy helps works 1:1 on to achieve that. #emflowerment.

If Tracy is not in her clinic you can find her either in her garden soaking up those amazing nurturing garden vibes or playing taxi to her busy basketball mad and beautiful daughters.

Tracy also writes a very popular blog called #emflowerment and her month flower essence healing astro report is always a good read and full of amazing insight. You can sign up here

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