August Energy and Full Moon Report

August Energy and Full Moon Report 2016

Full Moon August 18th 5.26pm Perth Time.

2016 thus far has been a hard road for some so if this is true for you take a breather if you can.

fullmoonaugust18There’s also talk that this August Full Moon being an eclipse.

This kinda game changer energy happens during an eclipse, as it’s a natural course correct for when we may have strayed too far from our original path.

This is kinda thing is definitely awakening in September. I think we can see this moon as a possible prelude of what’s to come.

There is a very expansive feel to this Full Moon. Anything that aligns with an element of the greater good will bring people together. You can build or even rebuild stronger bonds with people. There’s even a strong humanitarian energy awakening at the latter part of this month. Have fun and bring out the rebellious part of your nature.

There is a strong drive to break old patterns and on a deep level. Be individual and don’t take on another’s dogma nor teaching. Be more discriminative in where you place your power and who you’re giving your power to. Experiment and don’t be afraid to try new things.

The Flower Essence that resonates with this Full Moon of August is Parakeelya. This essence restores the sense of self-dignity and inner strength, resisting the urge to withdraw, but to be actively part of society and able to assert one’s right as an individual. It’s an essence for the hypersensitive.

parakeelyaeeeeeeThis is also for those that feel completely unappreciated and/or taken for granted. It will ignite and improve energy levels and awakens a confidence in self-determination. One learns to say No on this essence. This essence can be used to increase physical and emotional energy levels. If you’re interested, you can order some here.

The energy of for the rest of the month is about finding that deep and unwavering appreciation for your own individual essence and what makes that shine. If you have to make a choice on anything – Choose you.

Just this past weekend, I participated in a day retreat. It was within this meditation retreat that I began to detach from what I believed and became retrospective.

For a short time this created a strong inner conflict and I found myself at a loss as old belief patterns were being challenged. It brought up questions on what was my truth? my fears? and where I wasn’t being honest within myself. What was I really aligned to?

So I let go.

What revealed itself was a very strong sense of my own beliefs and what was true for me. I found an inner harmony, something I’ve been searching for, for a very long time. This inner shift allowed me more freedom to be creative and to listen and embrace my own inner voice, my own teachings. This has been an amazingly liberating and self-empowering experience.

A lot’s changing for many people on this level. It’s a time where very old baggage, and ego beliefs, are being expelled from our inner system and forced out of us like that last little bit of toothpaste from the toothpaste tube.

The first two weeks of August (or even this whole year) may have felt like this for you. One Step forward, Five steps back.

“These days our inner world needs to be involved in all that we do and demands equality with the external reality so we can create a balance on how we manage our lives.” Sonja Francis

Explore these areas and find the balance to integrate any new Aha moments.

What does it look like to view and hear your body? Hear your heart? There’s so much intelligence here and a knowing of what and where we’re going next. Slow down. Everyone on this planet is learning some form of this. Being adaptable will prove to be an asset.

Our thoughts radiate like a beacon and can create a vibration that is and/or isn’t in line with what we truly want. When there’s an imbalance, for example – obsessive thinking, this can happen. Negative mind loops can prevent us from creating an inner space that is conducive with what’s supportive to our inner peace and wellbeing. This can make us feel drained and exhausted.

Ask, where does my focus go? Do I just focus more on what’s in my external reality? What are my boundaries with people? The world? Work? The internet? and The media? What do you do to manage your mental wellbeing? What do you do to manage stress?

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, friendships or even in your job and the mind chatter is less than supportive, explore what happens when you just let the resentment, the anger and the crap go. Emotionally, mentally and physically. What is actually there? Can you see the other as they truly are? Don’t let negative emotions blind your reality or what’s in front of you. You might be missing the point entirely. This month we’re gearing up for some new energy to enter. Let go of expectations. Clear the decks and get ready to fly.

Taking care and putting yourself first are themes. By doing this you’re less likely to project or create a negative mindset or act out from the shadow/negative part of our nature. Self-care is paramount at this time.

If you always put yourself last or martyr yourself, ask why? and to what benefit?

There’s no honour in creating dynamics where you feel last in line. A few years ago, I had to play executioner with a lot of things. It was possibly the hardest and saddest time of my life. Certain events had played themselves out. Life was never the same. I realised I was so tired of attracting and being constantly triggered around not feeling seen, heard, and misunderstood. I had to let go and be in my own space for a time and detach totally to everyone and everything in order to reset my inner compass and inner dynamic. Some things did return – A lot didn’t.

When I reflect, for some, the timing was really crap, I’d let a lot of people down. I was empty and had nothing left. In these moments though I had a choice on who and what to choose – so I chose myself.

Change can happen if we give ourselves the time and space to do it. This pivot point is necessary for all of us. By respecting ourselves and the process we’re able to embrace a lot of our imperfections and just let go. Let go of the past and all that shite that is seriously no longer needed and weighing you down.

“Different aspects of the past do come around as we become aware of new options. That’s why we need to review the past to renew the present if we want different outcomes and we need to use our intuition to access new potentials and possibilities.” Jennifer Hoffman

We’re just about to head into an eclipse season in September, combined with a Mercury Retrograde (planet of communication energy shifts backwards) and we’ll see a lot shift and move so it’s a great time to go within, and invest in rest. Your inner liberator will thank you for it.

Communicate in a simple and direct way over the next six or so weeks. Double-check travel plans. Slow down if you’re feeling blocked. If you need to make major decisions make sure you’re open to having things change, starting Aug 30th – Sept 22, things do and will be in a state of flux.

Where ever you are on your journey make sure it has your unique tattoo on it. Question what’s not working nor feeling quite right. Express your wisdom and don’t be afraid if it doesn’t resonate with anyone. It only takes one person to recognise and value what you have to offer. This can lift anyone into a new state of appreciation not only for themselves but possibly for the entire cosmos!

Much Flowery Love


1Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Health Practitioner. If she’s not working within her Perth Hills clinic, you’ll find her in the garden with her family, or in the bush soaking up the awesome flowery vibes. Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence therapy to help people gain the peace, relief and new perspective they crave.

Tracy works 1:1 with women who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal issues and anxiety. Having two daughters of her own, she is unapologetically human, and through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better place. #peacenotpieces

Tracy writes this monthly energy blog and her weekly blog Silverlining – You can sign up here to receive her monthly newsletter which includes her amazing insights and other  useful information.