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July Energy Report 2016

fulloomcapricornAfter the intensity of June, July has an emotional edge as we let go of what’s no longer is needed once and for all.

July is a transformative month and by releasing old stuff we can instantly create a whole new life reality. This is happening more and more for many.

New Moon 4th July 2016 

Starting with the New Moon on the 4th July (7pm Perth, Aust time). Something could come to an end and a whole new beginning awaits us. The energy is centred around the home, family, the mother, creative projects, lifestyle, nutrition and how we nurture ourselves and others.

At the last full moon in June – the energy was around awakening and healing within our masculine nature – that’s the doing, assertive nature. This moon’s theme is about the feminine and feminine wounds – The receptive side of our nature. It can be about how our needs as children, may or may not have been met.

Flower Essence of the Month

The Flower Essence for this month is the Purple Eremophila

This essence helps us to be objective when dealing with relation, relating or relationship issues as these dynamics go through big changes. It helps in stabilising emotions as these changes take place.

This essence brings in a sense of calm and lifts the pain from the heart through having to make adjustments. It awakens a sense of awareness into something bigger,  reducing any feelings of panic and fear through any sense of loss and change.

purpleemphA great essence if you’ve been forced to change careers or your job security is under threat.

It helps one to see the implications of any actions or reactions and takes into account the details that create certain situations.

July can prove to be a really deep, and rich time, forcing us to connect to what is and accepting where we’re at in our lives. Reality time.

If there are issues, journal and sit with these, eventually you’ll be able to figure out if anything significant is blocking or expanding your way.

What I’ve found to be liberating, is when I’m going through a deep transformative time I’ve created a small support group for when “stuff” comes to the surface – I’ve struggled with this a lot through the years as I’m a very deep, introverted, empathic and private person. It’s helped me to integrate and understand what’s within my emotional mix.

It’s a healthy strategy, as I’m able to honour who I am and still be open to what is. If I don’t do this then my mind and well-being suffer and that’s not good for anyone. How do you nurture the deepest parts of yourself? Do you allow them to see the light of day?

Trust and create ways that are right for you to be in the world. The world needs more people who are able to truly nurture themselves.

Nurturing is more than just finding balance if there is such a thing,  it’s about creating behaviours that actively support us through our thoughts, actions and beliefs. Are you nurturing yourself in this way?

The Full Moon

The Full Moon on the 20th July (6.58am Perth Time) carries the energy around communication, how we communicate, and how we relate to others. It can also expose how we structure our lives. It would be a great time to review goals or change things if any plans need tweaking. We can receive strong insights and experience some unforeseen developments.

This this is the time to recognize self-care patterns and how these balance out with the practical realities of life. What’s the current priority? Are you putting yourself before others?

I’ve had a lot going on of late and have felt a lot of decisions have had to be made.  At one point I didn’t feel like I was making any headway so just offered everything up to the universe and let go of control and through the force of surrender,  answers appeared organically and easily.  I think we forget that surrender can be an option and a choice that’s on offer when a lot of things need closure or in need of single focus and attention.

This is the time to be really gentle with ourselves, especially if deep realizations of your life are in play. Surrender to what is and notice how this can create more space and peace in your life – sometimes we don’t have all the answers and sometimes that’s the way it’s meant to be.

This Full Moon will help us to get into a receptive flow. Relational dynamics are shifting and have been for a while and this happens as our own awareness expands and we begin to become aware and awaken and even align to other potentials and possibilities.

Get the creative juices flowing to create solutions and make adjustments where necessary. Make them unique to you and be aware that unexpected challenges could arise. It might a good time to buy a lotto ticket. A win could be on the cards.

Since April, if you’ve felt tired, unmotivated, been bingeing on Netflix, hibernating to restore energy levels, dealt with unexpected illness, struggled to find a mental and emotional clarity, angry, frustrated, blocked in getting projects off the ground, life’s felt like you’ve been walking through mud, relationship dynamics have changed or even ended.

Please have heart, things are about to lighten up and begin moving forward in a more rewarding, realistic and focused way. We get our mojo back.

Find a happy place, nurture it, love it and communicate this to your nearest and dearest. The people in your world and the world in general really need to hear it.

Much flowery love


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Just a foot note – the healing affirmations are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The monthly energy report is written by me for others to be aware and tune into the cosmic and natural environment that surrounds us – Lunar energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.