Silverlining | June Monthly Energy Report

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

New Moon 5th June 10.59am

Full Moon 20th June 7.02pm

This month brings in a huge amount of change and movement.

Around the New Moon 5th June, stay focused and create a plan.  Change could be forced upon us. It’s really important to stay grounded and anchored through this moon and throughout entire the month. When we feel anchored we’re less likely to dart from one thing to another. This could happen if we feel overwhelmed or just have a lot going on.  Breathe, reconnect.

A personal life reset could also occur. After the New Moon you could find yourself in a new space with the past well and truly behind you.

The Flower Essence for this Month

scentedsundew1The Flower Essence resonating with the energies of June is the Scented Sundew.

This flower essence stimulates grounded focused attention and helps us to find our way. The small details matter and we are able to connect to the present. If you vague out and daydream or get carried away with external environments then this is the essence for you.

From personal experience, this essence is one of the best. It’ll help you find the clarity you need and order a scattered mind, especially if you have a lot of project work and a lot of tasks to get through.

Be gentle and sensitive to others. Some may feel raw and edgy.

Make sure you have several tools at your disposal to channel negative emotion, mind states or scattered energy. If you have a propensity for this you may find yourself tired and drained, with not a lot being accomplished. Sometimes, though it’s ok to have a crap day – surrender, go within and find your own answers.

When focused a lot can be achieved.

Themes of the month

1. Communication and Our Inner narrative

Communication is a theme for June and looking at our  inner communication, the words, and concepts that go on around and around in our heads all day every day. Is your mind constantly on the go? Does it duck and weave and chat just about “stuff” all day? Are you easily distracted?

If so, STOP. Just stop.

This mental behavior can keep us in a negative or even toxic relationship with our self and others. By doing this we’re not available to the moment. It’s like keeping an argument you’ve had with your partner, friend or colleague continuously playing out in your mind. You’re still in it, but the argument is well and truly over. This is a mental concept and not even a real one. Funny huh? The majority of us live in this space.

The energies of this month have the propensity to keep us here if we are not grounded or anchored.

Questions to ask would be: Are you expecting people to live by your truth and your expectations? Can I be versatile? Are you self accepting? Can you accept others warts and all?

If you’re craving change the best place to start is your own inner narrative and personal story. What are you not happy with? Or what are you happy with and want more of? What’s your story?

Last week I attended a fantastic talk by Globalactive. I saw futurist Sohail Inayatullah give a talk on Holistic Psychology and about the state of our planet and our future.

Sohail mentioned that within this time in history, man has the propensity to, through science and genetics, change the nature of our planet. I know for one I’m not sure that messing with Mother Nature is in our best interests nor if this is a world I want to live in. Do you? We can change this if we change our story and create a society that respects and aligns with the planet rather than changing and manipulating it. That’s gonna be my story anyway.

2. Time and Energy

Vassu Banaro – “Our time is not renewable. It’s vital that we understand this.”

Our time on this planet is limited so it’s also imperative we use it in such a way that we can create the life and legacies that we want and not what we don’t want. Time is the new currency

By moving towards a new story will lend to the old falling away. Time is of the essence. If you’re not spending your time wisely then ask yourself why?

Where’s your energy is going? Check it out and if it’s less than supportive, give it the flick.

Full Moon 20th June 

The Full moon on June 20th will be expansive in nature. Be careful if you’re prone to speaking first and thinking later.

Strong changes around belief structures, philosophy, travel, spirituality, and freedom could be themes.

This is a very strong Full Moon which is very close to the Winter solstice  – which is normally a symbolic time to honor the feminine side of our nature.  This is very interesting as the energies of this moon lean towards healing masculine energies which is the doing nature, how we act on what we want, feel and see and how we go about getting what we want. Internal balance of both sides of our nature and energy are needed during this time. Follow and act on your intuition. This could be a time of extremes.

This monthly theme played out just the other day. Awareness and releasing always come at times when we least expect it.  There is always an opportunity to deepen and surrender – letting go of what no longer serves.

My daughter and I have been working on a school project together and lately, things have been somewhat combative – Kid school projects  can either be the making or the breaking of us as parents.   Especially if you have a child with cognitive and auditory sensory issues, who struggle to retain information.  Certain sequential steps are needed so that  learning outcomes can be taught in a specific way that is conducive to the way the child learns and understands.

If you’re a parent who has a child with these issues you’ll understand how grueling and intense this can be. To constantly repeat yourself.  To have to explain in minor detail. EVERY little single fact.  If you’ve seen the character the Sloth in the movie, Zootopia, then it’s that x 2.

It’s a trying process and one that has forced me recently to take stock and look at my behavior and beliefs.  I was forced to detach and take a huge step back.

Daughter no 1 and I are logger heads about her project about James Stirling and what the Hardy family (the first settlers) had in their pantry. After a brief period of time, we decide to take a 5 min break as ordered by hubby.  My daughter left the room.

I held my head in my hands and said ” This is doing my frigging head in” Hubby immediately responded,  “But it’s you who’s being so combative – what’s wrong?” It was then I just blurted it out.  ” I think a part of me resents her – Why can’t she be like some normal kid so I don’t have to deal with all this bloody learning delay shit – I’m sick and tired of constantly carrying this worry and fear for her”.  There I said it,  and as shameful as it sounds it felt bloody great – I felt the burning sensation lifted from my chest and my heart felt free.

I got up from my chair and stormed out of the room and went into my bathroom and looked into the mirror and all I could see was my father staring back at me.  I was a ghast –  As a teenager and even up until a few years ago,  I never felt my Father could accept me for who I was,  flaws and all (there were many), and my hippy beliefs (which I now call holistic).

I couldn’t help being who I was and I always felt his judgment and disappointment of never living up to his ideal or his standards.  Yet, here I was, feeling a similar way about my daughter.

In that moment.  In that raw epiphany type moment – I owned it all. The resentment. The shame. The disappointment and as I embraced this shadow part of myself – I understood my father and all that came with – including his fears. I carried those same fears. I embraced me – I embraced my daughter, warts and all.  With this acceptance came relief and with the relief came a depth of gratitude.   No doubt this lesson may come up again and again. The awareness and depth of understanding will arise when it does.  This is the key.

When my daughter reentered the room I looked into her eyes and I saw a bright, kind, independent and amazingly aware soul. How could I resent her for being who she was?  How can I expect anything more from her?  Why would I even want to?  I opened my arms and as she fell into them, we hugged and as the tears fell from my cheeks I knew in that moment I had released something quite significant.  It was a very precious and profound moment.  We had both been seen.

It’s this type of realization, resolution, and insight that can come to us if we let it. Healing around father, and masculine wounds. Strong intuitive flashes could be prevalent bringing in some much need relief especially if you’ve felt like your life is going nowhere or you if you’ve been feeling rather flat.

On the other hand, it can be a great time to be social and reflect on the activity of the month. Deep inner stirrings can be ignited.  A time to walk your talk. Some of us may be stretched out of our comfort zone.  Sit with this and allow the feelings to flow through you.

Know that your time and energy are precious.  Where’s your time and energy heading? Hopefully, it’s towards a better future for you, me and the generations to come.

Much Flowery love


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