Silverlining | May Monthly Energy Report 2016

May Energy Blog 2016

“I am at one. My mind holds my body in a loving embrace, my Soul wraps the Light around. There is radiance in my being so vitally complete”

Integration is the word for the month of May.

New Moon 7th May 3.29am

Full Moon 22nd May 5.14am

After the wake up call some of us received in April, May’s going to feel like a holiday. This is the month to figure out what truly matters.

May is a month that can work in one of two ways hence there’re two flowers that resonate with the energies of this month.

wasmoke bush1. WA Smokebush. If you’re struggling to connect, stop and slow down. This is THE mind and body connection essence.

The WA Smokebush aids in facilitating reconnection.  It’s the essence needed to regain control of all aspects of one’s being. To re-integrate, the subtle and more physical levels. So if you are struggling to slow down and resisting connection, this the one.

2. Pin Cushion Hakea is the essence in opening up to new concepts and ideas. It takes the fear out of the unknown and untried. It helps in activating exploration of new thought patterns.

It’s our mind that keeps us from achieving what we need. If it’s time for you to stretch and you’re resisting, this is the essence that can help with moving past and integrating new forms of beliefs and thinking.

Both are integrative essences.

Hakea-laurina-Pincushion-HakeaFlower Essence therapy is one of the many self integrative therapies to embrace right now. It’s all about awareness of subconscious fears and patterning. Flower Essence Therapy clears these blocks. It’s deep, accurate and effective inner work.

Integrating new consciousness ideals and beliefs are necessary in completing this process. By doing this you’ll create a strong and solid foundation in all that you do.

If the same old issues keep raising their head or the same relationship dynamic have come around, go deeper and see the part you play in it.

If you’re being forward focused with a continual eye on the end game and forcing your way through, you could risk missing a vital  piece to your puzzle. This piece could be the key for everything. Be aware and chillax if it all gets too much – there’s more to come.

The most frustrating part at this is time is that the forward moving energy is there – you can feel it and that’s what’s making things so frustrating, the bigger picture is staring you in the face. If you are running a business and it’s quiet or you’re pushing and working really hard and getting nowhere? Welcome to May.

This will be temporary so breathe easy. Five planets in our cosmos are working their magic in a way that’s forcing us inward. No need to pull your hair out. By connecting inwardly and recognising this and creating steps or rethinking strategies is the formula for success.

Get grounded and earthy.  Dig in the garden, dance and come back to yourself and operate on a more practical level.

The New Moon on the 7th is has a strong healing vibe to it – With all this retrograde action having us look at our past this will be gentle and a new restart on what you love and value.  Set your intentions with what you value the most.  Keep these close – discard the rest. How can you bring more beauty, love, peace and appreciation into your life? Are you grateful for what you already have?

Redo, readjust, reconnect, rewrite, reconsider and rethink plans and ideas for the future. Most importantly trust your gut if you have to make important or strong decisions. What you value will come forward and what you need to be spending your most precious time on will most definitely become clear.

If your not feeling particularly appreciated, then look at how you appreciate yourself. By changing within you can change the out comes of your life.  Some things will become more valuable than others. Intuition will guide you here. Momentum will build if you stay the course.

It’s also imperative this month that we hold our own individual beliefs and ideals. It’s not a time to follow the crowd or get amongst any group mentality. Individuality is king. Connect to what’s true for you and not what’s expected from others.

For some May, may feel that their year is just beginning.

If you are already taking time to reflect, breakthroughs and deeper connection to the self is more than possible. Moving through old karma is easier and the sense that we are supported by something so much bigger than ourselves becomes more and more obvious. Leaps in consciousness are more prevalent now. Take the leap and feel the difference this kind of connection can make.

Volatility could be in the air around the time of the Full Moon on 22nd May. Keep boundaries strong through this time. If you’re up against passive aggressive behaviour – ignore it – at least for now.   Don’t buy into anything that’s less than positive. People could be really opinionated, narrow-minded and assume and presume without finding out the true facts.  So much is in a state of flux right now so find you’re own truth at this time.

Frustrated just stop, feel, and acknowledge.  Tune with your inner world. The direction you seek can be found here. Some things are coming to fruition and others are coming to a sense of closure.  Take time out to see what this could be for you.

May is a special month. This is the time we can make some amazing inward roads that’s fulfiling and healing for the psyche AND for the soul. Insights will be huge. Go for it.

Much Flowery Love


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Just a foot note – the healing affirmations are written by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao and I must make a credit of this here. The monthly energy report is written by me for others to be aware and tune into the cosmic and natural environment that surrounds us – Lunar energy is usually felt three days before and prior to each moon phase.

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