Skype Consultations



Are you busy, tired and not feeling quite yourself? 

Can’t sleep, irritable, hormonal and feeling overwhelmed. Is the mind chatter is driving you crazy?

Look no further.  Start your journey to better health with this online program, so you can look and feel your best in no time.

An online consultation involves an in-depth look at your whole body system and through the combination of  Tissue Salt and Flower Essence Therapy.

I’m able to target specific issues, mineral deficiencies and subconscious fears that may be preventing you from living the life you desire.

Tissue Salts and Flower Essences are in natural harmony with our physical system so positive results are an almost given.


What is a Skype Consultation?


This is a very specific online program – tailored specifically for you.

This service is accessible to almost anyone with a computer, and a skype address. You can have a session with me anywhere in the world.


How does a Skype Consultation Work?


This convenient online service is ideal for people who are busy and wish to use natural remedies but don’t have the time for an in-clinic consultation.

To get started and after receipt of payment – We’re able to schedule an appointment and I’ll ask you to send me low res pictures of yourself. It’s important to send me the pics as demonstrated below. This ensures an accurate reading.

  • You can take them on your phone in a small resolution
  • Make sure that its natural light
  • Please NO makeup


The pictures are necessary as this is how I can gain an accurate read for your facial diagnosis.


How Many Sessions Do I Need?


Usually, one session is necessary at first – I recommended that you stay on your regime for a consistent period of at least 6 weeks and from there we review.


 Skype Consultation ($85)

Tissue Salts and Flower Essences are additional – On receipt of your pictures and payment

This includes:

  • Your Skype Call  –  60 mins Consultation. We go through your facial diagnostics and we then go through a very comprehensive personal history and what you are dealing with right now. That’s physical, emotional, mentally and energetically.
  • Full Comprehensive report – includes the minerals you require and the flower essences that you will most benefit from. I also include tips, information, and resources that can help you empower yourself and radically improve your well-being.

On confirmation from you –  I will send you your Tissues Salts and Flower Essences on receipt of payment. I will send you a follow-up email to see how you’re progressing. This email will include some further information that can help empower you further on your healing journey.


How do I Book?


If you wish to book in and get the ball rolling you can schedule an appointment here:

Schedule Appointment

Or you can email me and I will get back to you within 48 hours on receipt of your email.

If you send over a weekend it may take me a little longer to reply.  Please include information that you think is relevant and what you need help with  – This way I can get an idea of what is going on for you.

Skype Consultation – $85 – Tissue Salt and Flower Essences additional

Tissue Salts $18 per bottle        Flower Essences $20 per bottle       + postage