The Flower Channel

The Flower Channel

As children, we go to the mother for comfort. As adults, we can still return to the bosom of the mother for nourishment and answers to our ills—our Mother Nature and the loving proffers to us so abundantly through the plant kingdom.”

Welcome Septembers to the Flower Channel

We are at a time when the force of nature. The importance, the power of nature, the earth, and its sustainability relies on us getting our shit together. 

And by all accounts, pretty quickly. This is a time in humanity where so many of our human “systems” are up for review. It is startling obvious we all have a part to play, a role and purpose. 

The Flower Channel is my offering. Healing and empowering messages through the power of nature.

With monthly offerings to take what you need. It comes with a message of the month and the healing flower/plant wisdom for you to reflect on.

The Message of the Month – Simplicity

The message for September is Simplicity. How can you embrace the simple in our everyday life?

Our planet needs more of us to contemplate this very thing. And in doing so, we can feel. We move from autopilot to making a mark with conscious awareness. 

When we simplify our life, 

  • We breathe deeper, 
  • We feel lighter, and 
  • We have a greater capacity for all things.
  • Slowing down, we remember the recycle bags for the supermarket. 
  • To connect to self and others.
  • We are less likely to dismiss the kids
  • Dismiss each other and even ourselves.
  • We can give freely without resistance or resentment. 

In relationships, maybe you start to recognize the tone your partner is speaking to you. 

Or the dynamics between kids, the cobwebs in the corner, and the garden might need some loving.

And /Or

Simplification allows you to celebrate all the things you have come from and what you have had to endure. 

What’s essential, and what you value. This month is the time to go within.  To simplify. To ground and to get real.

Care For You

Australian Author Brooke McAlary wrote a book called CARE. 

It is all about the radical art of taking time. This is sooo important right now.

“It explores what it means to care in more minor ways. For ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities – and discovers that caring doesn’t need to cost us our wellbeing, happiness, or relationships. 

That making simple changes to how we live, spending more time in nature, putting down our devices and connecting face-to-face, finding awe and wonder in the world around us, and remembering how to play, will have ripple effects that reach far beyond our corner of the planet.” Brooke McAlary

The first place we learn to look after ourselves or not is within families.   

This is the work we are in the midst of right now. 

To change ways of being that are not working. Or supportive. And start being part of the solution and not the problem.

From Humble beginnings 

This new offering is a work of wisdom—a voice from nature. I have always had an incredible connection to nature. 

So many of us are moved by the moon and soothed by the sun. By nature, the land, the trees, natural cycles, elements, and the seasons. To the infinite, the spirit lives strong within.

Some years ago, I took the vow of the Bodhisattva. 

With Japanese Buddhist Priest Cate Juno. At her temple a Wabi’an here in Perth. And just after her pilgrimage offering prayers to every Kuan Yin temple in Japan. 

Wabi’an is a place of refuge. A place to connect, release and sit in sanctuary. With the self and the surroundings of this most beautiful place. 

With this acknowledgment came a deep recognition of myself. Some part of me finally felt seen. The motivation for living changed for me that day. 

A Bodhisattva vow is a Buddhist vow of purpose. To support all sentient beings. 

This year has been like no other. I’ve worked consistently, intensely, and consciously to honor this deeply spiritual vow.  

With this new offering, the pure energy of nature is a healing force like no other and when we tap into this force, it can carry with it healing messages collectively and individually.

Nature has no discrimination. It is all about simply learning and understanding the lessons nature offers. 

Boab Healing Power 

 The Healing Energy of the Boab Flower steps forward. 

It’s all about family and the opportunity for generational healing. To keep it super simple and light – walking the family karma path can have you running. 

It can feel heavy and deeply depressing. 

Families are finding themselves in a place of polarisation, in beliefs and ideals. It is so necessary than ever to look after yourself. 

When there’s polarisation there’s less scope to communicate. In fact, people tend to shut down and retreat. A connection can be challenging to find.

This is a time to remember what we value. It is important to be or feel right? or can we co-exist?

Aboriginal women would birth their babies into pits of Boab flowers. The flower essence of the Boab, lifting the burdens found in the energetic karmic imprints of the family. 

Boab Flower comes with no rules and with full support for the babies born in this world. 

The same old patterns and the same old dynamics – Boab can help release, bring truth, and transform.

Boab essences speaks to deep healing. Releasing and removing negative or not so valuable dynamics within families. Such as victimization, narcissism, self-absorption, and abandonment. 

It clears these patterns passed from generation to generation. 

You can explore further group work, Family constellations, and trauma therapy to help.

You can also find out how you can support yourself through Flower Essence Therapy if this is resonates for you.

Simply by being, simplifying, and paying attention.

The Themes for September

Look after yourself. 

Great families don’t happen; they are built. 

And with that, the family of humanity needs our support to create a new foundation nourishing our very soul. 

  • How can that be?
  • What can you do?
  • Do you have a goal?
  • How can we act on what we sense, and know?
  • We all have a simple place to make way for this to happen, and it needn’t feel overwhelming. 

“Our Ancestors knew that healing comes in cycles and circles. One generation carries the pain so that the next can live and heal. One cannot live without the other; each is the other’s hope, meaning & strength.” ― Gemma B. Benton

Make progress by taking one moment at a time and recognize our family teaches us our biggest lessons.


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Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Therapist working from her garden clinic in the Perth Hills. She loves Astrology, Astronomy, reading, and spending time in her garden. Having experienced a very deep journey of her own, she has created an outlet for her wisdom and insight.

Tracy runs 1;1 online and in-clinic person program and believes we are all here to grow, find our rhythm and empower. We can find inner contentment and make a mark in our life.

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