This year has been so challenging in so many ways. And yet, so much healing and empowerment has also taken place. We’ve come to a deeper understanding of what’s of value.
2020 has changed the way we live, think, and perceive the truth of who we are and what we stand for.


This year for me has seen me move from the deepest form of anxiety. Not due to Covid specifically.  Although that was always ticking in the background. 
 2020 – The Life Changer
That aside. This year. If I told you all the things you’d think it was some soap opera nightmare.
And I kid you not – it seemingly was. From my mother’s cancer lymphoma diagnosis, my eldest suffering a rare bone disease went next level, my youngest expressing deep anxiety, and dealing with the heartbreaking affects of suicide.

And I turned 50.

Life had me feeling all the feels and the anxieties.
And stepping back in a way I had not before.
At times the overwhelm crippled me.
How I was to be all in for all my people? Faaarrrkkkk.
I moved deeper into ITA energy medicine. Alignments shifting and lifting.
Moving into deep healing and taking one day at a time.
The flower essence of Blue china calming obsessive thinking.
I learned to breathe deeply.
I slept taking good care of my mind and heart.
Sitting with what was. Accepting all as it is.
Bowen Therapy helped me maintain the body-mind connection.
Trusting what arose and made adjustments, and each truth revealed itself.
In fact, we all bedded down into the magic realm of healing.
All three generations of my family.
The emotional offsets resided. Life testing. And then it stopped. I finally look up. 
I made it. We made it. And then the real healing began.
I kid you not I would not be writing this in this way had it not been for the tools I’ve learned and leaned on along the way. The biggest culprit to manage overwhelm, fear of falling short and lethargy.
Reed Trigger the essence to support and rejuvenate after a big journey. I wasn’t alone in my quest.
And this is the key to anything we do in life. We needn’t do this on our own.

Supported. Held. Seen.


I leaned on my support team more than ever. Each session, each appointment we dived deeper, realigned, and shifted.
ITA energy medicine is a way of facilitating healing. It awakens and aligns the body’s energy system. The human energy body is made up of a matrix of light threads, tan tiens, chakras, and vortices.
It helped me 
  • To remain centered even through the most challenging times of life.
  • The offsets of my lower emotions had less of a hold. And I found clarity at the moment.
  • To access my discernment and to know where and what needed my energy and attention.
  • To not take on what’s not mine and have the courage to speak up for what I wanted and needed.
And whilst the events of this year could never have been foreseen.
The outcome has blown my brain—the depth of which I will carry forever.
Including the forgiveness and healing that came from supporting my mother. Now in remission.
 And understanding the connection between mother and child. And how anxiety is a symptom of something deeper.
Each life event taking me deeper into myself. And each time the lessons and the reasons making themselves known. All to empower this future me. 

I Became a Wizard

By October. Part of me frazzled. Yet, it feels so important to finish this year strong. I wanted more than ever to reach as many people as I could – no matter what you’re faced with. You can endure. You can turn your “shit” into a gift. 
I’m committed to my clinic and those I’m here to serve more than ever. I stretched outside my comfort zone. Moved into a new era.
And became a wizard.
Enter Tahryn and Ned.

Tahryn Bolt is a Social Media Specialist and her business is, The Social Bolt. Her signature course – The School of Content Wizardry, entered my field.
I signed up and automatically became a wizard. 
Tahryn’s clever marketing weaves her love of Harry Potter and her dog Ned, giving everything she does a real and authentic tone.  
Her marketing helped me embed the realization; you can create whatever you want. I’m primed to do just that.
And what a magical ode to finish the year.
Watching Tahryn work has enhanced my natural ability to connect to my content. And it’s permitted me to connect in a way that’s me. No fluff – get on with it and be yourself.
It doesn’t need to be complicated.
Sharing through this year that was – I felt being a Holistic Therapist – would only elicit the slow cower and walk backward. My vulnerability heightened. And I would not be doing myself any favours. There’s a fine line of what part of you you can share when you work in the healing arts. 
Anxiety for a lot of people has been magnified throughout this year and I also didn’t feel the need to add to that. 
It’s always important to gift yourself the time and space to integrate whatever blows up your life. And I certainly feel I have done just that, and now using these insights as a gift to work in an even deeper way.

Time and Place

And whilst it seemingly felt like the shit was everywhere and never-ending.
Eventually, the pressure and seeming darkness lifted. As it does. It is true there is a time and place for everything.
And from there I knew what I needed. I needed to feel free. To feel liberated.
I needed to do business my way.
I wanted to feel the lightness of working in a way that was truly me.
2020 has been the year to take the leap and do just that.

The Power of Reaching Out

In achieving another change. I reached out.
Hence since joining wizard school helped me to articulate my new voice after a deep, life-changing year. It’s helped me to regain my confidence after a very strong time and to reenter the realm of business. With this new voice. With new eyes and a healed heart.
And so here I am.
Sometimes we’re so stuck in our crap, and the same old pain patterns and the same old shit keeps happening. If you want to change. Reaching out is the answer. And doing the work.
Why would you choose to suffer and deal with all the things on your own if you didn’t need to?
The answer is you don’t.
Reach out. Find support. I did, and now I’m a wizard. In more ways than one.
Until next time
Trace x
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Being fully seen and understood by another human being without judgment or bias is both our greatest need and the thing that is most missing from our daily life.

Especially now in this era. More than ever.

Utilizing and blending the magic of flower essence, Bowen Therapy, and ITA Energy Medicine lifts the burdens of life so you can feel seen, feel lighter, empowered, and free from pain, anguish, and, stress.

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