Lifecycles Mentoring Program

Guiding you to be in tune with, and move in harmony to, the cycles of life.

Most of us move through life experiencing major tests and challenges without registering that they are actually lessons in disguise.

If you’re constantly feeling blocked or attracting the same old relationship dynamics, then understanding why this is happening can break the cycle for you.

Life is full of cycles, and by working consciously with these you can create a harmonious life experience, recognising on a deep level who you are and why you are here. And being less likely to be emotionally pulled when things happen out of the blue or life changes course.

Within the repetition and flow of our life cycles there are signs that point to our true purpose on Earth on both an individual and collective level.

One-on-one Mentoring

Life Cycles mentoring will gift you the empowerment you seek to take control and create a life of your making. If you wish to explore life at a deeper level, this will nourish, heal and awaken new ideals and possibilities – knowing that life works in a series of cycles for our personal growth.



Small Group Coaching

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Chakra and Elemental Cycles

Within the Life Cycles program we talk all about the Chakra and Elemental Cycles.
Chakras are the organs of our energy body. They’re in constant mediation between the physical body, our energy systems and the pathways that energise your body. 
They’re constantly drawing in, converting and expelling energy. Each chakra centre is activated at specific time of our life.
Chakra cycles are found within the present moment, yearly and seven yearly cycle. 
Knowing what energy centre to work with enhances our conscious awareness.
Elemental Cycles are a stepping stone into creating to empowering your self development.
Perfect for when you feel stuck in life and unsure of what move to make next. 
The five elements include Fire, Earth, Wind, Metal and Wood.
When we bring the element cycles into our lives we are shown how to move into a cycle of harmony rather than creating imbalance. 
Each cycle has its own theme and wonderful to tune into if you are on a strong path of self discovery.
Are you walking in a regenerative cycle or a destructive one? All this and more is covered within the Life Cycles Program.

Through the understanding of energy outlined in this Lifecycles program, you can learn to notice the power of our experiences and draw truth and guidance from them.

You can clearly define and place your intentions, activating and participating in the co-creation of your life.

There has never been a better time to know who you are and reclaim your place within all of creation and life.

Lifecycles mentoring is a starting point. It is grounded, practical and gives you an array of information to utilise the energy available to you.

There are 10 major areas covered within the Lifecycles mentoring program:

  • Understanding that life moves in a series of cycles
  • What is truth?
  • How to meet your tests and challenges as they present
  • Belief systems
  • Achieving a sense of control and directorship in your life
  • The role our thinking plays and how to monitor your thinking

Why Choose Lifecycles Mentoring?

Moving from one cycle to another takes self-awareness and a helping hand.  And that’s where I come in.

I’m here to show you the path, to gently guide you and to give you no-nonsense mentoring that will see you empowered, evolving and shaping the life you choose.

Do you know your Chakra Cycle?

You can find out here - Check out my free ebook about the Cycles of Life using the Chakra cycles. When we’re aware of our natural energy cycle, life flows with an inner sense of empowerment and ease. Turning pain into gift and confusion into clarity.