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Specialising in Bowen, Flower Essence and Mineral Therapy

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Once again you wake up. Your eyes are tired, your body stiff and even though you’re looking forward to the day ahead, it takes a huge amount of energy to put your feet on the ground and get out of bed.

Whether it’s chronic pain, hormonal issues, anxiety or stress – all of these are symptoms are pointing to a deeper issue that needs to be looked at.

As women we are natural multi-taskers. No matter if you’re career driven, a mother, a wife, and a fabulous friend life can be challenging and it’s even more challenging when you’re not feeling great, carrying an injury and your energy levels are low.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

“But I’ve already tried doctors and medication – it doesn’t work.”

This may not be working for you, because every woman is different. We didn’t arrive on earth as a one size fits all way to treat health problems. That’s why holistic natural therapies can have such a remarkable effect, as I match the treatment to the individual.

I know how isolating the depth of chronic pain can be after experiencing a debilitating back injury myself. It was through this experience that lead me to learning more about Flower Essence Therapy, Tissue Salt Therapy and Bowen Therapy and realising that there is a way to heal that also nurtures the body along the way.

Turn your fatigue into energy
Your stress into relief
Your uncertainty into clarity
Your pain into peace

“Thank you Trace, I felt like a new person since I saw you. The most effective Bowen I’ve had in years. When you’ve been in chronic pain for so long, having it eased significantly is heavenly” Julia

There is nothing that lights me up more than supporting women on their healing journey.

I am a very qualified Bowen Therapist with a Diploma in Bowen Therapy and Biochemic ( Tissue Salt) Therapy. I also have a Cert IV in Mind Body Medicine (Flower Essence Therapy).




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