You don't have to do this alone

I’m here for you.

I'm here for you.


For when the pain that just won’t go away.

For when your worries race through your head.

For when you’re plagued with guilt and shame.

I’m here to help you release these burdens. 

And to create positive change and relief that sticks.

Letting go of the pain, anxiety and exhaustion, so you can find yourself again. 

To Rejuvenate.

And feel light, hopeful and free. 

Gifting yourself the space to breathe.

You can totally change the pain patterns of the past.

To create a new legacy, a new story for the future.


For yourself. For your family.


How I can help


Holistic Session

Relieve pain, calm the mind and empower the soul with a holistic healing session. Blending ITA Energy Medicine and Bowen and Flower Essence Therapy.


ITA Energy Alignment

Create lasting change and lift your frequency with an ITA energetic alignment.


Life Cycles Program

Life is a series of cycles and when we know what they and how they present they offer huge personal developmental growth. Learn to understand how life happens for us and not to us using the cycles of nature.

You can also book a single Bowen Therapy session – click here 


The 7 best ways to heal and empower in times of pain crisis loss and deep change or when the crap hits the fan

How is this different?

Chances are you’ve been around the block when it comes to your health. You’ve seen a lot of different practitioners and you’re tired. Tired of telling your story, tired of being misunderstood and tired of being defined by your pain.

I get it. You’ve barely got the energy to start with someone new, but you’ve heard I can help, and now you’re here reading this, asking yourself ‘Will this be any different?’

The short answer is yes!

This is healing at an energetic level, tailored exactly to your needs, combining Bowen Therapy, ITA Medicine and Flower Essences.

You’ll have a personalised plan of treatment that releases the ties binding you to pain and confusion and a strategy to move forward.



A switch went on inside as hope and happiness returned


Hi I'm Tracy

A rebel at heart who knows we’re not here to suffer needlessly. I have an intuitive strength. I have a knack of knowing what you need.

I’m a wildflower nerd, hobby astrologer and I care about the earth, family and positive change. I’ve moved through crisis after crisis and picked up some pretty important insights along the way. I turned my pain into a gift.

Now I work with the cycles of nature to liberate and support you to grow, change and evolve into the truth of who you are.

What is ITA Medicine?

ITA Energy Medicine awakens the body’s energy systems. And in doing so can clear the blocks that are contributing to your pain and those things that you no longer need.

In our session I can work with and create what’s known as a Root Cause Chart to identify energy blocks, their origins within your energy system and help you to release pain and suffering at an energetic level.

It’s deep work, which is why it’s uniquely tailored to you. I explore the links between your body, emotions and mind with a healing session that provides relief from pain, lifts the fog and invites hope in. It’s your treatment and your energetic blueprint to move through and become aware of the things you need to let go of in order to move forward.You’ll have a personalised plan of treatment that releases the ties binding you to pain and confusion and a strategy to move forward.

Feel lighter

Unburden and release suffering

Lift the fog

Find clarity, calm and confidence

Find hope

Invite happiness and hope into your life

Lift your frequency

Feel aligned without holding on to heavy dense of emotions such as grief, anger and fear,

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