silverdale natural therapy shop


Welcome to the Silverdale online shop.

You’ll find a range of products, programs and services all design specifically to support you through times of need, crisis, and change.

The flower essences are unique recipes created to help you soothe, relieve, calm and rejuvenate on every level – physical, emotional, mental and energetic.

These carefully crafted remedies have been used time and again by my clients in clinic with great results. They address key areas in the lives of women who have experienced loss, confusion, burn out and exhaustion due to over giving. Each formula works on specific issues and they all work in harmony together.

I use the best quality ingredients and the most energetic clear flower essences – Australian Native Bush Flowers in my essences. They are non toxic and safe enough for a 6 month old baby can ingest.

More importantly they’re made with the power of intention and placement to make sure you receive the very best healing has to offer.