silverdale natural therapy shop

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Welcome to my little retail outlet  – This is the place where I have listened to the call and created specific programs just for you.

I’ve designed them with specific issues in mind.  A combination of tissue salts and flower essences that will heal and nurture and give you the empowerment to move through whatever you’re dealing with at the moment.

Each program comes with an enormous amount of value and support. If you are tired of feeling flat, anxious, deep in your grief or just in a need of pick me up,  these specific programs will help make that wish happen.

All come with a very specific program and additional resources to help lift and support you.

Immunity program

Sometimes life gets in the way and our body lets us know that our overall system is weak and we need to give it a supportive boost,  This tried and true program gives you the support and boost that you need. This is wonderful if you find you keep getting ill and just can’t shake it. Perfect also for young children that seem to have that constant sniffle or keep getting sick on a continuous basis.

Health/Wellness and Hormonal Balance

If you need or want all or one of this program – this is the one for you. fantastic to make sure you have the stamina to get through our busy lives, This is fantastic for Pre- menstrual tension and creates a natural balance. This is also very restorative. You will feel energized and relaxed – all the gaps in your physical and emotional system will be filled.


Anxious? look no further – this helps settle the body and mind. It helps to settle mind chatter and gives you amazing and empowering tools to move past anxious moments and days.  The benefits of this program are a natural sense of well-being, new perspective and the inner peace that one craves when dealing with anxiety. You are able ot tune in and tune out.


Grief is one such emotion that is so elusive. It can rear its head at any given time. Fortunately,  I’ve created a Flower Essence and Tissue Salt Program that helps you to navigate the depth of your feelings and able to function in a positive way. Grief takes an emotional and physical toll on people and managing stress can seem like an uphill battle. The Flowers and Salts I’ve created for this program are extremely supportive and can help shift things towards a positive mindstate rather than feeling stuck in the depth of the experience.

This a recent interview I did with Nicolette Smith – The End of Life Care – Death Doula who helps people navigate their death. It talks things flowers and grief and will give you a deeper understanding on how the flowers work and how effective they are in helping us manage the deep emotion of grief.


Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a bitch -there is no denying that – I have devised a simple program that included Flower Essences, Tissue Salts and some further information that can help you manage your pain.  I meet you in the depth of your experience and give you tools that empowers you to help shift perspective and in doing so add to your quality of life