Holistic Sessions

Does everything seem hard? Are you feeling like you’re constantly pushing s**t uphill?

Feeling lost and alone? Or fed up with feeling tired all the time and lost your mojo?

There are times in life when it can be super challenging – it can be hard not to take it personally.

  • Back, Neck or Shoulder issues
  • The mind is on a continuous loop of mental noise
  • You Can’t sleep
  • Feeling a sadness you can’t seem to shake.
  • Feeling tired and blocked by constant life challenges
  • Headaches, Body aches
  • Exhausted/Burnout
  • Life getting you down

There are also times when we move strong challengers that seem never ending –  a health crisis, we lose someone we love, our career goes caput and the kids have one issue after another.

We can feel lost and isolated in the depth of what we’re experiencing.


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It needn't be this way.

Blending a unique form of holistic healing tools including Bowen and Flower Essence Therapy all help to relieve pain, calm the mind and empower you to find solutions.

Treating holistically encourages the development of present-moment focus. This means you can regroup, gain the rest you need and the added depth within to manage and even thrive.

By treating holistically and using this as a bench march you naturally attune yourself to the internal and external aspects, this includes your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and surroundings.

This gives you a greater and broader picture on how each or all are impacting your well-being and/or creating pain.

Each session is tailor specifically to you what you need and the relief you seek.

It might be just as simple as taking time out and letting the Bowen and Flower Essences weave their magic. Keeping things simple is vital so you are able to feel and integrate the relief you seek.

 You will gain and feel

  • Relief from pain and stress
  • Clarity 
  • Calm the mind chatter
  • Lighter
  • A new perspective
  • Personal insight
  • Reconnection


Utilising powerful healing modalities such as Bowen and Flower Essence Therapy – you allow for healing to arise on your terms, simply and easily. Bringing awareness to the this moment and letting go of fears, stress and what if’s.

Treating Holistically is the key as we can gain and also create a greater awareness to anything that might be contributing – it is a simple evaluation. 

Keeping this simple and light is the greatest and easiest way to access healing and liberation from what the heck is going on.


Holistic Healing Packages

Single Session

One to one, 60 min session 


3 Session Package

All three sessions are one to one, 60 min including email support and check in. Included are exercises and a summary of your sessions and with follow up with added resources if needed.


5 Session Package

Five sessions – the ideal package.
All sessions are one to one
Includes personalised emails as follow up for each session and a FREE Personalised Flower Essence.

Single Session

One to one, 75 min session followed by an email to help support and nourish you in the days that follow.


3 Session Package

hree sessions –  All sessions are one to one, 75 min and followed by an email to help support and nourish. This also includes personalised emails to help support you further and a free personalised flower essence.


5 Session Package

Five sessions ideal for regular healing with chronic issues. All sessions are one to one – includes personalised emails as follow up for each session and a free personalised flower essence 

Find relief from headaches, and migraines

A Holistic Session is the perfect relief if you suffer migraines and headaches. The treatments I offer can give you the relief you seek.

Please read the powerful effects Bowen Therapy can have on long term health and relief from pain.


And just so you know…

I may recommend flower essences and personal flower blends through this session. As well as tissue salts. All help the mind and body replenish.

All help to compliment your healing session and reduce feelings of stress and help to integrate your session.This are purchased at an additional cost.